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    Chandler Belfort Net Worth 2024 – Daughter of Wall Street Legend Jordan Belfort

    Chandler Belfort is not a name you can hear every day. She’s just not that famous. But, what if we ask you about Jordan Belfort? Yes, this name does ring a bell. The Wolf of Wall Street made Belfort even more famous than he already was. But, we’re not here today to talk about him. There were enough stories written…

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  • History

    Walmart’s Walton Family: The Beasts of Bentonville

    The Walton family, which founded and today controls Wal-Mart, lives on blood money. Operating jointly with the City of London-Wall Street bankers, it became the world’s wealthiest family by decimating the U.S. and world physical economies, and by applying ferocious austerity, driving wages and living standards beneath the level needed for existence. Forbes magazine places the worth of the family…

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  • Finance

    Current State of Affairs: America is Losing Fiscal Control

    To understand the malaise affecting America and the coming seismic changes to the Global economy, you need to take a reality-based Global overview of how the emerging nations will affect our entire world’s economic future and the inevitable changes it will sweep in upon the failing old guard. Economies change by evolution or revolution. America now needs both. For the…

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