5 Things All Parents Should Know About Baby Weighted Blankets

Social media platforms can be a good thing, or they can be a bad one. It all depends on what you do with the information that circles there. If you have a toddler or a small kid, Facebook and Instagram will tell you that you shouldn’t allow them to grow up without a baby weighted blanket. It’s trendy, useful, good-looking, and above all else beneficial for your kid. That’s what the commercials say. To an extent, they’re right. We’re not here to badmouth this product. No, we are here to share some useful information regarding it.

If you’re thinking about buying one of these or have already acquired it, you need to read this article. We’re not going to go into too many details. What you’re going to find in this piece are the five things all parents should know about baby weighted blankets. As we said, this product is all over the web and you probably got the idea that you need to have one at all costs. There’s nothing wrong with having one and using it on your child, but you need to learn about it first. That’s why we’re here and that’s why you’re here too we presume. So, let’s get down to the business. This is what you need to know before you get your hands on a baby-weighted blanket.

Age Matters


This is vital for the well-being of your baby. While a baby-weighted blanket has its fair share of usefulness it’s not created for babies of all ages. Under any circumstances, it shouldn’t be used on a baby which has less than twelve months. When it comes to babies this young you should use the old method recommended for sleeping safely. They should sleep alone in a crib and always on their back. While you might be tempted to use it on your newly-born, you should avoid it. The baby-weighted blankets are too heavy for children this young and it represents a safety and health hazard. So, if you want to buy a sleeping aid for both your baby and yourself and have no worries about health issues and safety you need to visit this website. After all, safe sleep is what matters most for both babies and adults.

It Aids With Sleep

Of course, it does. After all, we’re talking about a blanket here. Most parents have issues with putting their toddlers to sleep each evening. For some, this is a nightmare. In addition to having issues catching that first sleep, kids often wake up during the night. With a baby-weighted blanket, some of these issues might simply go away. They have a calming effect on babies and adults alike. The pressure from the weight has a calming effect on everyone. Once you put your young one in his bed and cover him with a bit heavier blanket they’ll feel immediately relieved. Sleep should be just around the corner. Many parents who opted for this type of aid reported that the sleep patterns of their kids improved immensely. For some of them, this was all they were asking for.

There Are Health Benefits


As you can see, babies under one year old mustn’t use these blankets, but for older ones, they are a great sleeping aid. But, are there any other benefits? Yes, there is. These blankets are immensely good if you use them properly and in the right conditions. It has been proven that baby-weighted blankets can help many health conditions if applied the right way. According to research, it can aid with conditions such as autism and sensory over-responsivity. Furthermore, it is a great help if your young one is suffering from anxiety. The primary reason for all of this is that your little one will feel like it’s being held, hugged, and stroked while under this blanket. All of this has a very calming effect. When held by a little heavier blanket kids will feel calm, and due to this, it can even aid with conditions such as ADHD. In all involved cases, the help will come through the calming effect it provides which allows the user to have better sleep during the night. The studies in this department are still young and need to investigate deeper to come to a full conclusion but the fact that these devices affect the quality of sleep can’t be denied.

They’re Not Covered by Insurance

While weighted-blankets have many health benefits it is not deemed as medical equipment by insurance companies. This is an interesting fact to know in case you see it as one. Due to this, it can’t be insured with an insurance house which could be bad in case you’re outside of your warranty and the blanket gets damaged. As you know some types of medical insurance cover buying various medical equipment but blankets do not fit the bill in this category. No, in fact, they’re seen as non-durable medical equipment which makes it hard to get them covered under any sort of insurance.

It Benefits The Parents Too


As one could have guessed, parents can have as many benefits as their kids. The reason is simple. The calmer your ids are and the more sleep they get the same goes for you. Parents who have bought these blankets reported that their kid sleeps better which in return allows them to sleep also. There are no more late hours being awake due to your toddler crying. More rest gives you more strength for daily activities and improves the overall quality of your life. It’s amazing how much can be achieved by buying one simple product.

Final Thoughts

When you have a little kid you must have its interests in the first place. We’re sure you do. If you have a place where you need to lie down your focus it got to be the bed. So, with a baby-weighted blanket, you are about to score a home run. As you see from the lines above there are things you need to know about it. Once you do, it is a great addition to the bed of your loved one.

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