6 Reasons Why Buying Sex Products is No Longer Taboo – 2024 Guide

People who were using sex toys and products in the past were considered perverts because we lived in a time when everything that is different than ordinary intercourse, was described as “not normal”. It was like that for long years, and in more conservative societies people still can’t accept that in the rest of the world, most of the other people are embracing their sexuality, and aren’t ashamed to tell they are using sex products to increase the personal feeling of satisfaction.

Also, now is 2024, one of the most unusual years in our lives, we will surely remember forever. Why is that? As we know, last year an unknown virus appeared in China, causing strong respiratory issues, and a lot of deaths. In February, it was spreading rapidly around the world, and in March, the World Health Organization declared a state of a pandemic. They brought a list of protection measures, that included social distancing, gatherings weren’t allowed, and many countries decided to go lockdown, so they can help the people not to get infected. All of these decisions also made a lot of people date less than before, and to find an alternative way to fulfill their sexual desires and fantasies. Since dating is not recommended, finding a new partner is quite impossible, no matter the existence of popular dating platforms.

One of the businesses that “bloomed” during these complicated and difficult times, is the sex shop. People were buying products and toys, and many of these shops got everything covered for them, from ordering to delivering them to the customers. But, why some people still find it controversial? Is there any chance that we will all overcome those taboos in 2024, or we still need time to accept the reality, that nothing will be the same after the pandemic ends?

Here are a few things about why sexual products shouldn’t be taboo today:

1. They are tailored to be suitable for any need


Many of us thought sex dolls, and silicon body parts are only in the movies, and not available to buy near us. When we talk about these dolls, we usually see they are made to look like women, so the people who love women can choose what they want, and have a perfect sex date all the time. But, can you imagine that there are also male sex dolls, for those who love men? You can check to see that.

2. People shouldn’t be ashamed of their fetishes

We all remember the times when it was a shame to confess that you have some fetishes that aren’t usual but are important to you. The good thing is that today, people are braver to embrace their sexuality, no matter what that means, and what includes. Our fetishes don’t make us weirdos. Just the opposite, we are learning how to accomplish sexual satisfaction, even when the conditions don’t let us meet new partners, or be more often with their current ones.

3. They take care of their satisfaction


In some cases, the traditional intercourse is not enough for someone to be completely satisfied, and even the couples that are in longer relationships, or married people, want to find something that will increase the stimulation, and make both of the partners happy. This may include using vibrating devices, lubricants, sex toys, ropes, sexy lingerie, clothes for role play, and so on. People care more for their sexual satisfaction, wishes, and fantasies, and they don’t hide them anymore.

4. Toys and products for both male and female

In the past, it was considered that the guys want sex dolls, and ladies prefer vibrators. Some people still believe in that, and it’s complicated for them to accept the reality, that both genders almost equally prefer some additional things that will spice up their sexual life. Also, as the world is recognizing all the LGBTQ and the rest of the people who define themselves with different types of sexualities, we can see that it’s more than usual intercourse that it takes the people to different levels of satisfaction. No one should be ashamed of their sexual and intimate preferences, just the opposite, we all need to embrace them, as they are a part of us.

5. The pandemic made us do that


During the pandemic, even those who were usually against sex toys, and other related products, realized that sometimes it’s better to accept those things than to fight against them. Being in a state of a pandemic is not easy for the people, no matter their age. We all want to date, to look for a compatible partner, and have a good sexual life. But, it was almost impossible to do that. Many dates started and ended with a few video calls, because the partners weren’t able to meet enough, so they get to know each other. Using a product to enhance sex life shouldn’t be a taboo, and we all need to accept that fact as soon as possible.

6. People get aware of their sexuality

Since society doesn’t push much pressure over us and teaches us to be ashamed of our fantasies, people were let to get aware of their wishes and preferences. There are still some smaller and conservative groups of people who are trying to present sexuality as something “unorthodox” and make the young people, especially girls, to be ashamed of their fantasies. But, it’s time to overcome all of that and start accepting the fact everything is normal, as long as it doesn’t hurt any other people.

Probably, some of the people who are reading this article may freak out due to the content, but we hope it will be the reason for them to finally recognize and accept their personal needs, so they can enjoy life more than before. It’s 2024, and it’s the right time to accept everything that it’s different, even in the terms of sexual life. Who knows, maybe your partner will love your toys too.

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