The Art of Trivia: Tips and Benefits of Knowledge Quizzes

Trivia quizzes are knowledge quizzes that test your knowledge about facts that are often forgotten. Trivia or trivialities are facts that have little consequence, yet they give queer tidbits. And if you truly want to feel the joy of learning, you should engage in trivia quizzes during your fun time when you are hanging out with friends and family. Trivia quizzes are not only a great intellectual pastime, but they also refresh your memory.

So, if you want to spend your free time in an enjoyable and productive manner, you can go to quiiiz.com and play some quiz games. These internet-based games have an easy-to-understand interface, and they offer questions in various genres. So, you can choose games based on your specific likes and preferences.

How To Become A Champion In Trivia-Based Games

If you love quizzing, playing quizzes will improve your mental skills over time and make you an expert. However, here are some tips that will help you fare well in the next trivia quiz session that you undertake.

Have A Thirst For Knowledge

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If you want to excel at fact-based games, there is only one way in which you can do well: having a thirst for knowledge. Meet new people and learn about their experiences, visit new places, and learn about their culture. Engage with people from all walks of life, which will help you gain much knowledge.

Keep Practicing

It is often said that practice makes perfect, so keep practicing to perfect yourself in the art of quizzing. Make a question bank for yourself, participate in quizzes, and engage in friendly quiz competitions the next time you meet your friends. Ask your parents to share some fun facts with you the next time you meet at the dining table.

What Do You Stand To Gain By Engaging In Trivia Quizzes?

Gaining knowledge is quite an enriching experience in itself, but for you, there are several benefits of taking part in trivia-based quizzes. Some of these benefits are discussed below

Expanding A Person’s Knowledge Base

This is the most obvious benefit of trivia quizzing, it makes you a smarter and more well-informed person. Once you have encountered a question like ‘Who was the first televised President of the US?’ you are unlikely to forget the name of Franklin D. Roosevelt for quite some time.

Again, most people are well aware of the mega eCommerce brand Amazon, but not many will know that Amazon originally sold books. However, once you are made aware of this fact, you will be reminded of it every time you visit Amazon to shop for an item.

Improving The Ability To Reason Logically

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In a fact-based competition, a person must reason and use practical knowledge to guess some answers. For instance, if the question is as follows: what was the first symbol introduced in the Morse code ever since the World War? If you have good reasoning abilities, you would be able to guess that the answer is @.

Improving Memory Function

Performing well in a game involving facts and figures depends on how well you remember things. The human brain works well when put under pressure, so your memory power will improve if you keep challenging your brain.

Memory loss and cognitive decline are common in older adults, so people who want to practice brain-stimulating exercises can participate in fact-based games to jog their brains.

Having A Rewarding Experience

Playing quiz-based games with your loved ones is always a rewarding experience. However, who does not like to win? So, if you win trivia-based games, you feel good about it. But when you play games in a social setting, the whole idea is to have a fun and productive time, but if you win, that is the cherry on the cake.

Scientists suggest that winning any game or competition (even if it is friendly) releases dopamine. Dopamine release makes people happy when they eat their favorite food or listen to their favorite music. So, winning a trivia game gives you a happy experience by releasing dopamine.

Spending Quality Time With Loved Ones

When you are playing a trivia quiz or game, many individuals can join the game. Also, there is no end to facts and figures, so if you are keen, you can continue playing for as long as you want.

Moreover, unlike physical sports, there is no age-based barrier when it comes to trivia-based games. Thus, if you want to spend quality time with your parents and grandparents, you cannot play a soccer match, but you can quiz each other.

Building Better Connections With People

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When you meet a new person, you build a better connection based on how much you engage with each other. Hence, avoiding small talk and engaging in fruitful conversation is always better. For instance, if you meet a tennis enthusiast on a train journey, you could share interesting facts about the grand slams to build a better bond with your co-passenger.

How To Organize A Fabulous Trivia Game Session

Sharing fun facts can be a very stimulating experience. So if you want to enjoy it with your friends, you can don the hat of the quiz master. All you have to do is build a good question bank. You can also categorize the questions based on genres. For example, you can have film-based questions, science-based facts, history-related questions, etc. Moreover, if you want people to guess the answers correctly, you can give three or four options or clues for every question.


Everyone values knowledge sharing and spending time with friends and family. If you are meeting your family after a long while, you need not be bored or look for excuses to have a conversation. You can organize a trivia game or quiz and let your family members bond with each other and learn interesting things at the same time.

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