Why Does Your Carpet Odor After Being Professionally Cleaned?

After a professional cleaning, no one expects to have an awful odor carpet. But it is common to happen due to many reasons. If you are experiencing the same thing, there is nothing new.

You must not worry about it or complain about the professional team who has done the job. While sending your rug to an expert team for proper cleaning, one cannot expect it to be completely clean as well as fresh every time. This write-up lets you easily determine why your rug smells terrible after expert cleaning.

Instead of worrying, you can do several things to eliminate that awful smell and keep your house fresh. You must wait for some time to get desired results. Before you do anything to eliminate the smell, you must know the exact reason behind it. But professional cleaning is effective enough to clean the carpets perfectly.

1. Over-wet Carpet


Professionals do deep-cleaning carpets, and excess moisture gets locked in the layered padding. While cleaning, the rugs are soaked well in soapy hot water. After that, a vacuum is used to dry clean it. But sometimes, the locked moisture never leaves the rug fibers or layers.

A high-power vacuum must be used to take out excess water from the layers. But you can observe foul odor if a suitable device is unable to do it. The perfect solution is to keep the rug outdoors for light and air exposure.

You must keep the rug outside the home for two or three days to prevent smell. If you keep the wet rug inside, it can produce mold and an awful smell. It is necessary to maintain the floors and let them dry to avoid the locking of water in the rug. In the rainy season, you must keep the rug in a ventilated space to prevent microbe growth.

2. Old and Smelly Stains

If your dirty carpet is filled with stains and spills, water used for proper cleaning produces an odor. Many food items like milk can lead to an awful smell which becomes active in moisture. Some consistent stains are challenging to eliminate, even if you prefer deep proper cleaning.

Even if the rug dries, it will smell foul. It is necessary to prevent old stains with two deep cleaning times. After every two or three months, you must contact expert carpet cleaning services. It is better to keep your rug safe by avoiding stains. In case of any spill, you must clean the rug immediately to eliminate the foul smell.

3. Pet Urine


If you own pets, it is common to experience lousy odor after proper cleaning. The urine of your pets is the main problem behind the smell. Rug fibers can absorb urine and lock it. Due to chemicals in urine, stubborn stains appear and an awful smell.

It is quite complicated to eliminate old stains and poor smells. While cleaning or washing the rugs, the moisture activates the awful odor and makes it strong. You may require different products to properly clean the rug and make it odor-free.

It is quite better for you to keep the pets outdoors to avoid urinating them on the rug. Whenever you prefer expert services, ensure to mention urine stains of pets so the team can use unique products. Through advanced techniques, it is quite possible to prevent the poor smell.

4. Water Regarding Damage

If anyone’s house has mold due to water leakage or plumping defects, it can severely affect your carpets. The rugs in your house will stay drenched or wet. It will lock moisture in the rug layers. If it stays wet all the time, there is water leakage.

Initially, you must check the plumbing defects in the home and repair them quickly. Now, you must check the presence of mold in your rug and throw it if such a thing happens.

But if it is wet or drenched, it is better to keep it under sunlight for light and air exposure. Within a few days, the layers or fibers will completely dry, and there will be no smell. You can also use a chemical deodorizer to prevent the awful odor.

5. Cigarette Smell


If your carpet is near someone who smokes a cigarette, you can also experience a bad smell. While smoking, fumes can easily penetrate the fibers and layers of your rug. Airborne components released by smoking can leave an awful odor on your wet carpet. If you keep the cleaned rug indoors and someone smokes near it, the rug may smell bad.

It is quite better to smoke outdoors to avoid poor smells on your rug. After an expert cleaning, you must take care of the rug, as airborne components can contaminate it easily. You can easily request smokers to leave the house every time while smoking a cigarette.

You can also take care of the ventilation while smoking to prevent the accumulation of odor in your rug. Using fans to release the smoky fumes out of the windows and doors is better. You can also install a humidifier to manage the moisture level and keep the air dry. This way, you can prevent the locking of moisture and fumes inside the house.

The Bottom Line

After professional and deep rug cleaning, one may experience an awful odor due to the reasons mentioned. You must do a few things to prevent the odor if such things happen. You must be patient in dealing with poor odor and making it right in a few days.

The perfect solution is to take the rug outdoors so that the sunlight can absorb the excess moisture locked in the layers or fibers of the rug. One must not worry or doubt if one experiences odor after expert cleaning.

Due to several common reasons, you can experience such a thing, and you must look for the perfect solution to eliminate it. In case of any problem, you must share the details with the experts so they can use unique products for cleaning.

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