How to Last Longer and Have the Biggest, Fullest Erections Possible in 2024

When being intimate with your sexual partner the only thing that can ruin the moment is if you were to lose your erection and not last long enough. Not only is this discouraging for you, but it is equally disappointing to your partner. No man wants to ever encounter this type of situation and fortunately, there are a variety of things you can do to avoid losing your erection in the middle of intercourse.

Completely satisfied with your erections? Great. But did you know that there are things you could be doing to make your member harder, fuller and last longer? Don’t settle for less. Make sure you are doing everything you can to maximize your performance during sex with these 5 helpful tips below

1. Go Easy on Alcohol and Drugs


These two things are often the cause of erectile dysfunction when they are abused. Alcohol can have a negative effect on your sexual experience if you drink too much of it, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be just one time, but abusing substances might often lead your body to develop erectile dysfunction. Alcohol does affect your erections in the short and the long run so be sure to take it easy if you’re planning to score.

2. Limit Your Porn Habits

It’s no secret that a large percentage of men watch an excessive amount of porn each month. One thing you’re going to want to keep an eye on if you’re having issues with ED is to monitor your masturbation habits. Heavy masturbation brings a risk of encountering erectile dysfunction due to the member being over stimulated constantly. Because of this, many men struggle to find the pleasure that they’re looking for when having sex. In addition, men will begin to only be turned on by the things that the’yre viewing in pornography films and then end up comparing it to their real life sex.

3. Testosterone Level


Make sure your testosterone levels are in an adequate place, as low testosterone might be linked to poor sexual performance and erectile dysfunction. When this occurs men might not find themselves in the mood for having sex or be able to stay aroused during intercourse. Testosterone is something that should be checked on often and dealt with through your local practitioner. Do yourself a favor and go for regular checkups and talk to your doctor about your issues to do with low testosterone.

4. Stress Might Affect Your Performance

Stress is real and it can really affect your performance in the bedroom. While stress is more of a physiological problem, it can certainly manifest itself by causing physical performance issues in bed. An increase in stress might result in a more difficult job to relax during intercourse and in addition lead to erectile dysfunction. When men are stressed this might even keep their mind in another place, taking away the attention from being fully present in the sexual act, and being anxious enough about another subject.

5. Sustain


Consider trying SustainFormula all natural which helps to keep you stronger, longer. It aids in erection quality, promotes fast recovery (so you can go again sooner), also helps with ED and maximizes erections as well as increase ejaculate. This product has been a life saver for many men. Just one or two capsules 1-2 hours before activity and you will be set for the next 3-4 days; meaning the herbs stay in your system that long and you will be ready for action whenever the situation arises. Here is some more info about Sustain:

Sustain is a 100% natural formula designed to increase libido while sending more blood to the penis for explosive, massive erections. We are talking erections that feel like you are going to jump out of your own skin with your scrotum tight as can possibly be. Sustain will keep you at your hardest on demand and ready for intimate encounters for 3-4 days.

So, how does Sustain work? Well, Sustain helps to boost testosterone naturally; with herbs that have been known for centuries to stimulate the libido, which will help you to have the hardest, fullest erections you can possibly achieve.

We don’t claim that Sustain will make you any bigger, but harder and blood engorged to the max.. IS BIGGER. Not only that, but when your scrotum becomes tight; it helps to give you the most sensation in your penis and scrotum as well. Many men that use Sustain also report much more intense orgasms. Typically, men who use Sustain, can experience more than one erection and climax and are often able to have multiple sexual encounters in a 24 hour period.

Many men who have suffered with one form or another of Erectile Dysfunction, have enjoyed incredible results with Sustain. Numerous report even better results the 2nd day, so take it and allow time for it to work. You will have results within an hour but the best results are after a few hours. Sustain works with little or no stimulation.
Directions: Take 1-2 capsules an hour or more before anticipated sexual activity. Do not use more than 2 capsules in a 24 hour period.

6. Stay Active and Healthy

Sexual performance isn’t just about being sexually active and skilled in the bedroom, it also requires a cardiovascular workout and if you are not in shape this will definitely cause problems during sex. Being healthy and active can help you maintain your erection at all times as you will be accustomed to the active lifestyle. In addition, being active and fit has to do a lot with your physical body and when you are toned and looking good, this will definitively help you boost your confidence during sex and improve your performance.

Men losing their erection might often be caused by a variety of factors, either low hormone levels, psychological conditions, even physical conditions, or in a more severe manner, men having a medical issue to perform. Also, don’t forget to drink enough water each day to keep yourself hydrated at all times.

At the end of the day you can decide to stay the way you are and try to manage with your borderline soft erection or you can decide to take things to the next level by staying in shape, drinking lots of fluids and maybe even popping a little performance enhancer from time to time when necessary.

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