Which Covenant to Choose in Shadowland

World of Warcraft has remained popular for over 20 years, thanks to the fans’ choice of the best characters. You can become a full-fledged member of one of the four covenants only after some leveling of the hero. It will be possible to join the ranks of the group at level 60, when the player acquires the necessary skills. Leveling up classes has significant differences, but this doesn’t prevent you from becoming a member of one of the four covenants.

As you know, the underworld of the universe obeys the heads of several covenants. Dark souls sometimes end up in a special prison, from which it is almost impossible to find a way out. Nevertheless, the characters in the game choose the appropriate covenant at their discretion, having previously studied the characteristics of each of them.

How to choose a covenant in World of Warcraft


The main task of the players is to find a way out of the Womb (a special prison). Getting out of confinement is quite difficult, but after achieving this goal, it is possible to get to know the covenants better. Leveling characters is carried out in different lands, and beginners need to go through each of them.

Heroes who have reached a certain level choose which covenant they will swear allegiance to:

  • Bastion;
  • Maldraxxus;
  • Ardenveald;
  • Revendreth.

Use any opportunity, return Dark Souls from the underworld and benefit the chosen clan. During the game, users will be able to improve the reputation of their covenant and provide comprehensive support to other participants in the battles. To level up, achievements are used.

Participants in the game will need to prepare for the selection of a covenant and pay attention to several points:

  • preferred style of play;
  • class of the selected character;
  • priority ability.

You can also choose the best covenant from the proposed list if you familiarize with mounts, pets and armor. It is also worth paying your attention to the design of the sanctuaries. Studying the details will allow you to make the right choice and get the desired result.

Joining a selected covenant


Acquaintance with the chosen clan takes little time, since players instantly get tasks from the head of the covenant. As a hint, you can use the map and go in search of the commander-in-chief. However, the acquaintance will have to be postponed if your character’s level is below 60.

The head will offer you to take the task, which will be required for the further game. The omission of such an important detail will cause you to return to the starting position, since all quests will remain closed. The absence of a task will make travel to new lands impossible, so pay attention to this point.

Access to the sanctuary will initially be blocked, but don’t give up. It is possible to unblock the entrance immediately after returning to Oribos and meeting with the heads of the four covenants once again. Only after receiving the task, you will be able to continue the game and level up your hero.

Is it possible to change your covenant during the game?

Making the right decision and choosing the right covenant is much more difficult than it might seem at first glance. The thing is that after joining the ranks, each player can count on several bonuses, which include special abilities.

Representatives of one covenant are united by one skill, which is offered to all participants. The second feature that becomes available depends on your character class. Thus, a new member has two skills that were previously unavailable.

It will not be difficult to change the selected covenant to another, if the player has not previously chosen a certain clan. Otherwise, the head will prepare a special task for you, which will be much more difficult than the first one. Fulfillment of all the conditions will allow you to re-join the covenant.

As a penalty, the player will have to complete a dozen difficult tasks, the list of which includes:

Additionally, quests include dungeons with many dangers lurking. You will have to complete new tasks every time you plan to return to the previous clan. It is worth noting that you just need to join the ranks of rivals in order to receive get with increased difficulty.

Main tasks of covenant members


Since each class has its own history of origin and secrets, you will have to study all the features after entering it. You won’t be able to gain access to the Sanctuary right away, as you need to prove your loyalty. A storyline that brings together different events is called a campaign.

Step by step, a character levels up and improves the reputation of the covenant. Players need to earn Fame and accept Calls. Completing the assigned tasks will allow you to get additional gifts in the form of pets or armor, as well as bind souls.

World of Warcraft fans can upgrade their character without efforts thanks to the support of It offers effective ways of leveling up that will allow you to join a certain clan and reach level 50 in a short time.

The main task of players is to complete tasks, the list of which is quite diverse. You can get a reward for your efforts in the form of increasing Fame and additional items of equipment. Your character will have to go through the following tests:

  • passing thematic quests to call a covenant;
  • Anima delivery once a week;
  • release of Dark Souls from the Prison.

You can get acquainted with the list of new tasks in the special menu. Accepted tasks are highlighted in a frame. Determining which of the tasks was left without attention is not difficult. Before taking on a task, you should study the specified information.

The thing is that you are given a certain amount of time to finish it. You will need to carefully review the duration guidelines and perform urgent tasks. A player can take no more than three tasks at the same time, so the deadlines play a decisive role.

Each member of the covenant is offered to get special rewards for completing missions. New pets, mounts and more will be great helpers during dungeon battles and raids.

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