False Flag

  • Science

    Anonymous Urgent Message to the World: Massive False Flag Warning in Effect

    Greetings world. We are Anonymous. This message goes out not only to citizens across the globe, but to the U.S. President-elect, the incoming director of central intelligence, and individuals within the Kremlin. As many of you are by now aware, there are entities within the United States government and various allied Western nations who have been executing a long-planned agenda…

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  • News

    San Bernardino: False Flag or False Flag Hoax?

    With the San Bernardino mass shooting the latest in a long string of staged false-flag terror events, there can really be very little doubt to anyone even moderately awake that the event is a false flag operation. The only real question about the event is now whether it was a genuine false flag attack where real people actually died, or…

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