What Does – 0.5 Asian Handicap Mean & How to Use It?

Soccer is a favorite betting sport across the globe. But you cannot step into this field without any prior knowledge and skills. Knowing all the basic betting terms is crucial to making good deals. There is a popular term, i.e., Asian Handicap, that you might have heard of.

It is essential to determine the meaning and understand its working. While betting, one will see this term, and one needs to decide how to place a bet on it. The following write-up involves a discussion on everything about the -0.5 Asian Soccer Handicap and knowing the methods to opt for it. Anyone who is not familiar with this term can lose money while you bet on any soccer match.

If you want to avoid such a situation, you must know how you can easily use this term to know whether there are chances of winning or not. Let us explore the popular betting term and decide how to put money to get a winning deal.

Know Everything About Asian Soccer Handicap Betting


Before you proceed, you should determine the origin of this game and how this betting approach started. This Handicap term in soccer means weight, which is something that is in favor of any party. It shows the maximum opportunities of getting success on bets. If we talk about Asian Soccer Handicap, it is completely based on the style of wager, which is relatively more popular than the standard one.

If anyone is into betting, the person might have observed this term. In the standard game, there are three possibilities: Team A can win, B can win, and the soccer match is drawn. Chances of favorable odds are there for one team, and bookmakers can help in providing the Handicap market to bettors.

Exploring the market before making any deal and getting better returns is necessary. The minus symbol indicates the favored team. The plus sign indicates a weak team. When it comes to one Handicap, it is always in favor of the better team. But this thing has not opted for the soccer team that ultimately wins. It gives a message of the margin between winning and losing.

About Asian Handicap Betting

You can consider this bet type as a match result. Whenever any game starts, it begins from 0-0. The bookmaker weighs the starting point. There are plenty of goals, and it can be one, two, three, quarter, half, etc.

While placing a bet, you cannot even expect to back any team that has a falsified starting position. You should check the available signs of Handicap to proceed with your chances. One can visit here to start betting on your favorite soccer match.

Full Goal

While betting, you must check the teams’ plus as well as minus signs. This sport’s three basic outcomes of winning, losing, and drawing a match are well-considered. You can get round numbers of Handicap, and one can also observe that the weighted match quite ends at the draw.


Half Goal

Many people share thoughts on half goals. No scope of existence is there, but one is on the right path if you are thinking so. It is the perfect way to remove the situation of a drawn match and get a better outcome. This way, only a single team will either win the bet or lose. There will be no case of match rejection.

Quarter Goals

It is quite a complex concept if you bet your money on a soccer game. You will see numbers like 0.25, 0.75, 1.25, etc., with either plus or minus signs. Many people mistakenly assume that it works the same as the half-game goals. But you have to understand the concept before you proceed further.

Your betting depends on plumping increments, and it can be presented in .25, .75, etc. If you opt for .25 with a minus sign, you can win the bet easily when the c=soccer team wins, and you will lose your bet when the soccer team loses.

But during the drawn match, you will get half the amount that you staked, or you will receive a refund. Now, if you consider .75 with a minus sign, there are better chances to win if the bet is high only when the soccer team wins by only two goals clearly. If the soccer team wins by a single goal, you will get a half stake in return. The quarter goal applied logic will remain the same, but the return payout will be flipped.


Meaning of -0.5 Handicap Betting

This approach is a half-betting goal with a team favorable sign. If anyone prefers betting with such a number, it means that the person can win the bet only if the soccer team wins. You will also lose all the bet money if the soccer match is a draw.

If the soccer team loses, then also you will lose money. Therefore, if you think there are strong chances of the team winning, then only you should bet on it. If we go beyond the Handicap figures, the winning and losing of a team by goals are noticed, and one can bet through a complex concept.

The Bottom Line

Before getting into soccer betting, you must know all the terms linked to it. Minor details are there that one must keep in his mind. Different types of goals are there that one can see with either plus or minus signs. Regarding the -0.5 Asian handicap goal, you will only win when you bet on the winning team.

You will not get any money in return if another team wins or the match gets to draw. Therefore, you need to trust your instincts and bet on the team with better winning odds. You should also know about full and quarter goals and half ones. Every kind of goal will be available, and you must be careful to enhance your chances of winning money.

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