4 Things to Know About Blocked Websites and How to Unblock Them

The internet is a very diverse and rich place when it comes to content. The abundance of information, knowledge, and entertainment present on the countless web domains are not present anywhere else. It is a whole virtual world that we are able to access through the use of modern technology and we as a species have grown accustomed to it. An average person logs in multiple times per day for various reasons. Whether it is to keep up to date with what goes on in the world, to enjoy some leisure time watching videos or playing video games, or perhaps to complete daily tasks and obligations that revolve around work or school. And who can forget shopping, or talking to their loved ones? There is virtually nothing internet cannot offer us, which is why it becomes a problem when something is deemed blocked or locked for us.

The world we live in and the luxuries it comes with have made us somewhat spoiled, but in a good way. We are used to things being a certain way and that means being able to easily access a place of infinite knowledge and info. When a website a certain user wants to open a website and it turns out it is for some reason blocked for them, the whole experience is ruined. Pages that open quickly, have smooth transitions, and are obviously on fast servers have become the norm, so it is definitely pleasant when something is completely blocked especially when the user really needs it. But why are certain websites blocked? Is there a good reason for it and if so, what is it? Can they be unblocked? In this article we talk about these very things and attempt to bring you the answers. Read on to find out more about this as it can be exactly what you need to access an important web page.

1. A VPN Will Unblock It

Before we talk about anything else, like why they are blocked and other things to know about this, you should know how to unblock the content that is restricted to you. The easiest as well as the most common solution to this are VPNs, or virtual private networks. A VPN is a software like an app, program, or an extension that you install on your device. It works by masking your actual IP address and giving you a fake one that does not have to in any way be related to your actual geographical location. Most of online content that is blocked simply has geographical restrictions, meaning you cannot access the same things depending on where you live or happen to be. Even the most popular streaming services have differences in what they allow the users in certain countries to use. If you are sick and tired of missing out on quality content and not being able to access what you want, it is high time you obtained a VPN. It is easy to get going and learn how to use it. All it takes is a few simple steps and anyone can do it. To find out more about VPNs as well as to check out one of the best providers in the business, make sure to visit WeVPN.

2. About Geographical Restrictions


We live in the age of information and technology where internet access is one of the most important things in every home. So how does it make sense for so much content to be kept away from us and why is that the case? Well, the reasons are different. Most often, a website is blocked for a certain user when it detects that their IP address comes from a region they for some reason do not work with. Streaming services like Netflix, Disney+, and Spotify are great examples of this. They have a ton of licensing agreements and sponsorship deals for the content they make available. This means that some of the shows or movies they have are only specific to certain regions. Over time, the selection of available content changes and regions have them unlocked, but other stuff can also get locked after a while. A Netflix user in the US has a different collection of movies and shows from the one in Australia for example. The aforementioned VPN is the easiest and best way to bypass this.

3. Censorships are Crucial

This is again different from country to country, but it does not have to do with geography at. It is the laws and regulations that the government has regarding the censorships. Whether something is a cultural, religious, or political concern, it is what it is and certain content is deemed unacceptable. Some countries censor it by asking the services to remove the controversial things from their version of content, while others outright ban the entire thing. Chine is an obvious example as the country sticks to its firm tradition and bans many things the West finds normal. They also have their own versions of the most popular websites like Facebook and Twitter, which are both banned entirely. When things on the web are censored like this, they are blocked and the users cannot open them at all. Unless they have a VPN of course.

4. Schools and Offices Block Content Too


You have probably had the “pleasure” of experiencing this both at your former educational facility and your work. Certain content is usually blocked on all computers in a facility-wide effort to prevent anyone from accessing adult content, streaming music or videos, or using social media. The computers are meant for educative or business purposes and there is no time to slack off the way people do at home. It is a distraction and it ruins productivity, as well as a waste of valuable time and resources. Since you cannot use a VPN on these highly restricted computers, the only way to bypass these restrictions and not have everything blocked is to find a web proxy for the page you want to open. It will not work every time nor will you find a proxy for everything you want to access, but you may get lucky a few times.

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