A New Documentary About the Known Alien Species

By now you’ve probably become accustomed to the idea that we’re not the only sentient species on Earth. Ample evidence suggests our planet was visited by alien intelligence in the past and these incursions are still happening today.

We’ve taken the liberty to present a selection of our own taxonomy of alien species: four malevolent and five benevolent species, because we still hope good prevails over evil. But still, you better watch out who you encounter!

  • The Good



It is widely believed that the Lyrans are our oldest ancestors. In fact, there are those who believe the Lyrans were actually the first “humans” to form a civilization in the Milky Way galaxy.

The world famous Billy Meier was the first to spill the beans about Lyrans. He claims that they revealed to him their origins and story. Lucky for us that he was wishful enough to share this story with mankind.

They have described their ancient past, and consequently ours, as originating in a far sun-system in a star group near what we now know today as the Ring Nebula of Lyra, for which we have called them Lyrans in the same manner as we refer to human beings from what we call the Pleiades.

These early Lyrans during their numerous migrations in their great cosmic Arks, went to many other star systems and found suitable habitat, and put down colonies, eventually launching their own space travelers.

Many millennia ago, their civilization achieved a great level of technological advancement, ranking high on Kardashev’s scale of comparison, however, conflicts between different factions turned into a total war. The situation escalated to such a point that many fled and colonized Hyades, the Pleiades and the Vega systems.

The offspring of these colonies eventually began to settle on Earth approximately 22 million years ago and have existed here on Earth before taking off for other star systems. Some UFO researchers believe the Lyrans could be the gods depicted in many ancient religious texts. If this theory is correct, then the Lyrans could be credited for being one of the main influences in creating and shaping mankind.

By most accounts, the Lyrans are often depicted as Nordic in appearance; they are tall people with blue eyes and long blonde hair. They have also been referred to in some circles as “The Galactic Historians” of the human species.



After many eons of existence, one of the oldest alien species in our galaxy, the Arcturians managed to reach such an ascendant state that many classify them as a fifth dimension civilization, the most evolved on Kardashev scale.

Their home planet orbits the largest star in the Bootes Constellation and is located approximately 200 light years away from Earth.

Millions of years ago, the Arcturians achieved the level of technology we now have on Earth. They now possess some of the most advanced technology in the Milky Way galaxy, if not the entire universe.

While few people have directly interacted with the Arcturians, those who had describe them as being between 3 and 5 feet tall, with large heads and big black almond shaped eyes. Their skin is normally a greenish color and they have three fingers on each hand.

In addition, they appear to be masters of telepathic communication and can move objects or interact with their environment using only their minds. Furthermore, aging and the concept of dying have been virtually removed from their society due to their godlike development.

It is believed that their fleet of starships crisscrosses the galaxy and that one of their crafts – Starship Athena, remained in our solar system to prevent a deadly cataclysm that would otherwise wipe our entire human species.

The Arcturians take their role as protectors extremely seriously. So seriously that one of their envoys, the Black Knight Satellite, is believed to have been orbiting Earth for the last 13,000 years.



Described as being tall, blonde humanoids, the Telosians are considered by many to be the last survivors of a long lost human-like civilization on Earth.

There are those that say they are the survivors of the cataclysms that sunk Atlantis and Lemuria, while another group of researchers believe they are much older than that.

Their name derives from the ancient Greek word “telos” meaning “end’ or “purpose.” It is a fitting name for their gigantic city of Telos considered by some to be located under Mt. Shasta, California.

Using highly developed cerebral abilities, their advanced society has been in constant contact with a number of other extraterrestrial civilizations including the Pleiadians and Arcturians.

The first person to describe the Telosians was Admiral Richard Byrd in his diaries that were published after his death. He spoke of a secret North Pole mission which led him deep inside the hollow earth where he discovered the home of an advanced subterranean race.

Admiral Byrd wrote a detailed paper about this alien species, revealing that they had been living in a few secret underground settlements until our nuclear bombs forced them to come out to the surface. He mentioned this in his diary from Antarctica.

