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    What is the Average Payout for a Zantac Lawsuit?

    Lawsuits can be quite expensive and when it comes to anything pharmaceutical-related, Zantac lawsuits can be quite scary. Zantac has been an easily prescribed, over-the-counter (OTC) drug available in abundance. It has an active component called Ranitidine that has been under quite the focus of attention because of its various side effects. Ranitidine causes high levels of nitrosodimethylamine or NMDA…

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  • Finance

    Deutsche Bank Settles Lawsuit For Price Rigging, Turns “State’s Evidence” On Other Banks

    Prior to last week, Deutsche Bank made headlines for a string of huge losses and massive exposure to risky derivatives. The last time the firm’s shares traded at prices this low, the world was in the midst of 2008’s financial apocalypse. Deutsche Bank didn’t need more bad news, but a group of investors who brought suit against the massive German…

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