Which Video Game Console Has the Best Graphics in 2024

Technology is ever-growing and nothing is stopping it. Likewise, the gaming consoles are also showing amazing progress. From the first console to the latest one, there is a lot of improvement. The latest ones have some powerful specs including great graphics and plenty of games.

The three big dogs (Sony, Nintendo and Xbox) of the gaming world have introduced the latest consoles. Therefore, if you want to enjoy the latest technology in the gaming world, you should go with them. The PlayStation 5 from Sony, Xbox Series X from Microsoft and Switch from Nintendo are the latest consoles for gamers.

You can get the 20 best PlayStation 4 games from thegameslover. Moreover, you will also get some stunning graphics and a variety of games that you can play. In addition to the PlayStation, you will also get games for Mobile, Nintendo Switch, Xbox and PC. So enjoy the games you want with the best graphics.

Top 5 video game consoles

When talking about the gaming world you have a range of options to select from. But not all the options offer high graphical performance. You can play video games on PC and on mobile too, but they are a no match for the consoles. Although gamers do want the latest version but they are a bit more expensive. Therefore, we are providing you with both options. If you have a limitless budget, you can go with the top 3. Contrarily, if you have a limited budget, you can consider the last 2 options.

1. PlayStation 5 from Sony


The visual quality is the main focus of the PlayStation 5. Therefore, you will get an amazing performance compared to the predecessors. The graphical performance of the PlayStation 5 is five times more than that of the previous version. Therefore, you will get a 4k resolution in the games. Furthermore, the result will be ultra-detailed, crisp and smooth. Besides, you can also get a resolution of 120 frames per second with some supported screens.

In addition to the visual quality, PlayStation 5 also offers speedy SSD storage. Thus, it will cut down the load time dramatically. Furthermore, an amazing and exciting innovation is also provided in this console. Thus, you will get a DualSense controller and also a power boost performance.

To further improve your play experience, you will get trigger buttons that are providing resistance too. Moreover, you will also get precise adaptive and haptic feedback. Thus, all the features improve the performance and provide you an immersive game experience.

Although the PlayStation 5 is amazing in its performance and provide a range of gaming option but in terms of graphics, it is a bit behind the XBOX. Therefore, it is known for its gaming.

2. XBOX Series X from Microsoft


XBOX series X is best in terms of graphics. Nothing can compare to it in terms of graphical performance. When talking about home consoles, XBOX Series X is the best that you can get. Its graphical performance is powered up to 12 teraflops. Thus, you will get hyper-detailed 4K games. Furthermore, if you use a supported screen, you can also get up to 120 frames per sec.

Besides the graphical performance, you will also get fast and quick SSD storage. So it is not just about the graphical performance but also other features too. Thus, it will take only some seconds to swap between the games.

To improve the overall performance of the game, you will get impressive hardware in XBOX. Therefore, in terms of the hardware grunt, it also surpasses the latest and powerful PlayStation 5. In addition to this, even the features are user-friendly and thus, you won’t face any trouble.

3. Switch from Nintendo


Among the different gaming consoles available in the market, Nintendo is one of the best. Moreover, the latest “Switch” offers some great features. At first, Nintendo introduced Switch as the mobile gaming system. Therefore, you can use it to play your favorite games at home or anywhere you want. You can connect it to your television and play all you want.

The switch offers mobile snap-off controllers with joy-con. Thus, it can act as a tablet as it has its dedicated screen. Another interesting thing is that you can share this screen with your friends when playing together. Therefore, you can enjoy multiplayer games with its split-screen feature.

4. PlayStation 4 (PS4) from Sony


Apart from the latest PlayStation 5, the previous version also offers some amazing graphics. Version 5 is the latest one and therefore, it is quite expensive. So if you have a tight budget, you can go with the previous version. Although the graphics won’t be like the XBOX one but it will be far better than the usual. Furthermore, the user interface is quite simple. Therefore, it is quite easy to use and you won’t face any trouble while using it. So if it is your first gaming home console and you have not a limitless budget, you should try this out. It will help you understand the consoles a bit.

The bottom line of the PS4 is that it cannot run 4K videos. Instead of that, it offers checkerboarding visuals. But as it will be your first console, you won’t be able to get a difference between the visual performances. But if you already have enjoyed the 4K visuals, you will definitely feel satisfied.

5. XBOX ONE S from Microsoft


Having an XBOX is a dream for most gamers. Whether it’s the series X or One S or any other XBOX, gamers do want the latest one. But if you go with the XBOX ONE S, it is a bit cheaper and will still offer you amazing visuals. Although if you compare its graphical performance with the PS4 and PS5, they are capable of handling more foliage. But comparing the price tag, it is the best choice for a tight budget.

You can overcome your game cravings and won’t have to spend too much. Instead of playing the games on mobile phones or computers, it offers far better performance. Thus, you can enjoy all the details you might think of.

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