How to Choose a Tipping Skip For Your Tractor – 2024 Guide

Efficient material management is a key item when it comes to saving time, resources, and energy on heavier physical jobs. Transporting sand, gravel, and other materials by tractor, as well as their unloading, can be a very demanding task. Long-term farmers and manual workers on construction sites know how time-consuming and difficult unloading can be when done manually. And not only that, but it also requires a larger number of workers, which automatically increases the cost of work. The Practice has shown that the Tipping skip is the perfect help in such situations. Thanks to the specialized hydraulic system and the various dimensions and capacities in which they can be found, these accessories enable you to use the full potential of your tractor. In addition to its application in agriculture, it has proven to be very useful in the manufacturing industry. The tripping skip is added to forklifts in the form of an extension that serves for more practical and faster storage of industrial waste. For now, we will focus on its function, which goes with tractors.

In case you are just thinking about getting one for yourself, we can help you understand all the factors you need to consider to decide on the one that best suits your needs. In the following lines, find out what tripping skips are, what types there are, and how to choose the right one.

What are tipping skips?


An overturned skip or dump for a tractor is its moving part that has the function of transport and unloading. They can store the collected material and transport it to the place of its use or storage. But its key and much more important role is tilting unloading, which makes it easier to discharge durable content. By which is not meant glass or anything else that could be damaged or broken.

Dump tractors enable fast and safe content transfer, which is much more efficient and cheaper than manual transfer. Operation is very simple, thanks to the release mechanism that is activated by giving commands.



There are various models with different characteristics that are adapted to different working conditions. From the heavier ones to the slightly lighter ones. There are many reliable manufacturers on the market that offer tipping skippers with advanced design and release systems. With some, it is possible to increase the dimensions by more than tens of centimeters, as with those on Some of the most common types of tractor tippers are:

  • Manual Skips – works with the help of a lever which, when pulled, has the role of emptying. Manual skips aren’t adapted to work with heavy material and are used in work that does not require work at height.
  • Automatic Skips – an even safer type. This type allows the driver to stay in the tractor and drastically reduces unloading time. Activating the pressure plate located in the front part of the rollover shaft allows tilting forward.
  • Roll-forward Skips – works with the help of small teeth attached to the wheels that allow smooth rolling.
  • Ground ones – the most commonly used containers for forklifts and have internal use.

How to choose the one that suits your needs?

Choosing the right tipping skip will depend on many questions you have to ask yourself. If you don’t do that, the wrong choice will cost you, damage your work processes, and cause problems and frustration. To avoid situations like this, consider the following items.

1. What type of material will you manage?


The type of material you plan to handle is one of the crucial factors for choosing the perfect tipper. When you go to the store to look at the models and get better information about their characteristics to know which model you need, the seller will most likely ask you this question first.

So while you are at home, think about whether you would transport sand, gravel, wooden material, or some other lighter material in it. How bulky the material is, what its dimensions and weights are. Only then will you know what dimensions and capacity of this product you need.

2. Do you need a Tipping Skip to work at height?

Given the different types of this product we mentioned earlier, you can gain insight into the fact that not all of them are adapted to work at height. If the storage space or simple unloading place is in a higher position, you must buy one that is adapted to these working conditions.

First, consider the position of the tow rope and the way it’s attached. A model with an automatic release mechanism may prove to be more reliable in this case though. Their specialized switches enable better overturning and require the presence of the driver in the cab, which makes it safe and efficient.

3. Which way is tilting?


Tilting is a key feature of these steel tractor containers. Although it may not seem so important at first glance, it is crucial to consider this feature as well. The efficiency of the work you have to do may depend on this feature. The tractor itself is already big enough and you put enough effort into positioning it when parking. So it would be good if you don’t have to adjust to the tipping skip tilting side at a given moment.

It can be really useful when unloading material when the container can be tilted in the direction you need it. Imagine arriving in front of storage space and then realizing that you are parked opposite to how tilting is possible. Trust us, you don’t need these annoyances.

4. In what environment will it be used?

The environment is not negligible at all, although you may think otherwise. Given the material of construction, it would be good not to keep it in an environment where it will be susceptible to corrosion. So try to keep it to a minimum where you decide to use Tipping Skip.

You also need to consider whether it is an environment that is potentially endangered by an explosion or exposed to chemical or nuclear facilities.

Users prefer stainless steel to avoid the risk of corrosion, as do those galvanized models.

Tipping Skip can be a great auxiliary tool for your tractor to facilitate the process of transporting and unloading materials. With easy and safe handling and countless different models on the market, you will surely find the one that suits your needs. Make sure you consider all the factors that affect a good choice in time and you can start purchasing.

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