“Our interests rightly begins just after your race exploded the first atomic bomb over Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan. It was at that alarming time we sent our flying machines, the “Flugelrads” to your surface world to investigate what your race had done”.

You see, we have never interfered before in your race’s wars and barbarity, but now we must, for you have learned to tamper with a certain power that is not for man, namely that of atomic energy.

“Our emissaries have already delivered messages to the powers of your world, and yet they do not heed. Now you have been chosen to be witness here that our world does exist. You see, our culture and science is many thousands of years beyond our race”.

Thousands of years of scientific advancement offered the Telosians the ability to evade disease and aging. The Telosians are widely known for their longevity and it’s likely that some of our earthly shamans also received a glimpse of this knowledge. They are also the true protectors of Earth’s environment and keepers of knowledge about our planet’s past.


The extraterrestrials from Alpha Centauri are considered to be the most technologically advanced alien species in the Milky Way galaxy, but at the same time the species with the most destructive force.

They got in this position because they are reported to be highly intelligent and possess a natural curiosity which in turn led them to rapid growth in the fields of science and technology.

Over time they evolved into an aquatic species with gills and webbed limbs. Some researchers believe they are responsible for most of the underwater and the USO phenomena.

It’s also believed that they have a number of bases that operate on the bottom of our seas, oceans, and lakes around the planet.

In keeping with their nature, the Alpha Centaurians are believed to be very benevolent towards the human race and have a desire to help us overcome some of the many challenges that come with the evolution of our species.

It’s believed that they communicate telepathically and their subtle influence is also felt upon us humans. Many researchers believe that the Alpha Centaurians promote social justice and human rights as they are responsible for teaching us not to abuse destructive mass-effect weapon.



Believed to be descendants of the early Lyrans, the Pleiadians, in some circles, have come to represent one of humanity’s most active allies.

Their home is located in the Pleiades Star Cluster, which is a group of stars located about 400 light years from Earth. Their name is derived from the ancient Greek verb, “plein” meaning “to sail”.

The Pleiadians have always played an important role in humanity’s cultural expanse. One of their chosen representatives, Billy Meir, transmitted the messages of Semjase, a Pleidian female who was deeply concerned for our fate:

We are neither guardians of Earth nor beings of God. Many people believe we are watching over Earth and over its beings and that we control the fate.

This is not true, because we only perform a self-selected mission which has nothing to do with supervising or regulating Earth’s fate. Thus it is wrong to expose us as supra terrestrial messengers and guardians.

Despite the message from Semjase, the Pleiadians were the first to warn Earth about the danger that Grey aliens posed. The Pleiadians accused the Greys of having a lack of wisdom and empathy when using inferior humans to serve their evil, remorseless purposes.

For this reason, the two alien species have fought one another not only here, but in other star systems also.

Those who have been in contact with the Pleiadians claim that they have been trying to free ourselves from oppression for quite some time.

  • The Bad

1. The Anunnaki


A large number of astronomers believe there exists a 12th planet in our solar system. The aptly-called Planet X is identified with Nibiru, the homeworld of the Anunnaki. Located behind the orbit of Pluto, this planet revolves around the sun in an elliptical orbit and, unlike other planets, it moves counterclockwise. Proponents of alternative history believe Nibiru once collided with a solar system planetoid called Maldek and gave birth to Earth.

The planet’s inhabitants are said to have landed on Earth some 400,000 years ago and colonized it with the intention of stripping it of its precious gold and minerals. For a while, the Anunnaki lived in an idealistic society and acted as mankind’s creators (or genetic engineers) and mentors. They needed an able workforce to do the heavy lifting so they employed in vitro fertilization and genetic engineering to create a new species, Homo sapiens.

It is said the Anunnaki never left Earth and have been secretly guiding (some would rather say hindering) mankind’s development. Almost every aspect of early human life is said to be an inherited trait from them. Our engineered DNA contains the markers of their male-dominated, violent, and vengeance-inclined typology.

