Current State of Affairs: America is Losing Fiscal Control

To understand the malaise affecting America and the coming seismic changes to the Global economy, you need to take a reality-based Global overview of how the emerging nations will affect our entire world’s economic future and the inevitable changes it will sweep in upon the failing old guard. Economies change by evolution or revolution. America now needs both. For the US now, the party is over and incoming Global fiscal realities are unstoppable. America’s only hope of survival is integration with fast emerging powers. Hubris. A failing nation co-enjoining powerful new economic blocks with cooperative agendas for mutual interests. Compromise or collapse. As was enforced upon the British Empire. Adjust and re-emerge in Global partnerships. Start by understanding the future bearing down on us. Start by facing, and accepting – Reality! Truth, not propaganda. The cause and the cost.

For a century now, not only Western, but Asian nations also surrendered Fiscal Sovereignty to the United States Cabal Federal Reserve Shyster scam. But, having looted the world, and scammed the Global markets with its worthless currency, we now find the Poser Miester grandstanding with 990 plus bases, all funded by bogus paper, vast ocean Hegemony ships to threaten any non-compliant nations, but a now befuddled Washington slowly realising the numbers don’t add up, and as with Rome, Empires cost. Unless you can command and sequestrate Tribute greater than the cost of your Tyranny, failure to maintain control will slowly bleed you to death. History repeats itself. The Senate treachery of Rome has been revisited on Washington. Only now, some 50 or so emerging nations all wait their chance to strike with a vengeance. How many nations and Sovereigns have been denied lawful redemptions of their trusting and hard earned loans to America, all reneged on, just to maintain this unprincipled Cabal rag bag and its motley crew of Zio trash Banksters?

Worse, as the world seeks unity to tackle ISIS, the American Poodle Fakers Commander in Chief, the Muslim Usurper, refuses to lead as America’s proponent Commander, to take down these Ragheads with the brute force demanded. When even the French President has co-opted Russian support, it’s an indication of the rapidly collapsing credibility of American Foreign Policy, and Global confidence. As with Syria and Iran, America is now adrift playing second fiddle behind Russia and China. Defenceless, clueless. Muslim insurrection is growing all over the world. Why are we tolerating it? This gruesome, Child molesting cult should not have free access to civilised nations. More worrying news is circulating claiming that Obama is now rejecting the releasing of information files of known Islamic terrorists. Why is this bogus Muslim Commie still in office? Is America so impotent now?

As nations seek ever more to balance their books, burdened with intrusive double standard US Fiscal compliance controls, which only seem to apply to accepting nations, countries see the double standards, and lack of standards imposed on the host nation itself. That breeds resentment and rightly so. Poor American Leadership is foundering badly. This is not a reflection of the American people overall, just the unfit TRASH in office. America’s main nation of good people need and deserve protection from the Cabal trash who have hijacked America. Time for a new broom and a major clear out. Time to RETHINK AMERICA! Especially for the goodhearted innocents trapped within. The Cabal and Kazakh Zio Trash have a lot to answer for. Americans deserve better, and it’s wake up time. Sort them out and cull them out.

Developing nations have been impoverished by rapacious US Cabal double standards, and shocked at the cynical and duplicitous American Fed and US Treasury refusal to redeem and honour promissory debts, only to find they have been cajoled or forced to roll over loans due for redemption, all to subsidize the 990+ US Global Hegemony bases and the vast flotillas of Pentagon war mongering ships encircling the planet. So much grandstanding while the once world’s most powerful industrial nation is hemorrhaging in a vortex of ever escalating debt. Can’t pay their bills, but has to pay its Military and gross Agencies. America’s only growth is in Wall Street’s escalation of Financial disasters and Derivatives scams or Welfare hoards. Woe betides a nation who has lost its way so badly as this gross, corpulent Welfare apology of failed nationhood has now become. A visibly badly aged, corpulent flyblown Hooker has morphed into what once was America. Irony abounds. What comes around? Looking on, looking in, God what a caustic mess of clueless but arrogant flotsam. Endemic rot permeates the entire top. America has not just lost its way, but soon everything. While an Illegal, talent-less usurping buffoon fiddles in the White House as Rome burns. Nero and Zero as 2 stooges. George has left the circus.

