10 Benefits Of Seeing An Orthopedic Doctor

Have you been suffering from chronic pain, but your regular doctor has been unable to find the cause? It could be that you need to see an orthopedic specialist. Orthopedic doctors, also known as musculoskeletal physicians, specialize in conditions and diseases of the bones and muscles. They treat pain in the arms, shoulders, legs, and other areas caused by several medical issues.

If you are having trouble finding a good orthopedist near you or have been putting off going because you think it’s just another specialty that doesn’t affect your everyday life, here are 10 benefits of seeing an orthopedic specialist right away.

1. They will diagnose and treat your condition


Orthopedists understand the human body and how it works. They will take a thorough health history, conduct a physical exam, order lab tests, imaging tests, or other diagnostic procedures to arrive at an accurate diagnosis of your medical problem. Once they have determined what is causing your pain or discomfort, they can help you return to better health with specific treatment plans, including medications, injections, or even surgery when necessary.

2. They are specially trained for this type of medicine

Orthopedic doctors have dedicated their entire careers to the musculoskeletal system. Many qualified orthopedic specialists also carry board certification in one or more sub-specialties such as sports medicine, pediatrics, or joint replacement surgery, enabling them to provide a more comprehensive medical diagnosis and treatment.

3. They are dedicated to keeping you in motion

Orthopedic doctors dedicate their practices to keeping people like you active by relieving pain, correcting deformities, and helping with the overall quality of life. It’s not that other physicians don’t care or want to help; it’s just that they may not be as familiar with the human body in motion (for example, a pediatrician who specializes in children rather than adults). Orthopedists understand how your bones, joints, and ligaments work together when you raise your arm over your head or stretch out on the floor for some exercises. If you go in with a specific injury – say an ankle sprain – they can offer non -surgical treatment options.

Additionally, orthopedists are also familiar with the side effects of certain medications and treatments, especially if they affect your musculoskeletal system in any way. For example, some pain relievers can cause stomach irritation, which causes nausea and vomiting in some people. Orthopedic doctors, therefore, ensure that the medications they prescribe do not cause more harm than good.

4. They work closely with physical therapists


When you go to see an orthopedist for back or neck pain, they may recommend the services of a physical therapist (PT). The physical therapist will provide treatment such as exercises designed to strengthen your lower back.

In some cases, your orthopedist may also provide you with a referral to a physical therapist who can work with you one-on-one in a clinic or at home to help ease the pain and restore movement. Physical therapists are specially trained to work on people with musculoskeletal conditions – whether that’s someone who is recovering from a hip replacement surgery or has been diagnosed with arthritis.

5. You don’t have to settle for dull needles

Many people avoid going to the doctor because they fear getting stuck with needles; however, if you go see an orthopedist, you won’t have to worry about that because they are trained in administering injections for everything from back pain to arthritis.

They are familiar with the human skeletal structure and its movement, which makes them ideal for delivering medication into specific muscles or other areas where it will be most effective. They understand exactly where to make the incision on the skin before inserting a needle, what angle it should take, and how much pressure should be applied during the injection.

6. They can perform surgery if needed

If all treatments fail – or your condition is so severe that there is no choice but to operate – an orthopedist can help you return to better health using surgical procedures such as bone grafting, pinning bones together, and removing or cutting away damaged tissue.

7. They offer advice and education on proper nutrition and exercise


In addition to diagnosing, treating, and managing orthopedic conditions, professional orthopedists also provide essential guidance regarding how you can take better care of your musculoskeletal systems through diet and exercise. In fact, your doctor might even refer you to a registered dietician who can help if, for example, you have been diagnosed with arthritis or gout, which is aggravated by certain foods.

8. They know about prosthetics

More people are opting for amputation surgeries in order to treat severe cases of diabetes, cancer, and other ailments that destroy a person’s limbs beyond repair. Orthopedists are specially trained to work with prosthetists to ensure that the artificial limb is properly fitted and works well.

9. They can diagnose and manage diseases that affect multiple systems

Orthopedists help people with various conditions which do not only affect the musculoskeletal system, such as infections, tumors, and inflammatory conditions (such as rheumatoid arthritis). Having a single doctor familiar with your complete medical history helps to expedite treatment and recovery time.

10. They can refer you to other medical professionals if needed


Because orthopedists understand the human body, they may recommend consulting with other specialists (dermatologists, neurologists) in order to get a full picture of your condition and determine what treatments would work best for you.

There’s no excuse for putting off treatment with all these benefits of visiting an orthopedic doctor. So the next time you have pain in your joints, muscles, or bones, don’t hesitate to see an orthopedist – they are trained to treat just about any part of the body. However, ensure that you do your due diligence when searching for one. Living in a digital world where companies such as WebMarketsMedical help reputable and professional orthopedics rank high on search engines, finding a great orthopedic doctor shouldn’t be too difficult.

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