5 Vital Signs of Spiritual Transformation

Spiritual transformation is a harrowing experience. When spiritual energy shifts and comes to a peak, forcing human consciousness to expand, it challenges the body to play catch up. The physical feeling is described in two words: off balance.

You might feel like a teeter-totter swinging between the hope of new change and a force of counter-will pulling you back, which is fear ignited in the face of change.

‘Counter-will’ is one tough customer and also one of THE most prevalent signs of spiritual transformation.

‘Counter-will’ is also known as the big ‘R’ of Resistance.

In many ways, spiritual transformation mirrors the journey of a flower. The tiny seed’s energy, that quintessential invisible essence, forces the hull open. From the soil’s darkness, it grows rapidly upward into the light. Into full bloom. It sways with the wind for a while. Then, the essence lets go and the flower’s body returns to the Earth. The flower doesn’t have a choice in the matter. It grows because it’s alive. Its purpose is to bloom.


Humans evolve on a similar continuum. Our vibrant magnificent blooms are consciousness awakening, expanding, and opening up. Opening up into what? Into full conscious understanding of the spiritual self. Through an integrated connection between the soul life and the human self. Integration is a complete understanding that human life is an achievement (or actualization), through the soul’s fulfillment.

When spiritual transformation happens, spiritual matters come into focus and we realize the soul’s existence. Tucked like petals, within the human experience. So, what is that force, pushing us, urging us to grow? How do we harness our soul’s spiritual energy bubbling up, begging to be acknowledged, into conscious awareness within the body, without falling apart?

5 Vital Signs of Spiritual Transformation

1. Fatigue and exhaustion, an overwhelming feeling of tiredness.

2. Intense dreams that are frightening, provoking symptoms of fear, anxiety, or depression.

3. Life is literally falling apart (loss of job, marriage, home, or finances).

4. Increased empathic awareness, feeling other people’s feelings.

5. Sickness or strange symptoms that have not been remedied through modern medicine.

You know you are in a Spiritual Transformation when the body, including emotions, is in discomfort. This happens because although the mind’s logic will do somersaults to negate a spiritual experience, the body never lies.

During times of increased intra-psychic-spiritual stress, peeling back the layers of the human experience is exhausting. A lot of energy has to go into this integration. Because the brain acts like a filter, to reduce massive amounts of information down into the physical, sifting through impressions on the conscious mind, the power being used increases fatigue.

When an uptick of spiritual energy floods consciousness, the brain works hard using all its power to make sense of it. The senses overwhelm the mind resulting in confusion, frustration, and exhaustion. The shifting self is elusive and the adjustment, called integration, can wreak havoc on a body if not supported.

Spiritual Remedies


During a spiritual life transition, without a spiritual practice, sometimes the language of the soul is lost or buried. The remedy is in putting the pieces together, or fusing the soul’s way of processing language, back into consciousness.

Increase Daily Practice: Doing soul fulfilling exercises daily is a commitment to the process. Recognizing the soul’s journey is an important part in the transition, not only trying to rid oneself of the difficult symptoms. Although often times that is what gets our physical attention!

Priming the Mind: A good question to start with: ask yourself before going to bed at night, “How does my soul come into form?” Does it imprint visually, kinesthetically, or auditory? What symbols does it use to express its language? With what words? Set your intention or prime your mind to receive an answer. Make sure to keep a journal by your bed. If you wake up at an odd time during the night, write everything down about the experience for later reflection.

Detoxifying Baths: Using the healing power of water, incorporate detoxifying elements into it that are pleasing to the senses. This is an ancient way of cleansing the body and relaxing the mind. It is a process about letting go, not trying to figure anything out.

Take a relaxing bath to ease tension and stress on the body. Use Epsom salts, fresh flowers, dried flowers, essential oils. Light a candle and close your eyes. Try to let rapid thoughts that come into consciousness flow down an imaginary stream that carries them away from your bath.

Increase Grounding Foods: Grounding and healing foods are another great way to clear out the old and support the body with foods that ground the body more firmly into the physical reality. Ancient grains like oats, barley, quinoa, amaranth, spelt, and rye are excellent grounding foods. Eating these cleansing grains instead of white flour can aid the physical transition immensely.

Environmental Feng Shui: Get rid of old clutter and emotional ties in the environment. Anything that serves as a symbol of times past needs to go. Just try it for a week. Clear out everything you currently have, photos, statues, and objects that represent something from the past. Keep a journal about your reality for the next week with these objects removed. Write down your observations of what happens.

Work from inside of each room and notice the difference. Especially take notice of your bedroom and office areas. Anywhere you spend a great deal of time.

Diving Deep


Learning how to connect with oneself on a spiritual level, one must open all the senses and listen to the self, which speaks through a myriad of ways. Be open to receiving the message of healing. Everyone is different and reliance on the spiritual self will reveal or your own individual remedy. This is the best way to transition through the discomfort, by holding your own counsel. Hearing your own healing coming through is empowering and leads to a quicker transition and ultimately, less symptoms.

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