5 Best Airsoft Guns Under $500

Free time is very precious for everyone. Why? Because then we are simply our own and free, we do whatever we want and put aside stress responsibilities and work problems. It is simply a time dedicated to us and the people we love. In our free time, we do the activities we like ourselves or the ones we want to do together with friends.

Most often, people decide on activities that they can do together with their friends. Why? Because it is simply more interesting when together with someone you focus on a fun activity that you will all enjoy together.

There are so many activities you can do. You just need to make one joint meeting where you will agree on what you want to enjoy. There is a large selection of group activities that can be enjoyed. So for example you can opt for hiking, hiking, joint training, or jogging, but you can also opt for one of the airsoft sports. Lately, more and more groups of friends are opting for one of these activities, but most often they opt for one of the airsoft sports that can be a lot of fun and allow these groups to have fun. It is good to know that this is not a specific sport, but simply the name of the group which includes the airsoft activity.

In order to enjoy this free activity, which is usually a group activity, it is necessary to own or rent equipment that will be intended for that. At the very beginning, we would like to point out that it is best to buy this equipment and not rent it. Why? Because if you make a calculation, the rent will cost you more, and still you will want to be part of such an activity again and again. Therefore, it is best to buy equipment that will be cheaper and you can use it again. For example, these could be airsoft guns for up to $ 500, which would be affordable for you and your friends. You have no idea what kind of guns for airsoft to buy and you do not know if there are any guns up to that amount? Exist! And we bring you the following 5 best models that you can buy for $ 500.

1. G&G CM16 SR-ARP9 –


Because we have a limited budget it is necessary to buy something that will be up to that amount. So our number one suggestion is the G&G CM16 SR-ARP9 pistol which is great for the group activity you are planning with friends. It is a model with a super realistic look that professionals often say they rebel and think is a real weapon, say from who often make interesting analyzes, make suggestions and bring interesting information about you in relation to airsoft guns and the whole activity. It is a model that is made of quality materials, it is durable, it can have a long range, but it has one drawback, and that is that it does not come with batteries so you can use it, so you will have to use them get it yourself.

2. ASG CZ Scorpion EVO 3 A1 –


Since the agreement is not to exceed the amount of $ 500, then we adhere to this rule and say welcome, this is the next model called ASG CZ Scorpion EVO 3 A1 which would look great in the group activity you are planning. It is about another model that has a super realistic look and a model with top workmanship. It is a model made of quality materials that are not easily destroyed, then a model with excellent range, durability and many other positive features that we believe you will like, and correspond to the price that is set as a starting price in this proposal.

3. VFC H&K MP7 –


If you are a fan of games like Counter Strike then this model is definitely just a great replica of the gun from there. It is a VFC H&K MP7 model that can be seen in games, and from now on you can have it in your hands as a real model for airsoft activity at a price that will not exceed $ 500. In your hands you can have the production of perfect materials, then this model is not too heavy which means that anyone can use it, it is also a product with excellent range, but also with a fast replacement system which is also very important. Do not think, we think that VFC H&K MP7 is good enough for each of you.

4. ICS ProLine CXP-YAK R SR –


We go again with something very high quality, something up to $ 500 and something that is really big and quite difficult. It is about ICS ProLine CXP-YAK R SR, the airsoft weapon that is really bought and popular because of its advantages. What are the advantages of this model? It is the great workmanship, ie the quality materials that are used that make it even incredibly realistic, and the price is really low. Then it is easy to use, it can be used by those who use the left hand more, but also by those who use the right hand more, but as we said, it is not for everyone because it is really heavier …

5. LVOA-C AEG Airsoft Gun –


This model may be a little expensive for someone, but it must be known that it is something that is really high quality. The good thing about the LVOA-C AEG Airsoft Gun is that it is a model that can use up to 4 batteries, which means unlimited use. It is also good to know that this is a model with an incredibly realistic look, a model that is incredibly well made and an airsofr gun that everyone would want.

Anyone can handle it and this is a model that many people buy and many people want to buy, and we believe that you will like it if you take a good look and take a look. LVOA-C AEG Airsoft Gun is something you need!
Now you have 5 suggestions in front of you that you should sit down and discuss with your friends. Take a good look at the options, they are budget friendly and affordable for you, so we think that you will easily make a decision with your friends and indulge in this exciting and interesting activity called airsoft.

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