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    11 Common Facial Treatments Myths You Need to Stop Believing – 2024 Guide

    The Internet is full of advice about skincare, some good, some bad, and some are downright ridiculous. Still, many women believe in myths regarding skincare routines refusing to change their life-long habits. Let’s tackle each one and explore the truth behind them. 1. Wearing make-up causes wrinkles Wearing proper make-up, the ones that best suit your skin type, and regularly…

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    5 Benefits of Using Magnesium Gels in 2024

    Magnesium is a mineral and essential nutrition that can be found in almost every food. Our bodies are required to consume a lot of this ingredient which is probably why we can find it in almost every fruit, vegetable, or even meat. This nutrition has a huge role in the human body, helping with all kinds of different biochemical reactions…

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