Video Marketing Ideas Guaranteed to Help Your Business – 2024 Guide

Brands, in the modern era, require a proper video marketing strategy. While the idea is not new, the fact that has changed is the way in which videos have become crucial across every channel and platform out there. Videos today are not just a part of the broader marketing plan. They have become primary to the marketing campaigns as well as outreach efforts – especially for a digital marketing strategy of a business. In this blog, we will outline the importance of video marketing, some innovative video marketing ideas to promote your small business and how to edit videos for maximum engagement!

What is Video Marketing?


Video marketing is referred to as the mechanism of making use of videos for promoting and marketing the respective products or services. Some of the additional uses of video marketing are to improve the overall engagement on the respective social and digital channels, inform the customers about the product or service, and reach out to the target audience with the help of innovative platforms.

The last couple of years have witnessed a rapid surge in the overall popularity of video as a leading content marketing strategy. In the modern era, video has outgrown to become a comprehensive business approach. As such, this implies that video content is expected to be produced by all teams in an actionable, conversational, and measurable manner.

As per a recent study report, it has been revealed that over 50 percent of the consumers are looking forward to seeing videos from the interested brands in comparison to other types of content available out there. So the idea of creating testimonial videos is a great way of getting attention and building consumer trust. You can get more info on creating this kind of video by checking Vocal Video. Video can also serve to be a great source of entertainment. Videos on the website’s landing pages are capable of increasing the overall conversion rates by as much as 80 percent. Therefore, it becomes crucial for you to promote your business with the help of lucrative video marketing strategies.

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Best Video Marketing Ideas for Your Business

Before you start over with the video marketing strategy for your brand, it is advised that you should be aware of the different types of videos that you can use for your marketing campaign. Here are some of them:

  • Demo Videos: These videos are capable of showcasing how the given product or service works –whether it is about taking your customers to the visual tour or using an unboxing technique.
  • Brand Videos: These types of videos are mostly created to serve as a part of the significant advertising campaign. These videos are known to reveal the mission, vision, and objectives of the given company.
  • Event Videos: Is your business famous for hosting some type of event like a fundraiser or some conference? Then, you can consider producing a release or a highlight reel explaining the essence of the event.
  • Expert Interviews: If you wish to build trust as well as loyalty with the target audience, creating interviews with thought leaders or internal experts serves to be a great idea.
  • Virtual Reality and 360-degree Videos: With the help of 360-degree videos, the viewers are able to scroll the video from every possible angle. At the same time, VR or Virtual Reality videos allow the viewers to ensure navigation as well as control of the entire viewing experience.
  • AR or Augmented Reality Videos: In the given videos, a digital layer gets added to what you might be viewing in the modern world.

Some of the additional types of videos for your marketing campaign could be educational or “how-to” videos, explainer videos, animated videos, live videos, and so more.

Smart Video Marketing Campaign Hacks

Now that you are aware of the different types of videos that you can use for your marketing campaign, here are some additional hacks to make your videos more effective.

  • Optimize the Thumbnail of the Video: The thumbnail of the video turns out to be one of the most important components when it comes to driving the interest of the viewers when the video is not playing. One of the best ways to ensure that viewers would click on your video is utilizing an attractive image or thumbnail – especially those involving people. Most brands out there consider putting the images of people with a smiling face to entice the target audience.
  • Execute the Video Campaign on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram: There is no better way of driving people to the video than delivering something for free. The best platform to achieve the same is on the leading social media platforms on which people are more likely to spread the word and share about the latest giveaway of your brand. This, in turn, leads to more people coming to the respective landing page while driving more individuals to click on your video.
  • Include Share Buttons to the Video Player: There is no denying the overall power of social media. You can make use of innovative video players to host most of the marketing videos. Some of the video players allow you to add as well as share buttons within the video itself. This allows the interested parties to share out the link to the video without even leaving the player.

Video Marketing Tips for Any Kind of Business

Once you have gone through the useful hacks to promote your video marketing campaign, here are some of the additional video marketing tips you should know about:

  • Laying Down the Same Concept for All the Videos: You must have defined the main concept of the video marketing strategy to work in tandem with the videos. Just like that, you can make use of the similar approach for running the same concept across all your video pieces. When you do so, it will help in defining the specific stories of the videos while delivering consistency.
  • Using a High-quality, Easy Video Editing Tool: Do you wish for your brand’s video to stand out from the crowd? Video editing can make or break a video. The best part is that it’s not rocket science to create professional-looking videos today with free editing tools like Clipchamp. This leading video editor has over 13 million users globally, from content creators to media agencies, and is packed with free features and over 800k stock video footage and soundtracks in their library to choose from. Improve the overall aesthetics as well as effectiveness of your branded videos by using their creative templates.
  • Using the Same Color Palette: It’s recommended to define a particular color scheme while using the same for all your brand’s videos. When people observe consistency in the overall colors, art design, and fonts, they will end up subconsciously establishing a connection between your brand videos.
  • Utilizing the Same Characters: Another strategy is to use a brand mascot or an animated character or even a recurring actor in your videos to create consistency and establish a face to your brand name.


We hope these handy ideas can help you master the art of effective video marketing for the products or services of your brand. No matter the size of your business, consider trying out a great video editing tool like Clipchamp and see a new level of engagement from your audience!

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