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    Why Are My Eyelashes Thinning?

    If you’ve noticed that your eyelashes are getting shorter, or falling out more often, you might be wondering why. When trying to figure out what’s going on, there are many other ideas to think about. Thinning eyelashes are normal, but if you notice a big change in the number of lashes you have, it could be a sign of a…

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  • Health

    11 Common Facial Treatments Myths You Need to Stop Believing – 2024 Guide

    The Internet is full of advice about skincare, some good, some bad, and some are downright ridiculous. Still, many women believe in myths regarding skincare routines refusing to change their life-long habits. Let’s tackle each one and explore the truth behind them. 1. Wearing make-up causes wrinkles Wearing proper make-up, the ones that best suit your skin type, and regularly…

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