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Chandler Belfort Net Worth 2024 – Daughter of Wall Street Legend Jordan Belfort

Chandler Belfort is not a name you can hear every day. She’s just not that famous. But, what if we ask you about Jordan Belfort? Yes, this name does ring a bell. The Wolf of Wall Street made Belfort even more famous than he already was. But, we’re not here today to talk about him. There were enough stories written and movies made about the former stock trader. Here, we are going to talk a bit about his daughter, Chandler.

If you haven’t heard the tales of Jordan Belfort, you undoubtedly saw Leonardo Di Caprio’s movie. Jordan led a lavish life, and he does so today, but his children are different, especially Chandler. She, the same as his other children, tries to keep herself away from the public eye. Chandler Belfort is good at doing this, as it wasn’t easy to compile a report on her.

We did our best, and after reading this piece, you’ll know a thing or two more about Chandler than you did before. Let’s start.

Early Life


So, as we said, Chandler is the daughter of Wall Street legend, Jordan Belfort. Her mother is Nadine Caridi. Nadine and Jordan had two children, one being Chandler while the other one is her older brother, Carter. Nadine and Jordan were married for fourteen years. This was Jordan’s second marriage, while Caridi got married for the first time. They conceived Chandler in 1994, but her date of birth remains a mystery.

Due to his wealth, Jordan was always surrounded by women who wanted his attention, and due to this, he often cheated on his wife. His behavior and consequent divorce had an effect on Chandler’s life. One of the reasons why the couple divorced, was domestic violence, as Jordan allegedly pushed his wife down the stairs. Unfortunately, his daughter witnessed some of these vents, and they left a scar on her life. Furthermore, this is the primary reason she continued living with her mother.

After divorcing Jordan, Nadine married again to a man named John Macaluso, who has three daughters. Today, Chandler has three step sisters – Allie, Nicky, and Frankie.

After getting on her feet, you would think that Chandler Belfort would spend her father’s money and live in the spotlight, but this is not the case. She leaves privately as much as she can. None of the pomp that followed her father is not present in her life.

Chandler decided to live on her own, secluding her self from the noisy reporters and curious individuals. She’s not even using any of the social medial outlets available. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are no fun to her. Her desire was to dedicate herself to science and to avoid the life her parents led at all costs.

Jordan Belfort’s daughter finished high school back in 2012. After this, she decided to go to college and enlisted to Muhlenberg College in Allentown, Pennsylvania. This facility is a prestigious college, and Chandler managed to finish her schooling there in 2016. She exited Muhlenberg College with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. While at college, she also took Spanish classes, but with the admission that her skill in this language is limited.

This wasn’t the end of her education as she continued chasing a master’s degree at New York University. The goal for her is to work in the field of mental health and therapy. Most of the information regarding her life that we gathered revolves around her present life. This is due to the fact that not much info regarding her childhood is available.


Unlike her father or her mother, she decided to work in the area of science. Her career started at The Social Cognition and Imagination Lab, where she was an assistant. This was during her time at Muhlenberg College. Later in New York, she took the same place at New York State Psychiatric Institute.

Chandler Belfort Net Worth


If we were talking about her father, the sum would be measured in millions of dollars. But, Chandler is not following her father’s footsteps. As you read above, she’s trying to stay as far as possible from them. Despite spending time in prison for securities fraud and money laundry, Belfort managed to stick to some of his money, while also amassing much more in the years that followed.

Chandler Belfort’s net worth is nowhere near to the $100 million that her father, Jordan has, but it’s believed that she would inherit some of his money in due time. At the moment, it’s not known is she has some money stashed in some fund at her disposal, courtesy of her father. Due to the lack of her presence on social media, we can’t know what type of life does she leads.

Her mother, while not as rich as her father, managed to amass quite a fortune. Thanks to her work as a model in the past and current employment as a therapist to couples and families, she has $2 million to her name.

With all that we wrote above, Chandler’s net worth is, without a doubt, measured in millions. Unfortunately, we can’t tell how many is that at the moment. But, we’ll follow Chandler tightly, trying to find out just how much is she worth.


Chandler Belfort is, without a doubt, an exciting person. Not because she’s the daughter of infamous Jordan Belfort, but in spite of that. Her decision not to follow the lavish lifestyle of her father, and bathe in his million shows that she’s of a different breed. Due to her focus on living secluded from the public, our information on her is scarce. But, we’re working on attaining more juicy info regarding this young lady.

Considering that she’s the daughter of a man who had a film made about him, great things are destined for her, we can tell without knowing. So if you want to be updated in Chandler and what’s she up to in her life, please follow this article as we update it with the latest information about Chandler Belfort.

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