• Science

    A New Documentary About the Known Alien Species

    By now you’ve probably become accustomed to the idea that we’re not the only sentient species on Earth. Ample evidence suggests our planet was visited by alien intelligence in the past and these incursions are still happening today. We’ve taken the liberty to present a selection of our own taxonomy of alien species: four malevolent and five benevolent species, because…

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  • News

    UFO Eyewitness Harassed By Helicopters: Men In Black Documentary

    Just this week, a new Australian documentary was released. Such documentary points out UFO information showing the interviews with people who saw the shaky video of odd and lights, with silvery and shimmering shapes hovering in the skies. However, there is one section of the documented footage that may entice the viewers, and it is the story of Liam Freaney.…

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