• Health

    5 Helpful Diet Changes For Children With Disabilities

    Finding the proper diet for a child with disabilities poses challenges. As a parent, you juggle priorities – nutrition, textures, and allergies. You want to nourish your child while accommodating needs. An adapted diet enhances health and abilities. Small changes make a difference. This guide shares practical tips to improve nutrition amid sensory issues, oral motor difficulties, and gastrointestinal concerns.…

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  • Software

    How Do You Test Software for Usability By People With Disabilities?

    When we talk about testing software, it doesn’t just mean finding bugs, ensuring that it functions well, and ensuring the product is user-friendly and accessible to users with disabilities. Usability testing is basically focused on the ability of your software to accommodate the needs and preferences of users with various disabilities, including cognitive, auditory, visual speech, or other impairments. If…

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