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    Tips for Vaping in Europe While Traveling

    Traveling to Europe can be a magical experience, with its rich history, culture, and delectable cuisine. However, if you’re an avid vaper, you may be concerned about navigating the rules and regulations surrounding vaping in various European countries. This article aims to provide valuable tips for vaping in Europe while traveling, ensuring you have a safe, enjoyable, and hassle-free experience.…

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    Split Accommodations Guide: Where to Stay in Split Croatia in 2024

    Split is the largest town in the province of Dalmatia and the second largest in Croatia. However, this is not the reason why so many people visit Split every year. The city is also one of the most beautiful in Europe and it attracts everyone from Asian tourists trying to experience the Croatian coast to Hollywood directors looking for exotic…

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  • World

    The Enigmatic Erdstall Tunnels of Europe: Purpose – Unknown

    An erdstall is a type of tunnel that is found throughout Europe, mainly in the south-eastern German state of Bavaria and Austria. Erdstalls are thought to have been created during the Middle Ages, though some have claimed that these tunnels date to the Stone Age. At the moment, nobody is entirely certain as to why such features were made in…

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    Syrian Passports Found at Paris Attacks Scene Confirmed Fake

    Syrian passports found near the bodies of two of the suspected Paris attackers were fakesthat were likely made in Turkey, police sources in France told Channel 4 News on Sunday. Greek officials had said on Saturday that one of the two passports was held by someone who had registered as a refugee on the Greek island of Leros on 3…

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