6 Pieces of Technology Your Business Should Be Using

Technology should be embraced and if your business is not embracing it, you will be losing out on the potential to have smoother and more efficient operations. Businesses often refrain from implementing technological solutions because of the expense. This is a mind-set that will leave your business behind the competition, as any upgrades should be seen as an investment that will ultimately bring higher profits.

A lack of understanding is another reason for rejecting technology, so it is smart for you to do as much research as possible to gain a better understanding and use these solutions to your advantage. Interested to learn more about how to get ahead in business by keeping your finger on the smart pulse? Here are five pieces of technology your business should be using.

1. Fleet Management Systems


If your business has a logistics department or your business solely deals with logistics, then you should be using a fleet management system. Your operating costs will be reduced and there will be an upturn in productivity and efficiency. Keeping your fleet moving at all times will be one of your priorities, and with solutions which help in preventive maintenance, you will be made aware of any potential problems before a member of your fleet leaves its home base.

Electronic Logging Devices are another way to reduce wasted time and costs and improve the productivity of your fleet. They reduce the need for manually recording hours of service, giving you an exact figure ensuring that your business is staying compliant with regulations. Fuel wastage can also be drastically reduced as a good ELD will record a driver’s idle time, allowing you to address the issue. You can take a look at a guide on ELD solutions by Samsara that will tell you everything you need to know about their installation and usage. They are an essential piece of technology for any fleet management operation that wants to stay ahead of the competition.

2. Cloud Storage


As with the move from paper-based storage to digital storage, having your data securely saved on a reliable cloud storage system is an essential move for your business. Cloud storage allows you to access data from any location, providing a solution for businesses that use or are looking to move towards remote working. If you are a business with a global network, it is going to save you time and money by having essential data easily accessible to employees or clients who live abroad. Efficiency is another vital aspect as specific computers do not have to be used to gain access to certain files.

Cloud storage also addresses some of the security threats that businesses may face. Much of your data will be confidential and contain information on your business and your clients. This information must be secure. When looking for a cloud storage solution, ensure that they have the latest security systems in place. Lack of security could lead to your business facing cybersecurity threats and the potential for fraud which will affect the reputation of your business and you losing clients.

3. Business Internet


Efficiency is key to your business operating smoothly and effectively providing services to your clients. Having optimum efficiency is reliant on your business having an internet service which is both fast and reliable. If you are not using business internet services then you are not optimizing your operations. It provides a faster service that is less likely to suffer from problems. It may be tempting to stick with a cheaper service; however, you must assess how much time and productivity is being lost through not using the fastest options available.

Internet companies will have a host of different services available for businesses, so the options are there for you to find a competitive pricing plan that suits your needs. Slow internet speeds not only affect productivity when it comes to the completion of tasks, it also has the effect of frustrating your employees, leading them to become less productive overall. Invest in your internet service to get maximum productivity and stop your business falling behind the competition.

4. Artificial Intelligence


Developments in artificial intelligence have created solutions for businesses that go beyond automation. One area in which AI excels is the provision of help desks. Rather than having to employ human resources to deal with every single help desk ticket that comes through, AI knowledge bases will efficiently resolve IT problems without creating a backlog. This keeps productivity high and also allows human employees to address more pressing tickets that do require a human to resolve the issue.

While AI has evolved beyond automation, this does not mean that automation is no longer of any use. Highly repetitive tasks can create a lack of motivation in employees whose skills can be put to better use elsewhere. By using automation, these tasks can be completed by AI and free up resources. This is an area that is often overlooked, and aside from the increase in productivity, AI provides a solution that removes the frequency of errors made by a human who is engaged in a repetitive task.

5. Remote Working


Remote working has become more prevalent in the business world over the last two years. It is a method of working that has the advantages of increasing employee productivity and also their happiness. Giving employees the option to work from home allows them to have more free time as commuting times are being cut out. They are also working in an environment that they are comfortable in, leading to increased productivity. You should assess if your own business would benefit from giving your employees the option to work remotely.

Remote working also opens doors for your business if you are looking to expand, especially globally. You now have the potential to employ people abroad without having to bring them directly to the country you are based in. There are also the options of using training opportunities in foreign countries, so that your employees will benefit from learning from different working methods. Business costs can also be reduced through remote working as there will be less need for office space, and you can downsize your physical spaces to suit your needs.

6. Fuel cards

Fuel cards are becoming increasingly popular as a payment solution for businesses, as they provide safety and security for employees who need to use company vehicles. Fuel cards also give businesses the opportunity to track fuel usage, enabling them to accurately manage their expenses and keep track of their expenditure on fuel. Furthermore, with the introduction of technological advancements, many providers now offer digital wallets which allow users to pay at the pump using their fuel card. This eliminates the need for cash or manual card payments, allowing businesses to save time while ensuring secure transactions.

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