BRICS is ever emerging. As is an immigrant besieged and floundering EU. China, India and Asia are vast growing territories and nations. Each will outstrip the US within a decade, as also will the EU. The RMB will become a new global reserve currency as a basket alternative to the dollar, and as China and Russia have skilfully positioned themselves as the new Big Dogs across the Middle East, the Petro dollar tanks as the Russians and Chinese decline to deal with Yanks. Russia faced off America over Syria, as both they and China now become ever greater trading partners with Iran, America is left scrambling for the scraps. Led only by a Chicago Commie buffoon, America is left with only the clowns role in the fast emerging new circus of special interests. Both Russian and Chinese Political and Diplomatic skills outmaneuver the lame American limp wrist mediocrities who appear classic never ending products of Chumpsville. Each nation with Kerry, wait in awe to see if the mouth or silly wig moves first. Clueless.

America Foreign Policy has become a joke and its current Leadership figures of ridicule. From Read My Lips Scammer Bush 41, to Slick but Sleazy Willie, on via Chump 2 Bush 43 who unleashed the precursor of ISIS with his illegal and bullying war, and to this failed and talent-less ex-mediocre small time Chicago Union Organizer, all that can go wrong for a nation has. How does dross like this gain office? Why is a WW II Hungarian Jew War Criminal like Soros, not deported to stand trial in The Hague for his vile Nazi Collaborating War Crimes and his looting of Hungarian Jewish families’ assets. How can such a despicable piece of human filth evade prosecution unless Israel is also taking its shameful pay-offs, as are the Democrat Rats.

How dare America lecture others on Justice! Talking of real Justice, how many Americans can or will face the truth on how America was really built and at what appalling costs to vast millions? Few modern nations have been as brutal and inhumane. Yet Disneyland seems to rule the minds of such a truly dumbed down nation. As all crumbles, how can we help restore a better nation for still so many good and deserving folk within?

Global wealth is finite. There is only one ultimate pot we share or distribute according to power and control. First the world has to create the cake and only then can slices be cut. But to a mass ignorant public too stupid to understand that nations create nothing, only people do, they cannot comprehend that more or larger slices of Global wealth taken elsewhere as earned, means less for them. Resources are finite. Wealth is finite. Wall Street largess only goes so far. As with Geko, the circus ends. Who then is left holding the parcel? Go straight to Jail?

Less does not buy more, and with less, you cannot distribute or eat more.

As America dithers and obfuscates over ISIS, Russia smashes straight in and leads. Yes to Russia devastating the ISIS fuel trucks. Yes to Russia bombing the daylight out of ISIS Command centres. Yes to Russia arming both Syria and Iran. Yes to Russia building closer links to China, and with the Chinese, the new Silk Road to Europe. Where is America and its Foreign Policy? It is being out thought, out maneuvered and out played with every move. How can you lead when not only led by Dummies, but with a world who holds you to ridicule on the world stage? With such low credibility it all looks sad. Where will it end, apart from ignominy led by a Political Pygmy? With a Military and Agency demanding ever more, what can you afford when you earn ever less? Who can empathise with a budget ever under duress? America is ever more adrift, listing and sinking under a Sea of Debts, living a lie.

It’s easy to tell Obama not to give up the day job, but in truth he never had a real one he turned up to anyway. It’s hard to assess what O has ever aspired to or how he ever passed even basic Vetting. How much longer can America sustain its Usurping President as a figure of such Global ridicule. Russia roles over laughing that this is their American opposition. Who could write or believe such a farce as plays out by the day in the White House. Unreal. Like O’s birth certificate.

Yet somewhere, in the great Metropolis that is America, a pulsating heart of a nation is beating. The spirit of a still great nation seeks its Soul Mate, a thinking, functioning Truly Patriotic American able to imbue vision, direction and pride back into the Motherland. As Britain lost its own Empire, and came back, so must America. But first, America has to accept and come to terms with the hard fact, for them, as Leaders, it’s over. They have failed the nation and world. An unforgiving world is now passing judgment. Change is coming forced by the incoming Financial crisis about to implode. Yet Americans seem impervious to reality and stand Ostrich like, heads buried in the sand.

