11 Common Facial Treatments Myths You Need to Stop Believing – 2024 Guide

The Internet is full of advice about skincare, some good, some bad, and some are downright ridiculous. Still, many women believe in myths regarding skincare routines refusing to change their life-long habits. Let’s tackle each one and explore the truth behind them.

1. Wearing make-up causes wrinkles


Wearing proper make-up, the ones that best suit your skin type, and regularly taking it off, will not hurt your skin in any way even if you wear it daily. If you read carefully the ingredients and are not allergic to any of them, it’s perfectly safe to use it. After wearing make-up your skin is going to need a lot of moisturization so make sure that you hydrate it well. Further, all your make-up tools, brushes, and sponges particularly, should be thoroughly cleaned at least once a week. Wrinkles and other skin problems are not caused by make make-up, but rather come with age or are caused by some other skin conditions.

2. Acne is caused by poor hygiene

Acne appears as a consequence of several factors: clogged pores, bacteria, and inflammation of the skin. Now, proper hygiene is important to keep the bacteria off of your face especially if you tend to touch it many times during the day, but it’s not the only factor that will keep your skin acne-free. Certain foods can cause inflammation of the skin pores, like eating a lot of sugar and drinking sugary beverages. Further, stress is a great trigger for acne to flare up, so try to control the amount of daily pressure. Visit for acne deep cleansing facial, pigmentation, wrinkles, scars and other holistic facial treatments for adults and teens in NYC.

3. Natural skin products are better

Sometimes they are, depending on the type of skin. There are skin problems that cannot be solved with just chamomile tea and further chemical treatments are needed. Also, parabens and preservatives are eliminating the bacteria in creams and lotions which makes them last longer while staying fully effective. In case you decide to go all-natural with your skincare pay attention to the “best before” dates since natural products have a very short life span.

4. SPF creams are only for summer months


This is a common misconception that stuck throughout the years. If it’s cloudy weather, you still need an SPF cream to protect you from ultraviolet A and B rays. The harmful rays can pierce through the clouds, and just because you can’t see the sun it doesn’t mean that your skin can’t get burned. Sun protection factor creams and lotions should be applied every day properly, which means exactly how it says on the box, regardless of the weather. And don’t forget to reapply every few hours.

5. Washing face with hot water

Some believe that washing your face with hot water will open up the pores which will let the creams be more absorbed afterward. The truth is that hot steam, like from the shower, can open up your pores just enough, there is no need to hurt your skin with hot water. When washing it, lukewarm water is quite right. Washing your face with hot water can significantly damage your skin stripping off its protective layer and leaving it vulnerable to all sorts of infections.

6. Scrub as hard as you can

Now, this is supposed to go under common sense. If you have problematic skin, the solution is not going to be instant, but rather it can take weeks or months. Scrubbing your face as hard as you can will only further damage your skin, making it worse and susceptible to bacteria and inflammation. You’re not going to get any immediate result, except the unwanted one of red face and clogged pores. Be gentle to your face skin, and persistent in your routine. This is the only way to achieve long-lasting results.

7. No pain, no gain


Another dangerous myth says that if the face cream or lotion causes a little burn, it means that they’re working. Absolutely not. It only means that the particular cream is not for your skin type and will cause further damage, or that you are having an allergic reaction. In either case, you should take it off immediately. A little tingling here and there are normal, burning sensations are not. Beauty does not hurt, contrary to the common belief. It should be a joyful experience; the one that will make you feel relaxed and calm.

8. Don’t pop the pimples

Partially true. Don’t pop the pimples with your fingers since you can transfer the bacteria from your hands to your skin. However, if you do it properly, with the special tools, popping pimples and blackheads is perfectly safe. Sometimes, it’s necessary when your skin can’t get out all the debris and dust from the pores to extract the blackheads, help it out. Wash your face properly afterward, and hydrate your skin.

9. Expensive creams are better

Another completely untrue tale. Often times than not, expensive products use the same ingredients as the cheap ones. The key is to read through the contents and then decide whether or not it would be good for your skin. When paying top dollar for the creams, you are paying for the brand name, packaging, commercials and so much more. Cheaper products don’t have such an entourage of services which brings down their price. Check out WomenPremiumBeauty for a vast variety of beauty routines.

10. Alcohol will eliminate acne


Rubbing alcohol into your face skin is just going to make you have more acne. Here’s how. Alcohol will dry out your skin which in return will trigger the natural reaction from your body in producing more oil. This will cause more clogged pores and consequently, more acne followed by redness and inflammation. The truth is that there is a bit of alcohol in cleaning lotions combined with other ingredients that will soothe and calm face skin. However, rubbing pure alcohol into the skin is not recommended.

11. Facials are useless

This is partially true. If you do one facial per year it’s a waste of money and time. On the other hand, if you have regular facials done, at least once per month, your skin will be clear of most of the problems. So, persistence is the key, as with any other routine.

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