The Anunnaki are believed to be involved in a conflict with the other contender for Earth domination, the Draconians.

2. The Draconians


Vile and deeply corrupt creatures, the Alpha-Draconians permeated human society eons ago and have kept a tight grip on it ever since. The oldest reptilian race in the Milky Way galaxy, the Draconians came to Earth from Alpha Draconis but their original homeworld is believed to be in another universe altogether.

Like other reptilians, the Draconians multiply by laying eggs. Unlike other reptilians, they employ the use of a battle hormone to speed up the birthing process and ensure that their spawn exhibits warlike characteristics. Alien theorists surmise that the dualistic nature of mankind is a remnant of Alpha-Draconian domination. In their society, females are not allowed to participate in war. Their role is to produce more soldiers.

A truly giant species, the Alpha-Draconian can measure anywhere from 14 to 22 feet tall and weigh approximately 2,000 pounds. Their massive bodies are covered in dark, leathery scales and some accounts describe them as winged creatures. Perhaps this is what gave rise to the ‘devil’ concept. A highly intelligent species, they are the only lineage of their kind that survived. They eliminated all the other ones.

The Alpha-Draconians are divided into two castes: the giant ones are part of a royal clan called Ciakar while the smaller ones are organized into an effective warrior caste.

Contactee Alex Collier says he was permitted to share some of the knowledge imparted to him by an Andromedan being named Moraney:

The Draconians are the force behind the repression of human populations everywhere in this galaxy, instilling fear-based belief systems and restrictive hierarchies. […]they’re extremely clairvoyant and extremely clever, and they can also be extremely sinister.”

The vain Alpha-Draconians consider themselves the first intelligent species to have appeared in our galaxy. They are ambitious and their expansionist policy led them to conquer many worlds. Their ego is as massive as their size, so they truly believe their rule over lesser evolved worlds is the only valid one. We are seen as an inferior species, so they continue to exploit us.

3. The Native Reptilians


Not to be confused with the smaller Alpha Draconian warrior caste, the native reptilians are believed to be indigenous to Earth. They also have a long history of interaction with the human society but their preferred method of collaboration usually involves using us as a resource. They have a hand in most upper echelon dealings and occupy positions of power that allow them to rule from the dark.

Described as 8 foot-tall bipedal lizards with humanoid traits, the native reptilians are covered in green scales and emit a foul body odor. They see the world through large eyes with vertical pupils, a trait that is shared by other reptilian species.

Very few information about their kind is known but most accounts identify them as a pioneering race employed by the Alpha-Draconians in their earliest attempts to dominate Earth. They are present in the mythologies of ancient cultures from all over the world and the descriptions match regardless of age or continent: malevolent beings with an increased hostility towards man and his kin.

Hardcore conspiracy theorists will tell you they infiltrated human society to its bone, manipulating the elite into doing their bidding. Our institutions, organizations and financial system were created and are continuously influenced by these reptilians that call Earth home.

4. The Tall Greys


Bold, bald and pale, the Tall Greys proudly stand 8 feet tall. Considered masters of technology, they act as emissaries in most meetings between man and alien. Their lead position allows them to. They are the genetic engineers of the Short Greys, the species most commonly associated with abductions. Involved in various experiments, they are rumored to have designed human-grey hybrids that walk freely among us. Their preferred MO includes mind control techniques and striking lucrative diplomatic agreements with the global ‘shadow government.’

Most accounts claim they originated somewhere in the Orion constellation but some speculate their advanced technological level could mean they traveled to our universe from another one.

Although they are the real masterminds behind most human abductions and experiments, the Tall Greys rarely show their faces during their unethical procedures. Instead, they prefer to rely on their trusted minions, the Short Greys. One particularly intimidating scenario identifies their intentions as decidedly malicious: they want to develop a solid human-grey race of hybrids, one they consider worthy to become the Earth’s new keepers.

A progressive, egocentric species, the Tall Greys see us as mostly worthless, save for our scientific purposes. For them, the sons and daughters of man are nothing but a commodity. See that you never cross paths with them.

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