5 Ways To Avoid Restrictions When Gambling Online – 2024 Guide

You might not know this if you live in Europe or certain states of the United States of America, but online gambling, or gambling in general, isn’t available or allowed everywhere in the world. It does sound shocking that someone would forbid you from gambling with your own money, but that’s just what the reality is in some countries. Not everyone enjoys online freedom. In some areas of the world, even social media is prohibited by law, but that’s beside the point, we’re just mentioning it to prove how different rules can be depending on where you live.

Online gambling has been present for quite some time now, almost 25 years to be exact. Its popularity is in a constant rise and it’s not only because of the global pandemic. Gambling online is convenient, safe and easy, so it should come as no surprise that it has only become more popular as the years went by. For example, it’s said that the annual revenue of online gambling in the USA has surpassed 50 billion dollars. That is an enormous amount of money. However, in the rest of the world, that number is significantly lower – considering it’s not legal in a couple of countries.


It might shock you, but over 25% of the world’s sovereign countries have some laws and regulations in place to restrict both online and traditional gambling. Some of them prohibit gambling in casinos, some prohibit sports betting and some are banning both traditional and online gambling in its entirety. There are 10 countries in the world where online gambling is banned and can cause you legal trouble.

There are several reasons behind these restrictions on the gambling but the one that is by far the most dominant is the religion. Most of the countries where gambling is illegal altogether are Islamic. What might surprise you, there are no actual religious laws that state that gambling is a sin, but still, it’s overall accepted that it is and therefore it’s illegal.

Given the fact that in most of the western world, namely Europe and North America, online gambling is legal, most of the online casinos or sports betting websites are stationed there. However, that does not mean that someone from a country where playing online is illegal can access it. There are international laws in place that prevent things like that from happening. However, in China, for example, gambling is illegal for Chinese but perfectly legal for foreigners.


Considering that the most countries reside on the previously mentioned international laws and the sits themselves to filter out the visitors by checking on their IP addresses, that poses the question how can anyone from China access an online casino? How does the website know whether the person behind the device is a foreigner or a citizen?

With this and similar stuff in mind, we wonder, is there a way to avoid the restrictions when it comes to online gambling? The truth is somewhere in between yes and no. Although there are ways you can bypass the restrictions and access the websites, you could still potentially run into some issues, but we’ll try and cover everything in the next section.

1. Use VPN


Like we’ve said, IP address is what’s stopping someone from a country where the online gambling is restricted from accessing the website. Websites can see where you’re logging in from by pinging your address to the server nearest to you and if the server happens to be from a country with laws and regulations restricting gambling activities – the access to the website will be denied to you. That’s where VPN comes in place. VPN, or a Virtual Private Network, is a service that will re-route the internet connection through a server in your vicinity to a server in another country. That way, the IP address registered by a website will show your location to be somewhere else. If you do reside in a place where online gambling is prohibited, you can try out a VPN service and test it out by visiting here. If you happen to be able to access it now that you’re using VPN, it means it’s working.

2. Using VPS

On the not-so-slightly more expensive side of things, you could try using the VPS, or Virtual Private Server. It will cost you a hefty sum of money, but owning a private server is one of the best and the most secure ways of bypassing online restrictions. With your private server, you have control over everything, meaning you can choose exactly which outside server you want to connect with. All of the Internet traffic will be controlled by you. However, although it’s obvious to some, it cannot hurt to mention that it’s required to buy servers that are located outside of the country with anti-gambling laws.

3. Secure browser


Even if you’re not looking for a way to bypass the geo-restrictions, you should make sure the browser offers you the most protection possible. With that in mind, a TOR browser is the one you should use. TOR is an open-source program that is guaranteed to keep you secure and anonymous online. It will hide your IP address whenever you use it.

4. All of the above

This might sound like overkill, but, to ensure the most secure and private online experience you might want to use all of these. Re-route your address from a private server via VPN and access websites through TOR. That amount of re-routing and encryption should be more than enough to grant you access to any website.

5. Find websites that deal in cryptocurrency


However, one thing to keep in mind is, most of the online gambling websites require some sort of identification or credit card information. Therefore, even if you manage to access the site, getting your money back might be an issue if your bank account resides in a restricted area. You might even risk your account being terminated if the use of VPN or other secure networks violates the website’s guidelines. It might be best to find sites that allow you to gamble with cryptocurrency. That way, you have a secure way of payment and the cash deposits and withdrawals can be handled outside of the government laws.

With all this in mind, it’s safe to say that it’s in no way easy to bypass the restrictions and have an uninterrupted gambling experience if your country prohibits it. It’s possible, but there are a few hoops to jump through and you could face legal charges in some cases – if caught. We’d advise being cautious and abiding by the state law.

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