But here’s the big issue. How can or does anyone steer past the Tri Laterals / CFR Nemesis of NWO, when having failed to gain control of a world by diplomatic or commercial skills, all that is left is the big grab. Coercion by force. Will NWO fly, or die? Because without all that the US Cabal has aspired to, will collapse and die if not coerced under Elitists control. But if NWO succeeds, life won’t be worth living for most. Be clear, under NWO ethos, they only seek one thing, Population reduction. As Humanity died, under genocide. From the minds of Men!

But, with a planet so poorly served by a limp wrist media, nations are evolving in spite of themselves.

Looking on, looking in, you can see the inevitable march of evolution and project how societies will inevitably reshape and how it affects you. It costs nothing to – Think?

The vast emerging markets of Asia are now reaching out to the energy fields of the Middle East, the mineral sources of Africa and extending their need for Export markets ever more across Asia into Europe, including Russia, and Eurasia is developing. Try as it might, America will simply be locked out of its usual Hegemony games there because memories are long. Grievances deep. Britain, the key Global Forex Bankers, remember the Post WW II rape of its assets by America and the avarice of its Bankers costing Britain 60 years of penal debt servitude to a carnivorous and treacherous rat pack. Those in true fiscal power, have not forgotten, nor will forgive. What’s emerging will be shaped by commercial interest doctrines. Economic realities as Trade pays the running costs of nations. Political focus ever more as nations make no money, is upon living off the backs of those who do by taxes. Protecting as a Taxing parasite force, the output of the Golden Goose. Self-interest. Living off and spending other people’s money with Enforcement to comply. Politicians versus the people with Tax as the new weapon. The future wars will be focused on Evasion. Money is power, and taking yours will be key.

As nations across Europe and Asia become ever more cross dependent on their mutual trading interests, and currencies will have moved away from a Petro Dollar base, with energy supplies ever more serviced via Russia, with Minerals ever more via Eurasian controllers, and with a combined and collective interest to avoid American inspired wars, who will need America, its failing Leadership or its rapacious Cabal and Military bases? Who will need or tolerate its conspiratorial and duplicitous Agencies? Who will accept the unceasing war mongering as its military machine struggles to justify its raptor costs facing a growing world of indifference and dissent?

As the high speed rail tracks spread across Eurasia, commercial interests and dependencies grow with it. But so will relationships. Who, based on ever growing trade, wealth and jobs, will accede to more American Divisive Hegemony intrusion? New Leaders in Free Nations, will have their own ethos of self-interest and nation building, and they will not accept the mendacious claws of Washington, or the clear worldwide network of Khazarian Banking monopolies. These will not go unchallenged, and applied minds will seek their exposure and removal from Nations commercial controls. Eurasia will be unstoppable. It will become the key Global power house of all. Already it is ever expanding into South America and Africa. Anyone seeing the immediate Russian provoked response and extermination of ISIS, cannot fail to be impressed by concise application of strength and might, and cross compare it to the feeble American fiasco under Muslim Action Refusenik Obama.

Ever more America is losing all credibility and nations will reassess future self-interests. How can an ever isolated and failing economy hold back the sweeping tides of Global change now? Never doubt the depth of intellect of Global man, from whichever nation, or Man’s ability to effect new changes and policies which will change nations. Blind servitude to this scurrilous and now faltering Cabal will come under ever escalating attacks and derision. Respect and Trusts have long gone. America is now seen as bare assed and sterile. Putin has emerged as the strong Leader, and China as the smart ones. America looks ever more a tired puppet show whose time has come to be retired. What ignominy.

Yes, America as a nation of people still has the panache, character, intellect and skill to turn the corner and re-position itself to still be a functioning and valued part of the new emerging world. The Cabal, not the American people, are to blame for most of this and need to be purged out. We must not allow American abilities to be lost due to its inept Political hierarchies. Clinton accessing the White House will be a disaster for Americans and world peace. It would also accelerate America’s demise. Be assured, there will be an almighty cost, not least escalating WW III risks. Real!

