Trezor Model One vs Model T – Which Wallet To Choose?

The crypto market is picking great momentum and people are therefore looking for safe wallet options. Standing digital assets is a bit tricky and you need to make sure that hackers are not able to crack into your assets. Hardware wallets come into the picture as one of the safest options when it comes to storing digital assets.

The wallets enable safe and secure storing of digital assets and also your private keys. The best part about using these wallets is that the crypto is stored offline and the chances of getting the wallet hacked are reduced to a great extent. Today, we will see a differentiation between two of the famous hardware wallets, Trezor model T vs Trezor One. Know more about the two, in this article.

What Are They?


To enable the safe storage of digital assets for investors, hardware wallets were introduced in the crypto world. Both Trezor T and Trezor One are two popular options that were launched and designed by Satoshi labs in 2018 and 2014 respectively. Both wallets have a great user base and it didn’t take much time for the wallets to gain popularity.

Several benefits are offered by these wallets which is why more and more users are today after using them. The features that make the wallet stand out include usability, security, and a vast range of supported cryptos. Treason One is the first introduced wallet to store digital assets, whereas Trezor T is its updated version.

The price range of the updated version is a bit high, but the features offered are also more valuable and worth the cost. If you want to take a deep dive into the basics of the two, you are at the right place.

Stay with us, and know more about what differentiates the wallets among themselves.

Trezor One Vs Trezor T

Trezor One was the first ever digital wallet introduced in 2014, and after some time few adjustments were made to the wallet so that it fits the current needs. In 2018, Trezor T was launched as a more updated version for the current generation. Both wallets support a wide list of cryptos and offer additional features to make them cater to all specific needs.

  • Appearance Of The Hardware

Both the wallets are hardware wallets and so come with plastic covers so that there is no physical damage. The cover keeps them protected from accidental drops as well. Comparing the size of both the options, Trezor One is a bit smaller option and weighs only 0.42 oz. The monochrome display of the hardware is 128 x 64 and has two buttons beneath the screen.

The Trezor T wallet is a bit heavy and large. The weight of this wallet is almost 0.56 oz. The display was improved by the developers in the later version by adding a colored touchscreen of about 240*240 pixels. The USB cable of the device was also upgraded from Type A to Type C for utmost convenience.

  • Price Of The Wallet

When it comes to buying a Trezor One wallet, there are three types available in the market. They are black, white, and metallic aluminum. The cost for the general black and white wallets is about $60, and the cost of the metal one is a bit high. Moreover, the metal one is a limited edition wallet.

On the contrary, the Trezor T wallet is just available in one color which is black matte, and its price stands at $200. We recommend you always buy the wallet from the official store. You should not fall into the trap of discounts and buy it from some local wallet providers.

  • Coins Supported


There is a slight and major difference between the coins supported by both wallet options. Trezor One is the oldest wallet and supports over 1000 coins that include Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, and more. It doesn’t support a few new coins, such as Monero, Cardano, and Ripple. One of the major drawbacks of using this wallet is that the latest coin is not supported as well, which is ERC-20.

When it comes to the Trezor T wallet, over 1800 crypto coins are supported and the best part is that it supports the ERC-20 coin too. It is one of the reasons why this wallet is best suited for investors who are trading in new coin options as well.

  • Wallet UI

The trezor suite is a new interface provided to the wallet for desktop and web. This interface is provided to all trezor hardware wallets. The web app of the trezor wallet was replaced as one of the main interfaces and upgrades were bought in terms of usability, security, and privacy. This new interface is supported by both Trezor T and Trezor One devices and the traders can flexibly use it by getting the devices updated and also following the prompts in-app.

  • Password Management and FIDO2

Both the trezor wallets leverage a robust password manager that is connected to google drive for high performance. The password manager is secured and stores the available information in encrypted form so that the password is protected even if the device is lost.

Coming to FIDO2, it is a procedure used to authenticate and allow the users of Trezor T so that all logins are verified. There is no need to enter the private credentials and the password gets validated automatically. The FIDO2 is featured in the devices of Trezor T.


Both the wallets introduced by Satoshi labs are robust enough to easily surpass the competitors and also offer great security of the digital assets. Efficient transactions are a key to investing in the same and so the same is initiated by these wallets. Hacking attacks are on the rise on the internet, and so the wallets help store assets offline so that there is no attack. Though, you need to buy the wallets from a trusted and authorized seller. Furthermore, you should use them properly to make sure the maximum benefits are obtained. Trezor T is, however, for trading newer coins and for enhanced convenience.

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