Romanian Sphinx

  • House

    Popular Pool Designs and Shapes

    Have you decided that the time has finally come for you to get that pool you have been dreaming of? If that is the case, you have to make a slew of decisions from this point on, which will determine the outcome f your dream to reality project. The first decision you have to make requires you to select your…

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  • Science

    An Ancient Library Hidden Beneath the Sphinx in the Bucegi Mountains: A Suppressed Discovery?

    Supposedly, deep within the Earth, below the colossal Bucegi Mountains in Romania, traces of an extremely ancient civilization were found. Years later, in 2009, a book titled Transylvanian Sunrise was published, creating a significant buzz in the paranormal researcher community. A good deal of Transylvanian Sun-rise deals with the repression of the discovery that has been made, and the effort…

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