• Relationship

    6 Reasons Why Buying Sex Products is No Longer Taboo – 2024 Guide

    People who were using sex toys and products in the past were considered perverts because we lived in a time when everything that is different than ordinary intercourse, was described as “not normal”. It was like that for long years, and in more conservative societies people still can’t accept that in the rest of the world, most of the other…

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  • World

    7 World’s Most Intriguing Taboos

    Throughout history, we can see that there were many strange behaviors and superstitions among different religions and nationalities. Also, many of them still hold a place in our society. Taboo represents some forbidden topic, and it is usually related to religious acts. Typically, most taboos are connected to relations between men and women, food, and superstition. When something is considered…

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