6 Useful LinkedIn Tools That Can Help You Expand Your Outreach

Making use of automation tools is not even surprising at this time. We all are well aware of the fact that every application has certain tools and programs that can be of great help. The only problem is that we do not know about them. Similarly, there are certain tools related to LinkedIn that can be of great help to you. However, you don’t know about them yet.

For example, you can use LinkedHelper for increasing lead generation. Likewise, there are many other tools that will do the same job. You do not have to do everything manually. That is why, our motto is to “work smarter, not harder”. You can do a job in 10 minutes that another worker will do in a day or two (While working manually).

These tools are of great help while you are working on a business project or for promotional campaigns. Automation can save a lot of your time and effort. Therefore, they are in excessive use. However, this is not the only beneficial aspect of using them. has a complete article on the various automation tools of LinkedIn and how they are beneficial for your business.

Promotional methods are of great benefit to your business. You might think of using social media campaigns and all but not about LinkedIn. Although social media is also a great tool for advertising and lead generation, however, we cannot ignore the importance of LinkedIn.

According to the study reports, lead generation is found to be 277 percent more effective through LinkedIn. This is because social media platforms contain a lot of such people who are there for fun. However, there are only serious and mature people on LinkedIn. Therefore, if they see something of their interest, they won’t just click on it out of curiosity.

So today, you will learn about different automation tools for LinkedIn that will be of great help for your business.

1 – LinkedFusion


This is an application that will let you make various applications talk to each other. So if you are working with several applications together and they also need to get information from each other, use LinkedFusion.

It can also sync with Cloud-based resources and CRM platforms. Therefore, you can connect it to Google Sheets and HubSpot. Consequently, you will be able to run various campaigns at the same time. So if your brand is global, this will be a great help to your business.

But wait,

You might think that if it is working this vigorously, there will be a risk of duplication. But there is no such thing as duplication in Linkedfusion. This is because to collaborate with teammates and templates features and their main purpose is to prevent duplication.

2 – Expandi

It comes under the category of the safest LinkedIn tools. Therefore, it is suitable to be used by anyone. In addition to this, it offers the convenience of running 24/7. All you have to do is set the time or schedule the plan.

After you are done with setting up the schedule, the tool will start operating on its set time. You don’t have to put any extra effort here.

There is a feature of Webhooks in Expandi. This allows you to link Expandi with other marketing tools. Thus, it allows you to do personalization and get a better outcome.

Likewise, there is another feature Smart Inbox. This allows you to manage your inbox. If you are working on a business, you are well aware of the mess in your inbox. Businesses do get hundreds and thousands of messages. Therefore, it is not possible to reply to every single one of them.

Furthermore, even if the messages are not too much, the content is different. Some will be queries and others will be related to the order. Your inbox will become a mess and you won’t know what to do next. Unread messages will go down and you will forget to reply to them. However, with Smart Inbox, you won’t miss any messages again.

3 – LinkedIn sales navigator


This tool provides you with company search and leads recommendations. Thus, you will be able to find the right people. Furthermore, you will be able to make customize settings to meet the demands of your customers.

In addition to this, you will also get the feature of advanced filtering and CRM integration. Thus, you will be able to save the accounts that you reach out to. Moreover, you can also log your activity of sales and connect with the CRM and much more.

4 – Phantombuster

This is a data extraction tool, which is code-free. Thus, it is simple to use and will help your business to grow. It helps in lead generation, automate growth and scrape your audiences. It will also allow you to do various tasks on the web like scheduling the tasks and automate your chains.

The only limitation is with the platforms. Currently, it works only with Social media platforms and Sales navigators. But you can enjoy its LinkedIn features because they all work well.

Different features of Phantombuster include;

  • Network booster
  • Profile scraper
  • Message sender
  • Auto liker and commenter

5 – We-Connect


It is a cloud-based tool, which also helps you with lead generation. Thus, you can connect with more people and increase your LinkedIn network. You can use it to manage your different campaigns. Unlike many other tools, it is rather simple to use and has basic features. So if you do not want something complex, try working with it.

6 – LaGrowthMachine


It provides you with a base setup. Thus, you can organize people in your network and contact them whenever you want. You can do contact management, manage your workflow and also templates. Furthermore, because of its cloud-based nature, you can see your real-time engagement.

So make use of the features, optimize them according to your business needs and get the best results.

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