5 Healthy Ways to Deal with a Fight

As much as you don’t want to admit it, fighting in a relationship is a common reality. Even in the most successful relationships, couples argue from time to time, but the difference between a healthy and toxic relationship is how you deal with these arguments.

Finding methods to discuss your problems calmly is essential in ensuring your relationship can continue to be a happy place for you and your partner.

If you’re struggling with fighting in your relationship or are unsure how to handle things when times get tough, here are five healthy ways to deal with a fight.

1. Discuss how you’re feeling


Discussing your issues may sound like an obvious tip, but some people rarely communicate how they feel when they fight with their partner. Anger can sometimes get the best of us in fights, and we end up saying things we regret without actually mentioning what is wrong in the first place.

After you have argued and both have had a chance to cool off, sit down, and discuss what is going on honestly. This way, you are both aware of your problems with each other. It may not solve everything, but it is much healthier than shouting and hurling insults at one another and will help you eventually reach a solution you are happy with.

2. Write down your issues

Sometimes we can overthink relationship issues in our own heads, with our thoughts spiraling out of control. It can often be overwhelming, leading to problems manifesting in extreme ways, such as an argument. Instead, when you begin to feel these negative thoughts, writing them down and visually understanding your issues can help.

You may even realize your worries with your partner aren’t that important, finding closure on a problem and potentially preventing further arguments.

3. Exercise


An argument may not even have anything to do with your relationship. External pressures can get to you, leading to you accidentally taking your stress out on your partner.

Exercise is a great way to deal with the pressure of everyday life. Quick bursts of exercise, whether a walk, run or swim, help to regulate your breathing and can have positive mental effects, reducing the impact of stress.

Finding a positive outlet through fitness is a great way to manage your feelings. If you still have an issue with your partner, exercising can make you feel more relaxed, allowing you to deal with your problems calmly and measuredly.

4. Blow Off Some Steam

A London mistress can also be an excellent outlet, as they’re simply a stranger detached from your situation. The submission and surrender involved in a session can help to provide an escape from life’s pressures and worries. The act of giving up control can be incredibly calming, as you let go of responsibility and give yourself permission to just be in the moment. Being able to explore these parts of yourself can be quite freeing and can help provide a sense of relief and clarity.

5. Couples Therapy


Couples therapy is also an option if arguing becomes a real problem in your relationship. There is no shame in receiving therapy, and a therapist can give you an objective point of view, which is difficult to find elsewhere. Letting everything out in the open with a trained professional can help unearth what is going on between you or any internal trauma you have buried away.

Being guided in the right direction and voicing your problems in a safe space can be beneficial and keep your relationship healthy. Therapists can also help you learn new techniques to take into real life to stop arguments from escalating. Therapy is not an instant solution, and it can take a while to work on yourselves, but the benefits to your relationship are worth it.

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