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5 Reasons Why Ts Escorts Have Become So Popular

So why have they become so popular? Well, it’s hard to pinpoint just one reason as each individual’s attraction is different, but reasons range from greater understanding to the fun, unique service they provide.

London agencies such as Rachael’s have seen increased demand for ts escorts, with search results and customer enquiries for this type of escort bigger than ever.

Here are some of the most common ones we have found about the growing popularity of ts escorts in the adult industry.

A greater understanding of gender and sexuality diversity

In recent years, there has been a greater awareness and acceptance of diverse gender and sexual identities. This has increased demand for more inclusive and diverse options in the escort industry, including ts escorts.

Ts escorts themselves also may have a greater understanding of gender and sexuality. Clients may seek their services because of this, helping them navigate and ultimately be comfortable within their own.

Curiosity and exploration


For many who seek escorts, there is a curiosity to explore their sexuality in ways they have never done before. Ts escorts offer unique and exciting sensual possibilities which allow people to push their boundaries.

With ts escorts, clients can explore specific fantasies they may not get to with other escorts, alongside their sexuality. The fact that ts escorts can offer escapism in a professional and experienced capacity while being discreet creates a more comfortable environment for some individuals to express themselves.

Extra Fun

As mentioned, the new and exciting possibilities that ts escorts offer can create a more fun experience. Whether through roleplay or other ways to make their clients feel good, they can ensure that every need and desire is taken care of.

They also provide experiences their clients would not usually have in their ordinary lives. It allows them to have a secret encounter only they and the escort know about, elevating the sense of excitement and anticipation around seeing an escort.

Internet and Social Media

Recent headlines in the media have shined a light on the trans community, reducing stigma and increasing acceptance. People have become more comfortable, and understanding of trans identity and are looking for them online.

The internet and social media platforms have made it easier for people to connect with ts escorts and have helped promote greater visibility and awareness of ts escort services, contributing to their popularity.

Acceptance of Alternative Sexual Practices


Sex positivity is prominent in the media, with people, particularly the young generation, talking about kinks and fetishes. Which makes a change from the ‘lie back and think of England’ approach to sex. What used to feel shameful and unimaginable, people now seek for themselves as stigma finally begins to evaporate from certain sexual acts.

Ts escorts are no different when it comes to this sentiment. Greater awareness has brought more acceptance, with people feeling less ashamed to go out and seek trans escorts. The experiences they can have with a ts escort are unlike any other. Now, clients can finally express themselves as they have always wanted to.

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