The Process of Adoption Through the Foster Care Method

If you are someone who wants to adopt a child through foster care, then you are in the right place. Now that you have made a decision, it is just a matter of time before you can adopt a child through the foster care method. All you have to do is go through a procedure which is made easier by many new foster care agencies as before it was quite difficult, now mostly all the foster care adoption is done the same way.

You need to know that before you adopt a child, there are a few things that need to be checked for yourself and for others. You need to first know if this is what you need not only want. The emphasis on need is placed mainly because of the fact that this is a child that will be staying with you, if you do not need this child, if you do not need to care for this child from the bottom of your heart, soul, and mind, then you only want it for a while. This is the reason why so many tests are put into place so that you and your new family are bonded only through a pure connection where no cracks can form after a while.

Furthermore, this decision should only be made if the adopter is financially stable and emotionally capable. These two points are to be discussed in deep because by “financially stable” it means that the adopter is ready to spend their money on the adoptee and that they are willing to take care of all of their needs such as clothing, food, studies, hobbies, interests, passions.

The whole point of foster care and adoption afterwards is that the child will get a family of their own. Someone that will be there for them through thick and thin. Someone that will love them in the hard times when they are hard to love. This is what they want and if you are willing to give them all of this then go to a foster care and get started with them, but before you do so you should be aware of the entire process.

The process is a bit hard and complicated to follow, but it can be done so with the right amount of effort. The process is as follows:

The first step: Attend the informational session.


When you reach a foster care agency, and you ask them that you want to adopt a child. They will hold an informational session regarding it. Since there will be many to-be parents involved in the process, you will be invited to a session held by the agency to inform you regarding the whole procedure as to what you need to do and what you are going to go through with once the adoption process is finished. All of it will be briefed to you.

Many people have expectations regarding adoption via foster care to be very high. They feel as if the process is just as simple as just go to the foster care facility, sign a document and voila, the child is yours. But this informational session will tell you that this is not the case at all. In fact, this is not the case because foster care adoption has rules like every other adoption place. The whole point as mentioned earlier is to find a family that can take care of the child’s emotional and financial and the other necessary needs.

The second step: Training and applying for adoption.

The second step involves proper training regarding as to what it means to be a parent. The foster care will teach how to take care of babies, children, and teens. Necessary parenting skills will be taught because the child needs to grow in a healthy environment. It is easy to yell at a child and say things to them, but it requires real effort to be calm. Foster care agencies know that and they put extra pressure on the new to-be parents to learn these skills and test them from time to time to see if they have what it takes. Along with the whole teaching process, application for adoption is filled and given.

The third step: The checkup of the home and certification.


The social worker will come and inspect the house, the neighborhood, and the quality of life, the to-be-parents are living. If it is held to a standard that can give a child a good life, then the adoption process can go through. The certification for adoption is given at this point.

The fourth step: Find a child for adoption.

Once the certification is given, the to-be parents can look for the child that they need to be a part of their family. Everyone can find different children charming; some children might remind the to-be parents of the people they know which can make them have more liking towards a specific child, a lot of factors are involved during the choosing process.

Step five: Child comes to your home.


This process is about the child finally entering your house. They are slowly adjusted into your home and are inspected by the social worker thoroughly before they are placed there for a while.

Step six: Monthly visits by the foster care social workers.

The social workers will come and visit the home of the parents that adopted the child and check up on them properly. Inspection is done again to check everything is fine and good and going as scheduled.

Step seven: Adoption finalization.


If the social workers are satisfied then you will be adopting the child for good. The finalization will take place and now you will officially become a family. This long and hard process is said to be hectic but worth the wait and effort. Now that you know what goes on during the adoption process, you can be confident in what you need to do now, so to get started, click here now.

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