8 Tips and Tricks for Beating Your Friends at Fifa 21

When playing with your friends, especially games like these that are highly competitive, you are always doing your best to show them how good you are. Especially if other people watch your match, then it is real. You try to humiliate your opponent and destroy him with as many goals as you can get. However, it is a completely different situation if you are the one getting destroyed. He uses tricks to make you fall down, he gives you a goal that is rare to see, and that will be spoken for months, or at least until you sit down and play again.

Since there is a new game every year, you should first get used to it because there is always something slightly changed. You don’t want to be the person that is always complaining that something is not working. First, the controls are not adjusted properly, then the joystick doesn’t work, and the list goes on. If you are not really good, you can just admit it, and that is the first step of getting better, plus you will have much more fun playing because they will not go as hard on you as a beginner.

In this article, we will talk about what you should do to improve your skill and beat your friends at FIFA 21.

Learn the mechanics


Since every year there is a new improved game, always with new mechanics involved, you should play for some time and get used to it. You can expect that you will be as good as you were a few years back because the game is changed. Invest some time playing, and you will get used to it. This year it is a faster rhythm so you will have to learn a habit of fast passing and thinking some things ahead so you can proceed forward faster.

You can really experience this tempo if you are playing against people online, they might know what they do, so you will have a glimpse of what your style should look like, of course with some personal touches to be comfortable playing like that.

Learn some strategies and how to adjust the squad

This is really a helpful thing in games like these. Any team has a different formation so they can use the full potential of the players. However, you can change that and have the players placed in a position that you think is interesting, having people confused on how to defend you. You can play a strategy with a lot of passing and pulling men into you, or you can play fast tempo and play through the wings, the choices are endless.

Learn some tricks and use them


This is really important to learn not because of the style points that you will get when you humiliate someone, but they are really useful in tight situations where you don’t have time to run around and do something different. In these situations, you eighter go ahead and do a trick to pass the defender, or you lose the ball, that simple.
There are few ways to learn these tricks. First, you can look at them in the controls so you can try them and see how they work. If that is too complicated for you, you can always use the internet, and see how to do some of them. You don’t have to learn every one of them, just a few that you can have as an arsenal if you need them.

Learn from the pro players

You should always find time to watch how the pros play and get something from their games. You don’t need to lose time if you have something more important to do, finish what you need to do and then you can watch streams, or you can watch them playing on youtube, explaining what they did and why they did that.
Alternatively, you could hire professional boosters like the ones found on and learn from their actions and strategies.

Decoy runs

There is a new mode in the newest game, that lets you have control over players that are not currently with the ball. That can help you get them in place, or make an opening so you can pass easier if the opponent is trying to guard the play that you are doing with them. You will be left with a winning option almost always because you can either use them as a decoy, so you can proceed further, or you can make them open and pass the ball for an open situation. They are really useful and you can see that every good player uses them.

Play using your ultimate team

Not that it is really important, but it improves the experience of having to grind to make the team better. That will have you playing more and you will become better just by playing. You will be facing people from around the world and you can learn some things from them, so you can impress your friends by beating them up easily.

Find cheap players


Sure, you have to pay to have the best players in your team. However, you don’t need to spend too much to make a drastic change to your team. There are players that are not that famous, that still have stats that you can use to progress more and become better.

Watch videos on the internet

This is a tool that you should use whenever you need help. There are many sites that you can watch how other players do things, or just people analyzing how other people play, telling you what to do in those situations and how to avoid some mistakes that you may be doing. Other than that, you can watch them prepare the team with formations and squad changes to make the most out of it. That can really help if you play with someone who doesn’t have that knowledge.


If you spend enough time trying to get better, you surely will. However, don’t forget to do the important things in the day, and leave the games for the time when you are free. Try not to play for too long, especially at night because that will disrupt your rhythm and that is not good. Have enough sleep and wait for the opportunity to play against your friends and show them how good you have become.

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