Tips to Boost Productivity When Working from Home – Mastering the Art of Self-Discipline

Since the pandemic has ended, more and more organizations are allowing their employees to work from home. While working from your home sounds great because you are in your comfortable space, that comfort can lead to less productivity.

Home can be a chaotic space to work if you have children or pets looming around. Not to forget, internet outages become a headache for remote workers.

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Anyways, to save you from the hassle of inefficiency at work from home, we are going to outline proven tips to help you effectively work from home. Let’s dive right into them.

Schedule a Specific Time for Your Family

To keep things efficient, you have to separate your work time from the family time. If that is not possible because you have school-going children that need constant care then what you should do is wake up earlier to cover up some work that requires attention to detail.

This way you can lighten up some of the burden from the later hours of the day when you’ll be distracted by your children.

If you can’t do this then you should keep coordination with your spouse. You should decide the shifts. If one of you can work at night then they should work at night while you take care of the children at night and vice versa. This will help both of you to maintain the finesse of your work without compromising on the care of your children.

Work from a Designated Workspace

Work from a Designated Workspace

This one is essential. It’s been scientifically proven that habits can be associated with some spaces. If you are habitual in using your mobile phone from your couch or your bed then don’t set it up for your work space. For sure, it’s comfortable to work from your bed but it comes with a downside of low productivity.

You can easily create a workspace in your living room, or if you have a separate room then you can designate it for work. Whatever you do, just make sure that the space can be put off from distractions because that’s what we are looking for in a workspace.

Also, you should load your space fully up with all the necessary stuff like headphones, internet router, and print among others to skip picking them up while working.

Avoid Multitasking When You Can

Have you heard the saying ‘never sail in two boats’? Yeah, it’s the same for multitasking. While it sounds cool, it is not an effective way to work.

A human brain is not built to focus on two different tasks at the same time. You might think that working on two tasks at once can save you time but instead, if you calculate, it takes more time than working on the tasks separately.

Not only more of your precious time is consumed on multitasking but also it compromises the quality of your work. So, you are better off avoiding it.

Delete the Social Media Activities

Delete the Social Media Activities

Do you know that social media platforms like Instagram are developed in a way that keeps the user scrolling through them endlessly? You might have noticed that you opened your phone just to check the weather and ended up wasting an hour watching reel after reel. That’s the rabbit hole that you should avoid.

At your office, you might not check it but at home, you are prone to it. These social media apps can affect your productivity when working from home. So, before you hop on to your workspace just make sure your social media accounts are logged out of the desktop and your phone is resting on your bed.

You can save that for later when you are done with your work and you don’t have any stress from work.

Organize Your Tasks in Small Chunks

Divide and conquer is a method that you can use to work on your task efficiently. In the corporate sector, it is called task batching. What people do is divide their tasks and work on the ones of a similar nature at one time and then on the others.

You can replicate that when working from home. Task batching is a great way to boost the quality of work and efficiency all at the same time.

It’s an awesome hack that we can use not only at work but in our daily lives too.

Summing Up

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Working from home is not only good for employees but also for organizations as they save money on operational costs.

Their costs will increase if the employees’ productivity is compromised. So, make sure you are not one of those employees by implementing the tips that we have shared.

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