But left to natural adjustment of emerging forces, the coming role for America will be different, the terms will change and the changes will be seismic. Loss of Global power will become inevitable. Nations will simply no longer accept US Cabal or Fed tyranny. Nations are tired of US Sabre rattling across the oceans, and the arrogance of perpetual meddling in State’s affairs. Nations don’t need US forced regime changes, all to install US Puppets linked by their umbilical to Washington. Nations instead, ever more seek to evolve, under their own terms, ethos and freedom. They want their own ball game and role play in world affairs. Not just minions under the auspices of an unelected US Cabal controlled Global dominion. America destroys cultures. It has led the world in the proliferation of Drugs, depravity, HIV and collapse of family values no small thanks to the sleaze ridden depravity of the Zionist enclaves of Hollywood Media misogynists who pollute the minds of society and have adversely collapsed all standards. So much for Jewish values?

Be ashamed! Man up and face what you have unleashed and perpetuated. Stop whining, face truth.

Expect the screams because truth is denied in America if daring to challenge its Disneyland concept of the never was American dream. As it lived the double standards lie, so it will die. What is coming and is unstoppable, will hit the US with the same impact and finale as the eruption of Vesuvius on Pompeii. It will encompass all while they are still sleeping. This is the new Custer’s last stand, the Cabal or the Free World. One must fail. We who do care, must help save America – from itself. Eurasia is unstoppable. America is now yesterday’s news, and our only input will to determine what future role and history is possible as the Global divisions impact upon America in trade and financial realities. Less cannot be more. Less needs preparation. Less will impose duress. But less, is going to be reality.

The Federal Reserve / Fiat Ponzi Lie, cannot go on funding a fabricated glutton nations unearned pie. The day of reckoning will come and Americans are ill prepared for truth as much as Russians were with the collapse of the Communist State. How will Americans cope to being told, Yes, Our Leaders lost the Plot, now you all have lost the Pot? All you think you own is owed, as sequestration befalls the nation. Try then cross funding 990+ plus bases as Eurasia takes 80% of world trade, South America and Africa via BRICS will co-link to Eurasia, leaving the US with at best 15% of world trade as the Middle East also, as now, will be gone to Eurasian partners. Try hegemony then. Faced down by a nuclear armed and equipped world. Faced down by new, Non-Khazarian Banking systems who will as quickly disconnect you from Global trade settlements, and who in turn impose reverse sanctions if non-compliant. What comes around goes around.

Maybe history will repeat itself. As France had its own revolution to remove its own Elite and parasitic Aristocracy, emergent forces within America will need to start the selective round up of the Cabal, and complicit Khazarian Bankers, starting with vile scum such as Soros, dismantling instantly the Zionist control of the Fed and Treasury, reducing the Agencies including removal from all Drug running, dealing with the Chicago Drugs launderettes, and bringing the Emmanuel’s to justice with a rope waiting. All the Bush / Clinton and Tri Laterals / CFR gang’s ill-gotten gains need to face sequestration. As do the Rothschild’s families worldwide. Legal justification? Sequestration from Sewer Rats. How can it all have been allowed to sink so low in America, or the world have allowed it to go on for so long? But how can change easily come from within when the population is simply mass ignorant? Only market forces precipitating economic collapse can achieve this. As is now visible.

With oil forecast for $20 a barrel, Saudi Arabia is on a knife edge. If they go, the Emirates will go with them, as will the backing and sources of ISIS funding. The duplicitous double dealing between Saudi and Israel will terminate, and new Middle Eastern Leaders will emerge. Syria and Iran will not forget or forgive US imposed sanctions, nor Israeli transgressions. As America’s economy crumbles, when the Petro Dollar goes, Israel will be left studying its own umbilical. If America collapses, be sure, the knock on the door is coming for Israehell and its occupied stolen territories. This time, surrounding Arab hostilities will be ruthless as they tear down the walls and fences and recover what is theirs. Israehell will face and feel the wrath of the disposed and brutalised. No one will shed a tear. The real tragedy, is that genuine harmless Jews who always lived in peace with Arab neighbours, will then be caught up in retribution coming for the inhumane terrorism these Genghis Khan plague spawn of Kazakhs have ruthlessly imposed upon harmless neighbours and the chain of refugee camps they have generated, along with visible sights of man’s inhumanity to man. Kazakhs are Not Jews! Economic changes bring the sweeping wind of consequences. Memories of transgressions will effect payback. Be careful what you sew because it is the fore runner of what you will reap. Karma is payback.

Change is inevitable. Unstoppable.

