Which Foreign Country Is Easiest to Get Citizenship In?

Getting citizenship for any country is a process. That process can be easier or harder depending on the country and their laws and regulations.

We already made several articles on this topic, and those like it, and we explained what you need to do and where you need to apply to make the process easier and faster if you need it. as you can see today’s article will be revolving around countries that are the easiest ones to get citizenship.

The reason for getting citizenship from any other country than yours can be different and most of them are brought down to business or pleasure. When it comes to business, we all make moving choices according to business opportunities. We are never bound to one place if we can have a better job and a better condition elsewhere. The same goes for pleasure. Sometimes we get bored of the place we are in right now and we want to move. Some of us like tropical places, some like wintertime and mountains, maybe a bit of a bigger city rush and more people on the streets. To each his own, I guess.

Now that we have that sorted, we will proceed to give you the list of the easiest counties to immigrate to. If there is a country we missed and that you really like try searching it at



Here is a south American country that is subtropical and land-locked and that appears on almost every list of those willing to go somewhere that offers a stable economy, low and cheap taxes as well as low living costs. This is a developing country that is still growing and has a huge potential for the future. It may seem a bit intimidating at first but so is moving to any other for that matter. The best thing about obtaining citizenship in this country is the fact that all you need to do is make a bank deposit, to a local bank, of at least $5,000 and you will gain their residency. Now, you also need to worry about losing your residency status and that will only happen if you don’t visit Paraguay at least once in three years.



A country smaller than the Philippines but larger than the UK is a true retirement destination or a destination to easily get a hold of citizenship. It offers a great Amazon jungle, Andean highlands and more than 2,000 kilometres of beautiful coastline. If you are retiring there you will have a lot to do and see as well as if you are moving there for a simple change of mentality, scenery and people overall. This is a country with a long history that includes the Inca and Spanish empires so you are certain that it will be fun for you no matter what. With low prices for consumers, low rents and free healthcare this is the place to be. To get their citizenship, you need to spend there at least three years or be married to a native Ecuadorian for the same period.



Another tropical environment with a big history and a lot to see and do makes Panama a great country for a new root. If you want low living costs, a great climate and high safety credentials then Panama is the place for you. Thanks to the Friendly Nations Visa act signed in 2012, if you come from any of the 50 countries including the USA, most of the EU, Japan, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico and Brazil you are eligible for the fast track citizenship. All you need to do is invest $5,000 as a bank deposit in a local bank and form a Panamanian corporation. After 5 years you are eligible for a passport but you need to show them that you are tied to the country by spending most of your time there.



This country has one of the most beautiful medieval villages and a history that will take your breath away. It has a beautiful shoreline, and climate to die for and its yachting appeal is the dream for any Instagramer. It boasts of low taxes, and low business start-up costs which is incredible for this day in age and it is just one of the things that appeal to most. With a multicultural population and other appeals that it has it is very frequently called a new French Riviera. Another interesting thing about Montenegro is that it is home to 64 millionaires from all over the world. Non-residents can get residency by employment by forming a firm there and making themselves employees. It will reduce costs overall and it will greatly reduce the time you spend waiting to get the residency regularly.

The United Arab Emirates or UAE


This country was been known as a sleepy backwater until 10 or so years. Last 10 years it has rebuilt itself as an international centre for all kinds of trades and businesses which its placement allowed them to do. Since they are at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa, UAE thrived very fast and became popular in the same manner. They are known for some of the tallest and most beautiful buildings in the world as well as some of the biggest malls in the world. These alone attract more than 20 million tourists a year. Getting a visa to UAE is very simple and you can do it both as a tourist and visitor. Citizenships to this country take a bit longer but you have a lot of liberties and a lot of time with the visitor or tourist visas that you can get in no more than two weeks.

As you can see there are a lot of places you can settle down newest and some of them are a lot faster and more approachable than others. The best thing about them is the ease of access to these countries no matter if you are going for a full residency or a working and visiting visa. Any way you decide to go will be as short as possible and fast which is not the case for many other countries. The type of residency you will go for is all up to you, what you want to do, what liberties you want and how long you plan to stay there. if you are going to settle for a while, we suggest you utilize those citizenships by investment types of countries and if you are going to change a spot for a year or two go for those visiting or working visas that will get you in the country fast for a really low price.

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