What You Need to Know About the Avuncular DNA Test

As technology advances, the number of options we can choose from also increases. A great example is the paternity DNA test at PaternityUSA. Do you have any idea what this entails, other than the obvious fact that it is a paternity test?

If the answer is no, then this article is a must-read. It discusses DNA testing in detail to help you learn as much as possible about this topic. So, without further ado, let’s start discussing what this entails.

What Is an Avuncular DNA Test?

Consanguineous paternity is the DNA of a child and an aunt or uncle. Its purpose is to determine the possibility of a biological relationship between the child in question and his or her alleged aunt or uncle. The name “avuncular” comes from a group of paternity test experts.

This means being like an uncle explaining why they used the term when the DNA test results suggested that the child’s biological father was not the alleged father, but his brother. It is important to note that this term is also used today in reference to a paternity test involving an aunt. You can do this with a niece or nephew as well.

When Is an Avuncular DNA Test Performed?

When Is an Avuncular DNA Test Performed

In many situations, an uncle’s DNA test may be the only best option. One of them is whether there is a possibility that the biological brother is the biological father of a particular child. Also, uncles and aunts may not be involved in father issues.

However, the putative father may have been unavailable or unwilling to participate, incarcerated, or deceased. In such circumstances, an aunt or uncle can help prove that the brother is indeed the child’s biological father.

How Accurate Is an Avuncular DNA Test?

How Accurate Is an Avuncular DNA Test

When it comes to this DNA test, accuracy is often difficult to achieve given the nature of the relationship. Remember that although siblings share the same parents, this does not necessarily mean that they are genetically identical. In addition, the child also inherits both maternal and paternal genes.

This is why it is important to be careful when performing such tests. For example, perform the test diligently, especially when doing a voluntary DNA test at home. Also, collect a DNA sample from a sibling rather than a half-sibling to avoid further complicating the test. Last but not least, for conclusive results, also consider a sample from the biological mother.

What Is the Cost of An Avuncular DNA Test?

The cost of a voluntary DNA test varies from one facility or kit to another. However, there is one thing in common: due to its complexity, it is always more expensive than a regular paternity test. However, even though it is relatively expensive, you don’t have to spend money to make it easier.

Now, to take the PaternityUSA paternal DNA test, you do not need to go to any laboratory, you can also do it at home. With paternity services in the USA, you get the best quality services.


Here’s what you need to know about voluntary DNA testing. Now that you know more about the accuracy, cost and significance of the same, you can now better decide whether it is a good option. Last but not least, you’ll also know when it’s the best option, etc.

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