Top 11 Amazing Adventure Activities to do in Gangtok

Gangtok is the ideal time to visit Gangtok for any type of activities, including sightseeing and adventure sports. In November, you can see the Himalayan peaks. This time of year, the regular infection is around 15 degrees Celsius and is ideal for sightseeing or attractive escapade doings in Gangtok tour packages.

To experience the knowledge of snowstorms, Gangtok is open between October and February. Gangtok’s temperature tends to drop below 0 Celsius so be prepared for an emotionless climate. Book your trip in advance and avail the best offer from THRILLOPHILIA to get the affordable price.

1. Teesta Stream pushing – Texture adrenaline haste


The Teesta river flows through Sikkim’s natural paradise. It is often called the “lifeline of Sikkim”. River rafting near Gangtok is one of the most thrilling experiences. You can feel the thrill of adventure as you sit on your raft with your lifejacket in your hands and your oars in one hand. As you travel along the stream, you’ll feel the thrill of maneuvering through rapids as well as the beauty of the scenery.

Best Places for River rafting in Gangtok: Makha town near Gangtok for an 11km rafting circuit, Triveni point near Teesta Bazaar

2. Paragliding: Fly Overhead attractive Vales

There are few activities as thrilling as flying through the air, admiring breathtaking views, and gliding like an angel. Paragliding, a popular sport in Bangkok, is a great way to have fun. It is a fantastic experience. Experienced pilots can enjoy paragliding as it is safe, thrilling and fun. Paragliding in Gangtok provides spectacular views of the Himalayan villages and vales.

3. Hang Gliding: Fly like an animal!


Paragliding can be similar to hang gliding, but it is more exciting and should only be done in Gangtok. Sikkim’s new adventure sport is hang gliding. It’s all about having fun and flying high above colorful villages, mountains and valleys. For the first-timer, piloted flights may be possible. Experienced adventurers can fly solo over breathtaking landscapes.

4. Mountain Biking: Don’t Follow the Beaten Track

You can explore the country’s hidden corners by bike. Because of the stunning Himalayan landscape and rugged terrain, mountain biking is a popular adventure sport in Gangtok. Many trails in Sikkim offer stunning views and interaction with locals. You’ll feel the thrill of adventure while pedaling through the valleys.

Best Places for Mountain Biking near Gangtok: The Gangtok-Rangpo, Gangtok-Melli and Gangtok- Temi biking trails are great to experience the magic of Sikkim.

5. Trekking: On Wondrous Himalayan Trails


Gangtok, located in the Himalayan Mountains, is a great place to begin treks or hikes across the stunning peaks and passes. You can also enjoy unspoiled nature. These treks will take you to tranquil monasteries, serene valleys, tranquil monasteries, and blossoming Rhododendrons in spring. For those looking for a relaxing and enjoyable adventure in Gangtok, trekking is a great choice.

Best Treks around Gangtok: The Sandakphu trek, Dzongri trek, Goechala trek, Green Lake trek, Yumthang valley trek, Versay trek, and Lhaba Tarum Tsachu trek are amongst the most popular ones. For professional mountaineers, the Kanchenjunga trek is an adventure to remember for a lifetime.

6.Caving: Explore The Unexplored

Have you ever wondered what lies beneath the majestic Himalayas? You should try caving when you visit Gangtok. Gangtok, one of the most sacred caves in the Himalayas is home to many thrilling and adrenaline-reeking activities. These caves allow one to participate in long treks and to embrace the beauty of nature throughout their journey. You can also pay homage if you believe in god.

7. Yak Safari: Amazing Views


Enjoying the beauty of Gangtok is unbeatable. Yak safaris in Gangtok are a great way to enjoy it all. A Yak safari will take visitors on a walk along the steep, but gentle slopes leading to Tsomgo Lake. This safari will allow you to see the raw beauty of this area.

8. Ropeway Cable Ride: Bird’s Eye View

The ropeway cable ride is a must-do when visiting Gangtok. The Gangtok ropeway offers a unique experience that can’t be duplicated elsewhere. The ride is 1km long and takes you from Deorali up to Tashling. It offers amazing views over the town. This 7-minute ride offers stunning views of Khangchendzonga when it is clear and sunny.

9. Mountaineering: Extreme Sports


It is a relatively new adventure activity but it is one that everyone should try. Gangtok has some of the most beautiful peaks, making it an ideal place for mountaineering. This is the place to be if you’re looking for extreme sports in Gangtok. This activity is best done between September and November.

Best places to go mountaineering: Frey’s peak, Lama Wangden, and Brumkhangse are some of the best peaks for mountaineering.

10. Rock climbing: Push Your Limits

Gangtok’s most loved adventure sport is rock climbing. For those who can climb, rock climbing is a great activity. The climber must be agile, strong, and able to balance. This activity is not for the weak hearted, it’s obvious. Operators will provide the gears and training necessary for climbing.

11. Helicopter Ride: An Experience You Will Never Forget


If you are looking to see Gangtok’s beauty and history, a helicopter ride is the perfect thing to do. You will be able to see the Himalayan ranges from the helicopter. You will get a bird’s-eye view of the city and surrounding areas from the helicopter.

Gangtok offers many other exciting adventures for adventure seekers looking for thrills and excitement in this beautiful state. There are many adventures to be had in Gangtok, including Yak safaris, cable car rides, and Caving. And to experience it all and more, plan a Sikkim trip with Thrillophilia and include all these adventure sports in Gangtok in your customized itinerary.

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