Advantages Of Living In Half Timbered House

Building your own house is no doubt a pragmatic and logical solution, primarily knowing that building your house offers the opportunity to design the layout in a way that will be better for the family. There is always the chance to upgrade in a family home with comfort, a planted garden, seclusion, and adaptable space, all of which are benefits that shouldn’t be ignored. In addition, most countries now allow you to build a home twice as big as you need for the same amount of money by purchasing an apartment.

Anyone seeking to construct a family home is likely debating between utilising brick and concrete to construct a traditional house and choosing the much quicker and frequently less expensive option of half-timbered dwellings. Of course, there is no one correct answer to the question “What to build,” therefore this website should be your main resource for information if you want to be knowledgeable about all the different building options and kinds, as well as the benefits and drawbacks of half-timbered homes.

What To Know About Timber Frame Construction?


A building known as a “timber frame” has a wooden structure for the home. It serves as the foundation and resembles a skeleton. It comprises wall components like plates fastened to a wooden frame for support. This builds a solid, long-lasting foundation. Additional stability is achieved with boards or slats that are put diagonally. They are often delivered as prefabricated components and securely placed on the installation-ready surface. After that, there is further expansion. In the appropriate industrial plants, entire production happens. This website can be the primary source of information.

Learn more about the advantages such a home may offer over others.

1. A Protector Of Health


Of course, wood is used in the construction of half-timbered homes. But did you know that since wood is a natural substance, it is healthy to reside in an atmosphere made of it? Our airways and lungs benefit from the resin that persists in the soft areas of the logs.

2. Beneficial Effects On Our Mental Health

Warm hues in natural wood have been discovered to have a calming and stress-relieving influence on our mental states. They inspire us to set settings for relaxation, friendship, and mingling.

3. No Static Discharge

Wood does not promote static electricity due to its electrostatic characteristics (more reasoning for timber-framed homes). Because of this, these homes don’t have as much dust. Therefore, it is highly advised for those with allergies of any kind to live in a wooden home.

4. Maintain A Stable Indoor Humidity Level


In contrast to other types of homes, a wooden home always has ideal humidity levels in the air. The hardwood surfaces in the home absorb moisture as the relative humidity rises. The wood releases the previously absorbed moisture when the air becomes dry, decreasing moisture content. It’s perfectly natural.

5. Organic Heat Insulation

The wooden logs used to construct the house can maintain high temperatures.

In the summer, wooden dwellings are cold. A wooden home is livable in any season because of its natural heat insulators.

6. A Calculation That Is Feasible Economically

The economic justifications are quite evident. A wooden home can be constructed for much less money than a traditional brick structure.

7. Weight


Construction is possible on softer ground, such as regions near water or mountains, because of the lower overall weight. Wood has a high load-bearing capacity and can endure compressive and tensile stresses, although it is up to five times lighter than concrete. Wood is hence seen as a flexible material.

8. Sturdiness

The improved qualities of the wood result from the new treatment procedure, including excellent moisture resistance and resistance to fire, mould, fungi, and insects. Wooden homes with good care and high-quality materials can last a very long time, from 90 to several hundred years.

9. Prepared To Move In Right Away

As long as the brick house’s drying phase lasts, quick construction and moving in are feasible within a month or two of the drafting.

10. Clean Construction And Earthquake Resistant


These homes can resist earthquakes with a Mercalli magnitude greater than 11.

It is regarded as clean construction because the entire process is carried out in the manufacturing facilities for the finished elements, which are then put on your property with little noise and dust.

11. Short Construction Period

Another benefit is that the framework may be set up quickly in the future home, depending on the size and complexity of the timber frame construction. Usually, the completed shell and roof take one to three days.

Thermal insulation can frequently be requested along with windows and window sills. This removes days or weeks where the client must assist craftspeople or oversee them to ensure everything goes as planned. As a result, the new home’s construction can be finished and moved into more quickly. Anyone who has paid rent can put aside more money for the previous rental unit.

What Are The Involved Costs?

The expenses associated with a timber-framed home vary on several variables. Some factors that affect the price include the thickness of the wood, square metres, customised demands, whether or not windows are included, and insulating materials.

Fascinating Facts Regarding These Homes


To insulate the house, the traditional method of building them used a lot of clay, straw, and other natural materials. The façade, which shows the beam construction, makes them easy to identify.

If you pay great attention to these houses, you can notice that they appear wider toward the top. Half-timbered homes in the German-style are a prime example of this. They are wider because people in the past couldn’t afford to own a lot of lands. After all, they weren’t as wealthy. They utilised to widen the upper levels to maximise the available space.

Richer families wanted to emphasise how different they were from others; therefore, they decided to decorate wooden beams so that passersby could see the social hierarchy.


The fact that it has this rustic, traditional appearance is undoubtedly the largest benefit of purchasing such a home. Even if it’s not your major interest, you might be surprised to learn that owning a house like this allows you the chance to sell it for a respectable sum because its worth increases with age. Additionally, you get to experience traditional living and how people lived in the past.

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