Nine Types of Water Damage and Restoration

No matter how small or spacious an apartment is, restoration is essential if it was hit by damage. House restoration services can be of different types such as water restoration, fire damage, storm cleanup- to name a few. Water restoration is one of the common types of services that US households require frequently. To know about this service, one can find out more on or the other reputed house restoration companies that are available at various locations across the US.

What is Water Restoration?

It is a service that restores a home to a livable, pre-damaged condition by removing excess water from the premises. A water damage emergency may occur at any moment, leaving the house untidy. Standing water and moisture is the most common cause of bacteria and mold growth in houses. Also, the water-damaged environment in a house can lead to allergic reactions, illness, and other adverse health effects.

To avoid all the above situations, one needs a water restoration service. It is a professional service provided by many companies in the US. The companies hire skilled and experienced professionals, who know how to restore the house from water damage properly. Efficiency, timeliness, and promptness are some prime qualities that professionals should have. However, there are more important aspects that this service should have to ensure complete satisfaction.

However, water restoration is not as easy as it seems. It requires special training that comprises multiple sessions of learning and applying proper techniques. Professional in this field is, therefore, more proficient than a house owner when it comes to dealing with such a hefty task. A professional knows how to restore a house without damaging the other properties. Also, a professional knows how to leave a house clean quickly. For all these reasons, choosing a professional service for water restoration should be the best decision.

What is Water Damage?

The intrusion of excess water in a premise is known as water damage. It can be caused by different sources such as natural disasters, pipe damage, appliance leakage- to name a few. When a house is damaged by water, there are chances of rust, mold growth, and rotten wood. Some more adverse effects are health issues like allergic reactions, respiratory problems, and more. One can find out more on to learn about the other problems it can cause.

Types of Water Damage:

The ones looking for more technical details of water damage will find the below section helpful. It is a vast area of service that comprises multiple services. It includes:

1. Frozen and Burst Pipes:


Having a pipe burst is one of the most stressful situations. A single pipe burst can cause water to flood homes and office premises. Similarly, for people living in cold weather climates, frozen pipe bursting is another issue to worry about. Resolving the issues of a pipe burst or frozen pipe should be as quick as possible. Therefore, seeking professional help makes an ideal choice.

2. Ceiling and Wall Water Cleanup:

When water meets the drywall, it can damage wallboards easily. Also, water dripping from the ceiling can never be a pleasing sight to the homeowners. The water restoration companies make sure that the ceiling and walls are a big part of the water damage restoration process. The professionals can resolve the issue with expertise.

3. Sewage Cleanup:


One should contact sewage removal services if sewage backup occurs at home or office. Sewage water may contain viruses, bacteria, and other microbes that can lead to health problems such as hepatitis A, giardia, tetanus, and other illnesses.

4. Sump Pump Cleanup:

A sump pump can work effectively in saving a basement and crawlspace from flooding. However, due to heavy usage, sump pumps may lose their efficiency. Therefore, routine sump pump maintenance services are provided by water restoration professionals.

5. Crawlspace Encapsulation:


Crawlspaces are essential for hiding plumbing, wiring, and other utilities at homes and offices. However, pipe damages can harm a crawlspace, leaving the area full of mold. Therefore, one can opt for a crawlspace encapsulation service to reduce the risk of moisture, mold, humidity, and pests.

6. Storm Recovery:

As one of the most significant causes of water damage, a storm can leave the homeowners stressed. If a house or office is affected by a storm, one can contact water restoration service providers to get assistance throughout the process of cleanup and insurance claims.

7. Flood Damage Cleanup:


Flood damages cannot be prevented totally but can be controlled with the help of water restoration experts. Anyone suffering from flood damage can find out more on to know every detail of this service.

8. Water Extraction and Drying:

Water supply lines and multiple other systems at home can cause mild to severe damage. On noticing such problems, one should contact a water restoration company to save the house from further.

9. Flooded Basement Restoration and Cleanup:


The basement is the lowest point of a home that requires special attention. This part of a home is likely to be affected first during a storm or flood. The restoration companies provide professional services in leaving the area squeaky clean.

IIRCR Standard Certification:

The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification has set the standards for adequately restoring water-damaged properties. While hiring a water restoration company, one should enquire whether their professionals are certified members of this organization. Only the IICRC certified members can ensure a safe and thorough service.


Water damage emergencies can occur in any situation. Therefore, it’s crucial to keep the contact numbers of the water restoration companies when a natural disaster is about to occur. The water restoration companies across the United States offer a plethora of services that range from regular maintenance to emergency restoration services. One can find out more on about the precautions they take and the quality of services they ensure. Some reputed companies also provide complete house restoration that includes mold remediation, fire damage control, and residential reconstruction as well. It’s important to hire companies that are licensed by the IICRC.

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