Split Accommodations Guide: Where to Stay in Split Croatia in 2024

Split is the largest town in the province of Dalmatia and the second largest in Croatia. However, this is not the reason why so many people visit Split every year. The city is also one of the most beautiful in Europe and it attracts everyone from Asian tourists trying to experience the Croatian coast to Hollywood directors looking for exotic filming locations. If you plan on spending your next vacation here, here are a couple of places you can stay in.

Where to Stay in Split, Croatia in 2024:

  • The Old Town


The Old Town Split – as its name suggests – is the oldest part of the city. It dates back to the 3rd century and it was built by Diocletian, a famous Roman emperor. Originally, Old Town Split served as the administrative center of the Dalmatia but it also served as Diocletian’s summer residence.

This pedestrian-only residence is the place where you can find Split’s most important cultural and historical sights. As you would expect, the place is filled with shops, bars, and restaurants. The place is also full of tourists all day and all night long.·

  • Veli Varos


After the Old Town, Veli Varos is the oldest modern neighborhood in Split. Developed in the early 16th century, Veli Varos is located on the east side of Marjan Hill. The neighborhood is characterized by medieval buildings, winding cobblestone streets, and old taverns.

If you want to escape the noisy city, Veli Varos is the place to visit. You won’t even have to worry about hearing any cars since this is a pedestrian-only part of the city. It offers more than two dozen self-catering apartments and hotels so you’ll find accommodations easily.

  • Meje


Situated on the south side of Marjan Hill, Meje is one of the most beautiful parts of Split. It is also one of the most exclusive. If you want to rent an apartment in this part of the town, even for just a week, be prepared to spend some money. But Meje is more than worth it.

Meje houses a number of large villas and family homes, Kastelet, Jezinac, and Kasjuni beaches, Zvoncac Park, and even two museums The neighborhood is within fifteen-minute walking distance from the OLD town. Meje is pretty hilly so if you want to spend the holiday here, be prepared for lots of walking.

  • Bacvice


We couldn’t talk about the best parts of Split without mentioning Bacvice. The most famous Split neighborhood is the home of the famous beach of the same name. This white sand beach is filled with tourists all year round, and it is an integral part of the city’s identity.

Located just a few minutes of walk from Bacvice Beach, Park Hotel is the perfect place to stay in. This 20th-century charm has been completely renovated half a decade ago and it is one of the best-equipped hotels not only in Split but in the entire country.

  • Other Neighborhoods in Split

Split is not a small town. In addition to the neighborhoods we talked about above, there are many more you can visit, including Znjan, Trstenik, and Firule. If you want to find a less expensive apartment, you should try these neighborhoods. They are far less popular and expensive but no less picturesque and enjoyable than some of the more popular parts of Split.

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