The Lost Continent of Lemuria

Most people know about the existence of Atlantis. However, most people do not know about Lemuria or the Legend of Mu

A Short History of Lemuria


The legend of Mu is found on islands all over the Pacific Ocean. For thousands of years the Polynesians have handed down the story of a continent in the Pacific that was motherland of mankind.

The name of Mu somehow sounds like an uninteresting contraction of a more exotic name. In contrast, the word Lemuria invokes a picture of a land at the dawn of time, a land forgotten in our histories but not in our dreams.

The name Lemuria resulted from a Nineteenth Century controversy over Darwin’s Origin of the Species. Defenders of Darwin had trouble explaining how certain species became distributed over large areas. Zoologists had a particularly difficult time explaining the distribution of the lemurs.

The lemur is a small primitive form of primate found in Africa, Madagascar, India, and the East Indian archipelago. Some zoologists suggested a land mass in the Indian Ocean, between Madagascar and India, millions of years ago. An English zoologist, Phillip L. Schlater, proposed the name Lemuria (LEMURia) for this former land of the LEMURS in the Indian Ocean.

Earnst Heinrich Haeckel (1834-1919), a German naturalist and champion of Darwin, used Lemuria to explain the absence of fossil remains of early man: If man originated on a sunken continent in the Indian Ocean, all the fossils of the missing link are now under the sea. To quote Haeckel: “Schlater has given this continent the name of Lemuria, from the semi-apes which were characteristic of it.”

Approximately 14,000 years ago, the culture known as Lemuria was thriving. There were also other cultures on Earth, such as Atlantis, which were thriving as well. The holy people or the prophets of the Lemurian culture began to be aware that something was going to be changing. They began receiving information that the Earth was going to go through a very dramatic shift. The shift that they were referring to was what you call the Great Flood. You’ve also heard it called the destruction of Atlantis.

These holy people of Lemuria were very much in touch with the land as they were/are the ancient ancestors of modern day Native Hawaiians (also known in the Hawaiian/Lemurian language as the Kanaka Maoli). And they began to be aware that it was very important that the knowledge from Lemuria be preserved.

So for about 2,000 to 3,000 years, they were preparing for this great cataclysm. They began spreading their “Chrystal Teachings” about the Earth and about mankind’s history to as many people as they possibly could. They believed that if they could spread this information to as many people as possible, the information would be stored within the cells of the human bodies … it would never be forgotten.

They also began storing said information in crystals, which were taken deep within the Earth’s surface to be stored and preserved. These ancient Lemurians also began to create detailed maps of the underground tunnels that existed between power points on your planet. They also took the time to prepare their plans.

They knew at some point they would receive a sign telling them it was time to go underground before the floods came (as well as sign to return above ground). So they prepared themselves for these several thousand years to be the sacred keepers of the records of Earth. They knew it was very important that the information they held be saved for when the waters receded, otherwise the entire history of Earth and the sacred teachings of the Lemurians would have been lost forever.

These holy people received their signs and began going underground. This occurred approximately one year before the flood. While underground, they learned to live there and use the underground environment for their sustenance. They built very supportive and loving communities underground known as “Telos.” During that year, they did the final work involved in preserving some of the knowledge that they knew needed to be preserved.

Then the flood came all these people who were underground were safe from the waters, even though many, many people on the surface of the Earth perished. When the waters receded, the people emerged from underground. The land they once knew was now very different. This emergence from the Earth is the point at which the Native Americans’ creation history begins.

In a very literal sense, they did emerge from the Earth. Most of the native peoples have lost the exact literal memory of this emergence, but within the highest ranks of the shamans, this knowledge is still passed on.

Now, we tell this story from the point of view of the Native Hawaiians, Native Americans, Incas and Hun Elders, but they were not the only people who went underground. The holy people all around this planet went underground. For instance, the Aborigines in Australia and those who were later to become the Druids in England were all preserving their knowledge underground as well. The Druids were preserving the ancient Atlantean information, as were the Egyptians. But the native peoples of the Pacific area, including South East Asia and the Maharlika (Philippines), were preserving the Lemurian information.

These native peoples, even today, hold within themselves this sacred knowledge. Some of it is conscious but most of it lies in the subconscious. The Ainu of Japan are one of the tribes that preserved some of the knowledge. There was a great cooperation among all of these peoples on Earth to make sure that the sacred teachings were never lost.

The rise and fall of the Lemurian civilization cannot be accurately documented, though many have gone in quest of this mythological continent. Lost civilizations have been known to rise and fall – or just appear and disappear without explanation. As with Atlantis one can only speculate as to what happened, based on archaeological evidence, legends, theories pieced together by researchers, and for some, metaphysical changelings that the Anglo-Saxon race is in fact the living genetic history of Atlantis.

Lemuria’s Ring of Fire Location

The exact location of Lemuria varies with different researchers and authors, though it is part of the mysteries of the Pacific region flowing into the American continent, just as Atlantis is linked to the Atlantic land areas that stretch to the Mediterranean Sea. Wherever you believe the location of Lemuria to be, it is linked with the Ring of Fire.

This area is active with volcanic eruptions and tsunami’s. It would seem that the legends of ancient Lemuria speak to us once again with warning signs – as they supposedly did to the Lemurians – before the continent – or group of islands – fell into the sea.

The fate of Lemuria, also known as Pacifica, Mu, and what Cayce called Zu or Oz, is not unlike that proposed for Atlantis. It is much like the destiny of humanity foreseen in our timeline by prophets of old and modern-day clairvoyants. The legends are all the same … a thriving, advanced culture that suddenly manifested out of nowhere. Their origins and downfall are linked to destruction when their continent sank beneath the ‘sea’ due to natural cataclysm and human imbalance.


