10 Tips And Tricks For Arranging Patio Furniture

Who says you need a designer to make your patio look magnificent? You can do it as well as they can. Maybe you could even do it better, who knows? What we know is that it can be quite easy to become discouraged when arranging patio furniture if you haven’t done it before, but the truth is, if you just follow a few simple rules and pull out a trick or two from your sleeve – your patio will look like the ones you see in magazines. Don’t know any tricks? Don’t worry. We do. And we’re willing to share them with you.

1. Take A Good Look At Your Space


Before you start reorganizing and rearranging your patio furniture based on a picture you saw on Pinterest, take a moment to stop and take a good look at the space you’re working with. Not every patio is the same, which means that the patio you’ve seen somewhere else might not work for you.

So, before you begin, look around and see what you’re working with. Notice all the nuances of your space and work with what you got. Notice where the doors and windows are and try not to block any of them. Also, you’ll want to leave enough room for easy movement and consider the orientation of the patio, as well as the surrounding landscape. Finally, always remember to measure the whole thing to make sure everything fits perfectly.

2. Draw It Up

Another thing you can do to ensure you organize your patio space perfectly is to put it all to the paper. Whether you want to sketch it by hand or use some kind of software is entirely up to you, but don’t forget to sketch the layout of the whole thing. Visual representation of space should help you out big time.

3. Tailor It To Your Needs


Everyone uses their patio differently. Some people like to throw parties, and others just want to lie down after a long, hard day at work and just relax in silence. What we’re saying is, you’ll have to think about this, too. You could have the prettiest patio in the world, but if it doesn’t match your needs and your lifestyle, then what’s the point? You don’t need a bar and a large dining table if the only thing you ever do on your patio is lounge and relax, right?

4. Choose A Focal Point

Every designer will tell you that every space needs to have a focal point, something that is going to bring everything together. A dining room has a dining table, a living room has a sofa or a TV, an office has a desk, and a bedroom has a bed. So, before you arrange your patio furniture – choose a focal point. It doesn’t matter what it is. It could be lounge chairs, or it could be a dining table, a bar, or even a grill. Whatever it is, just make sure you have the other pieces complement it. Having a focal point will tie the whole thing together and make it look good no matter how good of a job you eventually do.

5. Understand The “Flow”


As we’ve said in the beginning, you’ll want to leave enough room to move around freely. Now, you might ask, what about small, cramped spaces? Well, it doesn’t really matter. No matter how small the space, if you arrange your furniture the right way, you’ll make it feel open instead of cramped.

That’s the whole thing about the “flow”. It is all about having a free-flowing concept where you can move around without bumping into anything. Place the larger piece of furniture along the edges or near the wall to prevent them from obstructing the pathway, and place the smaller items around it.

6. Find Great Furniture

According to, great patio furniture doesn’t need to be expensive to be great – you just have to find something that works with your space. Fortunately, there is no shortage of great patio furniture online, and we’re sure that if you look long and hard enough – you’ll find something that works. Just find the pieces that match your style, but also the ones that complement each other. If you do that, we’re sure you won’t have any problems arranging them later on.

7. Don’t Forget To Balance The Area


People lose their minds over symmetry when it comes to arranging furniture, but as any great designer will tell you – symmetry is overrated. Instead of trying to achieve a perfectly symmetrical space, try focusing on balance instead. For instance, a large outdoor sofa looks much better with a stool or an ottoman next to it, rather than another sofa in front of it.

Now that we’ve covered some tips and tricks let’s take a look at some examples of how you can arrange your patio furniture.

8. A Sofa & Two Chairs

A classic arrangement – a sofa and two chairs. This timeless classic always seems to work, and if you often spend time on your patio with your friends and family, this arrangement is perfect for you.

9. A Corner Sofa


If you have the space for it, a corner sofa with a coffee table in front of it is a great choice for a patio arrangement. It’s comfy and intimate enough so that you can both lounge and have friends over, and the lack of clutter around it creates a great flow. A win-win-win arrangement, if you will.

10. Chairs In A Circle

If your patio is mostly used for social gatherings, you’ll probably want to arrange your furniture so that you and your friends are always facing each other, and that’s exactly what you’d get from placing four or more chairs in a circle around a table. This is a simple yet very practical patio furniture arrangement we’re sure many of you are going to love.

Final Thoughts

There you have it. Those were some tips and tricks and some traditional ideas to help you transform your patio into a front-page worthy space. Hopefully, you’ve found these tips useful. Take care.

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