10 Things To Ask Your Lawyer Before Renewing Global Entry

If you are traveling abroad, you may be eligible for the Global Entry Program. This will expedite your travel through customs by reducing the time it takes to go through the screening checkpoint. Frequent travelers use and enjoy the benefits of this program. If you are a frequent traveler, it is not enough to travel. You must be aware of your visa status and prepared for the worst. If you have received a notice of inspection or been charged with violating immigration laws, it must be handled by an immigration attorney.

Here are the things to ask your lawyer:

1. Is Global Entry Program Membership A Green Card?


Just because you are eligible for the Global Entry Program does not mean you have secured a green card. Global Entry Program membership is not a green card. If you want to apply for legal permanent residence status, you must use and appear in person for an interview with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. If your lawful permanent resident status application is denied, there might be a chance to appeal that decision with the help of an attorney.

2. How Do I Renew My Membership In The Global Entry Program?

The Global Entry Program requires you to reapply for membership every five years. If you have recently been arrested or charged with a crime that may affect your eligibility, it is essential to seek legal counsel as soon as possible. An experienced immigration attorney will be able to provide guidance and assistance throughout the process of applying to the Global Entry Program. It is not mandatory that you must reapply for renewal within 60 days of your fifth-anniversary date. If you wait far enough in advance, there may be a delay when your renewal date approaches.

3. Is My Family Or Friends’ Status In The United States Legal?

It is an unfair assumption to assume that your family or friends are present in the United States with the same type of status and the same rights as you. When you give visas to your family members and friends, they are merely visitors and are subject to different laws than you. If someone is convicted of a crime that would affect their eligibility for a visa, they may be denied entry into the United States. If your loved ones may have had contact with law enforcement or were living in the country illegally, immigration laws will apply.

4. What Is The Difference Between A Lot Of My Criminal Charges?


If you have been convicted of a crime, you must obtain legal counsel immediately to determine your eligibility. A lesser crime like a DUI may not even affect your eligibility and can be handled by an immigration attorney like Abady Law, who has experience with criminal issues. However, a more severe offense like homicide or sex crimes may result in your family and friends being denied visitation or permanent residence status.

5. How Much Is The Cost Of My Case?

The cost of an immigration case depends on the requirements. If you have been charged with a crime, you must hire an attorney who has experience with criminal cases. Your legal fees will increase if your case requires a visa or permanent residence status. If you have close family and friends you want to help support as they go through this process, it may be beneficial to hire an experienced immigration attorney so they can understand what they are signing up for. The benefits of hiring an immigration attorney are that the team is more educated and specialized in these issues and understands what it takes to resolve your matter successfully.

6. Do I Have To Pay For My Attorney?

You mustn’t pay the bill in total if you need to hire an immigration attorney. This can be a substantial financial burden on your family and friends if they are your primary support source. It is best to discuss with your attorney what arrangement can be made between the two of you and how their fees will be paid. You may also want to seek financial assistance from your employer or family members. They may be able to put aside money for you to minimize any financial hardship that may arise from legal fees.

7. Are There Any Extra Services The Attorney May Provide?


If you are getting married or have children, you must hire an immigration attorney with experience in these areas. If you are applying for legal permanent residence status, your family will likely be a part of the process. The attorney will also assist you in creating a budget for various expenses that may arise from this process and ensure that your family can make it through the ordeal with minimal financial burdens.

8. How Long Does My Case Take?

The length of time it takes to complete a case depends on the complexity of the matter. Suppose your case involves a criminal charge, an application for legal permanent status, or a family member that has had contact with law enforcement in the United States. In that case, these factors will likely increase the time it takes to resolve a matter. The best thing you can do to ensure that you have the proper legal representation is to search for an immigration attorney with experience and understanding of your specific situation.

9. What Can I Expect During My Interview?

The Immigration Global Entry Program has a legal requirement to notify you of any issues identified during your interview process. After that, you will receive a written notice of a decision and an opportunity to appeal if the decision does not go your way. An experienced immigration lawyer can help guide you through this process to ensure that the results are in your favor.

10. Does My Criminal Record Affect My Immigration Status?


If your criminal record is on file with the federal government, you may be at risk of being denied access to the Global Entry Program. If you have any questions regarding this information, speak to a local immigration lawyer or contact an attorney with expertise.


An experienced immigration attorney will be able to help you determine if your family and friends are eligible for the Global Entry Program and how your case may affect you. If you suffer from a criminal record, it is crucial to speak with a local immigration attorney as soon as possible who can explain the complete process. It is also wise to talk with an attorney before acquiring visitor visas, visas for employment, or permanent residence status.

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