Office Romance: Pros and Cons of Dating a Coworker

An office romance is not an uncommon situation. Often colleagues notice that there is a “spark” between them. Over time, feelings can grow into a strong, happy family, or they can just as easily fade away.

Before you find out how to date a coworker, we advise you to familiarize yourself with the advantages and disadvantages that may be waiting for you on this path of love.

The Benefits of Workplace Romances

Even though in many teams bosses are skeptical of close relationships at work, the number of office romances is not decreasing. Many marriages are concluded precisely between colleagues who have worked together for some time.

Couples formed in the workplace have the following advantages:

Constant closeness

A very important moment at the beginning of the relationship – the beloved person is always near and does not disappear, justifying his absence by a sudden business trip, “blockage” in the office. This allows you to minimize the reasons for jealousy.


There is an opportunity to spend a lot of time together, getting used to the chosen one

It is proven that fulfillment of joint tasks brings people closer together, and an office is a suitable place for it.

Сommon topics for discussions

Working in the same office is an inexhaustible source of conversation: common stories, professional issues, and new methods of solving tasks.

The opportunity to get to know a person quickly

When a colleague is constantly around, you can see his reaction to various situations, and understand the features, and character flaws.


Improvement of self-esteem

Partners strive to show their special attitude, and what can be more pleasant and give self-confidence better than a clear unconcealed manifestation of attention, or compliments?

Getting help

The favorite person is unlikely to refuse to explain incomprehensible moments, to solve complex work problems.

If the chosen one has a higher position, there is a chance of faster career growth. The possibility of obtaining a high position becomes a reality.

When people are in love, they feel elated. This is caused by the hormones oxytocin and dopamine, which give us that feeling of flying. In this state, it seems that you can move mountains, and any obstacles seem insignificant. In addition, new creative ideas and inspiration often come when you’re in love.

Disadvantages of Office Romances

If you decide to start a tender relationship with a colleague, be prepared for the risk of such problems:


Constant attention from superiors, and other employees

In every team, an unusual situation causes gossip: gossip will be your constant companion. And being alone together is unlikely to succeed – it is difficult to hide from prying eyes, especially in a small office.

Mixing personal and professional matters will hurt work productivity

The head may be “loaded” with romance, and not with the tasks at hand.

The flip side of being around all the time is boredom

A partner can get bored quickly, and you can’t get a break from him or her, because you will be together all the time regardless of your desire. Also, the problem could be the constant control from the more jealous partner and the impossibility to be alone.


Separation is capable of causing a lot of trouble

If you decide to remain friends, prepare for a constant feeling of resentment from your former partner, from which there is no escape. This may lead to the need to change jobs. If the formerly loved one is your boss, there may be trouble in your career.

Separating work and personal life is possible and necessary. If you fall in love with your colleague, try to plan further actions, so that in case of failure, you won’t get into an unpleasant situation on two fronts at once.

To be or not to be in a romantic relationship at work, it is up to you to decide. On the one hand, a relationship with a colleague can turn out to be the love of a lifetime, and it would be a shame to miss out on your happiness because of the vow “No relationships at work! On the other hand, an office romance can cost your reputation and career, which you have been building for years. But who knows what’s best for you? So listen to your heart, love, and be loved.

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