8 Best Bet Tips For Football Bettors – A Definitive Guide To Football Betting

If you are struggling to make money as a football bettor, you should understand how interesting it can be to win more than 90% of bets with accurate predictions. The most exciting part is that 70% of football bettors say that their first prediction is the “Win typically” mantra.

The fact is,

Football is the most popular sport in the world and professional bettors use it to make consistent profits.
Although, there is no magic trick that you can use to win every bet, still if you know how to implement the right strategies you can win 90% bets.

Remember that failure is also a part of successful betting and even professional gamblers lose. So it needs a bit of research to understand how you can make long-term profits from football betting. Visit 888sport to know more.

Let’s unveil more wonderful things about football betting.

How can only a single trick help you in winning almost every bet?

Not every football bettor wins every bet, and knowing only a single trick is not enough. However, if you know multiple tricks, and know-how to implement the right one at the right time, there are 95% chances that you will win the bet.

Football betting is full of uncertain variables and no one can predict 100% correct outcomes. It makes it an even more fantastic game for betting.

The good news?

The successful football bettors did not keep the secret tips and tricks and openly shared their working strategies with the bettors. Focusing on the benefits of these tips and tricks not only increases the chances of winning but also helps you in making regular money out of it.

Football is played so often and the chances of making money are also endless with football betting.

We have gathered some top tricks and practices that you can adopt to win most of your football bets. So let’s get down to the exciting stuff related to football betting.

Top 8 Practices To Become A Better Football Bettor

1. Learn To Manage Money


No matter how professional a football bettor you are, if you win 3 bets and lose the fourth one, you will lose everything. While betting for football, make sure you do not lose all of your money, bank assets, and everything in one go. Very few football gamblers know how to manage their money, and only the professionals realize its importance.

The pro tip?

Placing only 10%-15% of your bank funds for each bet can keep you on the safe side. It will help you in becoming a successful gambler for football betting.

2. Research Deeply

Indeed, you cannot win the bets by research only because every situation is unique. However, you must understand the importance of research for the particular circumstances before each bet.

It includes consulting the other professional football gamblers, checking the stats, and predicting according to the unique situation.

3. Don’t Be Greedy


Do you know what it means to be greedy in football betting? It’s about when you win a few bets and think that you are unbeatable. As a result, the newbies continue to 8-9 bets every day and lose everything.

So what’s the solution?

When you win a few bets under your belt, it is time for you to stay calm and limit yourself only to a few bets. 3-4 bets per day are more than enough.

4. Follow Expert Football Predictions

No matter what kind of betting you want to carry out, experience and knowledge do count. So we can confidently assume that it works for football betting as well.

Sometimes, the proven strategies work, and one of them is following the first prediction of the knowledgeable and professional gamblers.

So if you do not want to lose your money, you have to follow the lessons of the other bettors who have lost their hundreds of dollars and learned something precious in return.

Following tipsters is the key to ultimate success and works for more than 50% of cases.

5. Win Big With Matched Betting


Have you ever thought about taking advantage of bookmakers’ free bets? And what if we say it is a great way to make guaranteed money from football betting?

You will love to try it, and you must!

Ever heard of it?

Here is the basic concept:

Online bookmakers allow bonuses in the form of free bets. All you have to do is to find a free bet, place the qualifying bet. You also get a chance to avail the opposite bet. Now it is time to make profits with zero risks because in case you go wrong with betting, the opposite bet cancels the other at the betting exchange.

6. Analyze Your Bets

If you learn from the previous experiences and keep on analyzing the bets you won and lost, you get the idea.

For this purpose, you should keep a record of all the previous data and the bookmakers you use for each bet.

If you are not satisfied with your overall strategy, you can always change the tactics and implement the new ones.

7. Stay Impartial


Emotional decisions do not work in football betting, so never follow your heart. It is only the analytical portion of your brain that can make you successful.

So even if you have seen people following their heart, remember that it is not for serious football betting enthusiasts. Making research and sticking to the long-term analytical strategy is the key to ultimate football betting success.

8. Know Your Betting Markets.

Even in the football niche, there are diverse betting markets. For example, you can bet on the number of goals scored in a match, the number of penalties, the number of yellow cards, the match duration, team to win in both halves, etc.

Knowing the inside out of your betting market is something that can give you bulk profits.


If you are new to football betting, you may lose a lot of money initially. However, focusing on the tried-and-tested strategies can help you win more bets and beat your competitors in the market.

By the way, have you ever implemented any of the above betting strategies? Let us know in the comments below.

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