Are Dedicated VPN Servers the Future?

Everyone wants to protect their privacy as much as possible in today’s fast-moving and constantly evolving technological world. Unfortunately, this is becoming more of an expensive commodity that many users cannot simply afford. Additionally, our online privacy is constantly breached by companies that want to collect our precious data and utilize it in order to generate better content, products and improve their overall service quality. Hackers are also more of a threat than ever before with new techniques being developed in order to breach devices and intercept connections.

The main question is – can we really protect our privacy at all times? While there have been a number of privacy protection methods developed over the last set of years and decades, the number one go to utility for most people remains to be the virtual private network or VPN for short. A VPN is a type of software that takes all of your generated and incoming traffic and routes it through a special tunnel, encrypting any and all information, making your privacy unbreachable. However, as of recently, there have been a number of cases where VPN providers have actually collected and consequently sold their users’ data to third parties. This made traditional providers quite untrustworthy in the eyes of some of the public and put a lot of speculation into whether investing in a VPN is actually worth it in the long run. The technology that is utilized by virtual private networks is not the problem as it is quite secure, stable and uncrackable. The main issue is the fact that some providers tend to care more about monetary gain rather than actually protecting their users’ security and privacy. But is there a service that can fill the role of the VPN, whilst also not allowing providers to store data? You should not worry though, as there is a new contender in town and their name is dedicated VPN servers.

What is a dedicated VPN server?


Good question. You would think that it is something extremely special, a new service perhaps. However, you would be surprised to find out that such servers are nothing more than your traditional VPN software installed on a special, private virtual private server (VPS). Because of this, the provider allows you to completely manage your server by yourself, letting you tweak its settings and verify that everything is in order and none of your traffic is being monitored or information collected and stored. Because of this, a dedicated VPN allows you to be in complete control of your online searching and browsing experience. Additionally, there are some more benefits that you should also be aware of, ultimately making this service an upgrade over traditional providers.

Advantages of a private VPN server


As we mentioned already, the VPN is installed on a VPS server. Due to this, you have complete and full SSH root access to the server, allowing you to manage it as you like.

Moreover, with a private VPN server, you also get a completely dedicated IP address. Traditional VPN service providers require you to purchase as an additional premium feature, which will ultimately cost you extra. But what is the benefit of having such an IP address? Usually, users connect to a VPN using the same (shared) IP. While this can be quite good if you want to ensure that you can remain anonymous, due to the fact that the traffic can never be tracked to one single user, if someone engages in illegal or suspicious actions or activity, this can lead to the IP having limited access or in some cases even getting permanently banned. With a dedicated address, you will never have to worry about other users and potentially having to bear the consequences of others’ online activity.

Nevertheless, you can also connect an unlimited number of devices to your dedicated VPN server as you are the one who is managing it! No more restrictions and no more additional payments for extra connections!

Such dedicated VPN providers like VPSBG even utilize completely open-source VPN protocols and go as far as providing free access to their custom-coded installation scripts to ensure that they remain as transparent as possible. Not to mention the fact that they also accept alternative payment methods, meaning that you can make cheap international transactions.

What are the disadvantages?

To be completely honest, there are not many. The only major disadvantage is server location. Given that you will be having your own server, it can only be physically located in one single place at any given time. While traditional VPN providers can offer you many locations, allowing you to seamlessly switch between them in an instant, dedicated VPN servers are situated in one place. Because of this, you need to do some prior research before making your final choice in order to guarantee that the country, in which the servers are located, is going to be able to satisfy your needs when it comes to general privacy protection options or available media to stream.

Should I get such a dedicated VPN server?


If you want to protect yourself, your data and private information, we would strongly recommend investing in a private VPN server. It is just more secure, reliable and in some cases even cheaper. You will never have to worry about hackers, snoopers, or your internet service provider collecting data from you, storing it or reselling it. Ultimately, your choice boils down to whether you will want to prioritize content access such as streamed media or privacy protection, which is where a private VPS-installed VPN server does really shine. Regardless, you should definitely at least consider going for such a service as an option as it will really protect yourself, your data and personal information the best when it comes to your online activity and presence. Just remember, you should not sacrifice your privacy for the ability to watch a tv series on Netflix as there could be some severe consequences down the line if your information gets stolen, leaked or sold!

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