Physical Evidence of Lemuria

Stone monuments of mysterious origin dot the entire Pacific, from Japan’s underwater site at Yonaguni, to cryptic Petroglyphs on Hawaii’s Big Island, to Easter Island among sacred and megalithic sites. Many believe that Easter Island was part of Lemuria. Its hundreds of colossal stone statues and written language point to an advanced culture, yet it appeared on the world’s most remote spot. The legends of Easter Island speak of Hiva which sank beneath the waves as people fled.

Samoans called a similar place Bolutu. It was stocked with trees and plants bearing fruits and flowers, which were immediately replaced when picked. On Bolutu men could walk through trees, houses, and other physical objects without any resistance. The Maoris of New Zealand still talk about arriving long ago from a sinking island called Hawaiki a vast and mountainous place on the other side of the water.

There are various dates for the Lemurian timeline – some placing it millions of years ago – while others define the Lemurian era as roughly 75,000 to 20,000 B.C. – prior to Atlantis. Others speculate that Atlantis and Lemuria co-existed for thousands of years.

The idea of the Lemurian continent first appeared in the works of Augustus Le Plongeon, (1826-1908) a 19th century researcher and writer who conducted investigations of the Maya ruins in the Yucatan. He announced that he had translated ancient Mayan writings, which allegedly showed that the Maya of Yucatan were older than the later civilizations of Atlantis and Egypt, and additionally told the story of an even older continent of Mu, whose survivors founded the Maya civilization.

Metaphysics and Metaphors

Reality is both Myth and Metaphor – Magic and Mirrors – stories created in ‘time’ for the experiencer – projected through the eye or lens of the camera into the matrix to be perceived consciously as if virtual reality. ALL is projected illusion in the Alchemy of Time and Consciousness – ALL are parallel running programs through which we consciously experience simultaneously.

Programs have inserts. If a civilization is an insert in a grid program – that could explain why fully evolved civilizations suddenly spring up out of nowhere – the ‘sea of creation’ – the flow of the collective unconsciousness – or the consciousness grid that creates realities. If time is an illusion – all programs are running simultaneously. Therefore you are experiencing many civilizations at the same time. This often explains the feeling of Deja vu – or why some souls are drawn to live in a specific region and feel at home there.

There are those who believe that Lemuria suddenly appeared with a full-blown culture. This has spawned many interesting theories, including visits from extraterrestrials who introduced a new species of genetically engineered humans to replace their slow-witted ancestors. This too links with other creation based theories about humans being star seeds of the Gods or extra terrestrial alien mutations.

Most of what is written is a metaphor – linking to the patterns of creation – sacred geometry. It is about spiraling consciousness that moves from higher frequencies of thought – a higher harmonic – to slower – lower frequencies as we experiencing many places at the same time. All realities are created based on the numeric blueprint of sacred geometry – consciousness – the Golden Mean – Phi Ratio.

Channelers speak of Lemurians as originally coming from higher frequency – then descending into third dimension for a physical experience. This parallels our human experience through the spiraling patterns of consciousness and a feeling of change that is taking hold with human consciousness at this time. We were originally higher frequency beings in spirit form who have descended into physical beings to experience linear time and emotion.

Planet Earth is the third planet from the sun. It is physical – Reality experienced in third dimension – 3D. Some researchers consider the Lemurians the ‘third root race’. They believe that we are the fourth root race – 4=4th dimension=time] soon to become the ‘fifth root race’ as we move into a Golden Age.

Their continent sank into the sea killing the physical souls. This is a metaphor for the souls returning to the sea of consciousness – the Lemurian grid program insert – and seeking new experiences in new forms of light or physical embodiment. Many see the end of a program – and the evolution of consciousness as the movement into a Golden Age – gold being a metaphor for Alchemy of Consciousness into awareness as the blue [or blueprint of reality]and gold [magnetics or metal age.]

Lemuria sank into the sea which are also grids that comprise our realities on many levels. To ‘sink into the sea’ is to move one’s consciousness from one reality to another. Power movement of water – tsunami of consciousness – the creationism flood stories – amphibious gods from the sea – consciousness frozen in time or an ‘Ice Age’ between programs. Then we have the – meltdown of the polar icecaps. Electromagnetic energy – poles – polarity – bi-polar experiences – pole shifts on the planet and in consciousness – at Zero Point.

Duality Atlantis and Lemuria – inserts created by electromagnetic energy grids – duality of experience. Perhaps both lost continents represent the divine feminine and masculine energies of humankind? And what if this time, this placement on the reality grid, is simply the return of the Divine Goddess / Feminine / Higher Frequency Energies originating in Lemuria.

Heavenly Reality

Another theory is based on the notion of ‘crystal teachings’ in which the divine feminine knowledge and story of Lemuria was encoded in human genetics just before Lemuria fell. And sometime later in the earth’s timeline, these crystal teachings would be re-membered, or discovered, and their messages revealed to help those who are struggling with the current over-abundance of Divine Masculine or Atlantean Energies?

In conclusion, the story of Lemuria – and other lost and ancient civilizations – and religious ideologies are part of humanity’s quest to remember that we are not physical beings searching for our spiritual selves – in as much as we are soul sparks of light having a physical experience – which has ended and is now to evolve back into a balanced equation of higher frequencies and consciousness, so as a species we can achieve a more complete, total understanding of our true history, and thus an authentic natural re-memory of Hu-manity’s original and purely intended Heavenly Reality.

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