So how can we help try to ensure so many able, goodhearted and competent people within the US contribute towards a better Global projected based economy with mutual benefits for all. How do we enrich the world, not the Zionists or Cabal? How do we develop a better Global visionary model of Nation building than the deeply corrupt and inept UN? How do we protect the vital contributions so many of the good Jewish families have made in the areas of Science, Medical developments, Teaching and so many other achievements where applied family values and focused education has helped all? What have Muslims contributed beyond Global terrorism? Yet Obama, in his position only by Electoral Fraud, is mass importing them with the plague they bring, and no one will stop his inept meddling as America on his watch sinks ever lower.

Why are we cross funding the special interests of a corrupt, incompetent and time dated NATO? At best, NATO could only hold back Russian forces for 48 hours before reaching for the Nuke buttons, so what is the point? As all US bases will be instant missile targets, collateral damage in each nation’s lives would be staggering for naive hosting nations in play as expendable Puppet States of the Cabal. It’s a No Win, so don’t let them in! 990+ Global bases funded by Fraud and Tyranny all to protect only Cabal interests, not civilisation. The wheels long ago came off this democracy.

Big questions, big issues, so start by asking how did it ever get so bad, and how can a peaceful realignment be achieved? Inside the hearts and Souls of good Men, all is still possible. But how do we return the Cabal and Zio rats back to the sewers where they belong? Where is the media to expose and close them down? Will only the avoidable collapse of America permeate truth into the so ignorant populace? Leadership can only enhance progression if it passes the scrutiny of its peers.

The Founders aspired to so much. As did the Constitution. Who now will stand up for real values, and America? Who is even looking ahead at visible economic realities unfolding? Look at the vast sophisticated War Room of Russia Military Command Centre and realise this will be a war no one will win if the Tri Laterals, and CFR get their way. It needs to be made clear that if systematic population reductions are to be affected, it starts with them! Hidden underground if unleashing Armageddon upon the world, their own Guard Commanders will lead the new insurrection in a power grab to take control, and retribution will be remorseless. Payback. They have lived as Roaches upon our societies for long enough. New, emergent societies understand the need for reciprocal sharing. Cooperation, or we dam each nation. Assets shared, enrich and enhance. Zionists and the Cabal seek only to sequestrate, and are leading us to a confrontation for which the consequential eruptions will devastate the planet, unleashing a Global Nuclear Winter lasting centuries which will destroy all life forms as we know it.

That is as pointless as they are towards human progression, our real goal. Feed humanity, not greed. Expand consciousness, not territory. Hands across the oceans in a new and real spirit of mutual cooperation can help save and expand each nation. Problems are to share, not despair. We all have access to the most important weapon of all, Human ingenuity. Once we teach our new generations that the real goal is development of the Soul, everything changes. Then real Leadership will emerge. Ones fit for purpose. The future is what we make it, and YOUR role is to help shape it. You came here for a purpose, so help fulfill it. Awaken your own Soul values and learn to say No to what you know to be ethically wrong. What you take forward is all that matters. Not some Cabal or Bureaucratic snots self-imposed directive. The future needs to be shaped by all of us leaving behind a new emerging World of Nations fit for purpose. Your contribution matters, or what is the purpose of anything? Elites die, but live a lie. They go forward with what? You can and must be better than that. Most are just low hanging Gorilla snot who’ve lost the plot. Truly, the so called top, encompasses more lost and pointless amoebic clueless Posers than any of you envisage as reality. Their cupboard of values is bare, and most have no idea why they are even there. Look at how truly ugly so many are. Surgically enhanced – low lives.

Your values are your assets, they long since lost or sacrificed the plot. Your world is truly beautiful and you won the greatest prize of all. Being here to witness it all. Life is emotions, feeling, sensing being part of so much more. How can you help educate the children and your own family, if you lack the base understanding of true purpose yourself? Start by understanding the great Why?

You are not an expendable pawn for the Cabal or Zionist lie! Fulfill your purpose and say No More!

Help us all change lives as each little good thing you do each day helps others, shaping your own life, and who you chose to become. Choice. Make the right ones. Your Soul values are real wealth. Material ones entrap you in a so false reality. They don’t surgically enhance Souls. How will you stand scrutiny?

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