15 Best Single-Player Video Games for Weaker and Older Computers

We know that the popularity of multi-player video games is huge and that there are competitions where professionals and entire teams that make big money appear and which you can bet on at one of the online bookmakers offering different payment methods (like the ones here), but in the following text we are dealing with a ‘little’ man. We will talk about newer single-player games, which will not make your computer freeze…
The endless world of games always has something to offer to each of us and there is a huge number of titles available, among which you can find something that meets even the most specific criteria. However, when it comes to computers, the limitation of gaming will could be due to weaker hardware, which prevents newer AAA games from being enjoyed. If you find yourself as someone who has problems running modern games on the computer or are simply looking for any occupation during the isolation you are forced to due to the coronavirus, then this is the right text for you.

Without further ado, we present you with some of the best single-player games, which you can play on weaker computers, and you are free to share more suggestions with us in the comments.

1. Untitled Goose Game


The game with an interesting name, which collected numerous awards as the best indie achievement during 2019, works on a large number of old configurations.

You are put in the role of a goose with a grumpy nature with which, with the help of its beak and wings, you will disturb people who are trying to mind their own businesses. Untitled Goose Game brings you a list of tasks that you must complete – some are easy, some difficult – but what is guaranteed is that you are going to LOL while playing.

2. Celeste


Platform games are rightly in the majority on this list but that is not a negative thing since each of them has something unique to offer compared to the others.

For Celeste, it is a story that touches on the massive problem of depression, so that many can easily get familiar with it (especially after a year of life surrounded by stories and news about the pandemic), but the goal is to feel better. The mechanics of the game are tight and require good reflexes from the player in order to go through the levels quickly.

3. Tesla vs Lovecraft


Here, a clash of two completely different worlds awaits you. On the one hand, the world-famous scientist Nikola Tesla with his futuristic gadgets, and on the other, Lovecraft and his hordes of monsters.

You play as Tesla, who has to save the world from a bunch of monsters attacking relentlessly, and there is a powerful Tesla-Mech at the disposal – a machine that simply grinds enemies. In the break between using this machine, you have various weapons available for you, which become even more powerful through upgrades.
Tesla vs Lovecraft has a large number of levels and a good number of them are extremely tense, so you will always be under pressure.

3. Amid Evil


If you can only dream of running Doom Eternal on your machine, do not worry because there are a lot of alternatives. One intended for weaker computers is Amid Evil, inspired by the shooters of the 90s.

Dynamic levels, various monsters waiting for your lead, with all the inevitable metal music, will raise your heart rate. Amid Evil has a lot of unique weapons, and you also have swords on offer, so the style of play depends on you, i.e. on what you prefer – elimination face to face or from a distance…

5. Gorogoa


Solving puzzles from Gorogo has never been better thanks to handmade animations and rich colors.

Graphic style is not the only element that sets this game apart, as solving puzzles here makes a lot more sense compared to other games in the genre. Each puzzle during its solution tells a certain story, which will motivate many to continue solving it, even when it seems difficult to them.

6. Hyper Light Drifter


A Zelda-inspired action RPG, the Hyper Light Drifter is something you should not miss playing on a weaker PC or laptop.

The world of the game is simple but charming, and a similar thing awaits you in terms of gameplay. You are not required to do too many things – avoid attacks and fight back – but keep in mind that mistakes can cost you. Although modest in appearance, the world in the game has a lot to offer, and you have to deal with time to find a cure for the mysterious pain of the protagonist.

7. Papers, Please


A great game, which somewhat ironically coincides with the current pandemic. Papers, Please puts you in the role of an official who decides who will enter a fictitious state and who will be rejected.

The goal is to let in normal citizens, while you have to reject anyone who is suspicious to you or has bad paperwork. The game is slow at the beginning and you can easily see even the smallest mistakes to those who forge passports and so on but, as you progress, you have less and less time to check and many mistakes will cost you your job.

8. Stardew Valley


A true masterpiece created by the work of a dedicated programmer.

This cute farming simulation puts you in the role of the heir of the household and you happily give up on a job in the city and inhabit a quiet place. The task of the players is to bring the decrepit farm back to life and develop a real wealth of flora and fauna through hard work and cooperation with other residents in the form of commodity exchange and assistance in various missions.

9. Cuphead


It is one of the most popular games on this list and, thanks to hand-made graphics modeled on the cartoons of the 1930s, it works on practically all computers (it is even playable in Tesla cars).

This platform game will properly test your reflexes during the entire transition and prepare your nerves for clashes with queens because beauty can deceive. What is extremely good about this title is that it does not bombard you with a bunch of mechanics as everything takes place on the run-and-gun principle.

10. Ministry of Broadcast


Here is one game that appeared relatively recently. Thanks to impressive pixel-art graphics, the Ministry of Broadcast works on old machines without any problems.

In front of you is an interesting story inspired by the pieces of George Orwell, such as 1984, in which you are placed in a reality show run by the state. To get back to your loved ones, you have to go through testing and trample on the trust of other competitors, but that is simply the price you have to pay. In front of you is a great mix of platforming with black humor and catchphrases.

11. 12 is Better Than 6


The Wild West is here in a slightly different form than we are used to, with an animation style reminiscent of drawing in ink on paper.

In the role of a runaway Mexican, players must fight for freedom through four chapters of the story, full of dynamic shooting at every level. The bright spot is the ability to choose an approach between stealth eliminations or fierce shooting, which will provide you with a rich offer of weapons characteristic of that historical period.

12. Broforce


This is a game during which you will feel the testosterone dripping from the screen.

With numerous members of the paramilitary organization of the name from the title, you are embarking on a mission to save the world. Each character is unique in its own way and carries a certain dose of humor as you viciously fight with a variety of enemies and destroy the entire landscape of levels. There are a lot of levels on offer, which you can complete on your own without any problems, but we sincerely recommend that you have someone next to you at the desk.

13. Oxenfree


If you are more interested in a game that focuses on narrative, then Oxenfree will definitely help you. It is a supernatural thriller in which, after one party, everything goes wrong for the protagonist Alex, who has to make things right in whatever way he chooses.

What makes Oxenfree stand out is the system, which changes the course of the story depending on the actions of the players so that in the end you have more possible endings.

14. Hotline Miami


It is unlikely that someone has not heard of Hotline Miami so far but we still have to put it on our list.
This action game is full of brutality, shooting, and cracking bones, where you are in the role of an antihero who cleans the underworld, while everything is accompanied by great music in the background, which will probably remain in your memory even after playing. The gameplay is superbly designed and extremely challenging, as any mistake or doing nothing can be fatal to your character. And, you can follow the interesting course of the story during the hustle.

15. Hollow Knight


This is a real piece of jewelry of the indie scene, which can be easily described as a love letter aimed at developing games.

Beautiful graphics, although 2D, a huge world to explore full of interesting characters and dangerous enemies, of which there are over 130, with 30 clashes with queens, are just some of the things that await you in this game.
The basic version of the game itself offers hours and hours of fun and playing games, while Team Cherry has been constantly adding new free expansions in the previous period, with even more action and beautiful graphics.


With this text, we just scratched the surface because you also have a large number of older games that you can have fun with – Super Mario, Tiny Tanks… – these can be some older indie games, as well, or you can recall cult series such as Half-Life, Portal, and similar. Do you love playing PC games offline? Do you miss the days when you could play your favorite games without having to worry about data caps or bandwidth restrictions? If so, you’re not alone. With so many free PC games to download at GameTop, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

We hope we have helped you, at least, a little in choosing the next game for your time machine…

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